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    what does "the wrong order" mean? 3 weeks ago  
    how do you change answer? 1 month ago  
    Mis click 1 month ago  
    Toy kitten, you are sad 1 month ago  
    5 star psrison 1 month ago  
    Thor is literally a Scandinavian god... 1 month ago  
    Soft slap 1 month ago  
    Heatstroke / hypothermia u die either way 1 month ago  
    already do BUT my teeth are yellow ::( 2 months ago +1
    Microsoft edge ;P 2 months ago  
    money isn't thoughtful 2 months ago  
    its literally how tp live 2 months ago  
    lol 2 months ago  
    misclick 2 months ago  
    to see my mum 4 months ago  
    im from Scotland but I HATE haggis! 4 months ago  
    BROWN 4 months ago  
    DEFINETLY 4 months ago  
    I hate logan since earlier 2018...but idk alex and logan is cute 4 months ago  
    im only 11... 4 months ago  
    five 4 months ago  
    I don't have an ugly friend 4 months ago  
    duh 4 months ago  
    no, just defense weapons 4 months ago  
    british police don't hirt you, they are polite 4 months ago  
    you woukd feel old 4 months ago  
    cmon, its serious 4 months ago  
    I hate both 4 months ago  
    e g g 4 months ago  
    my favourite youtube, tofu, he is rich and has a lot of robuxeses 4 months ago  
    I don't like country but cities are too busy for me... 4 months ago  
    football* yes I am from the uk 4 months ago  
    whats b challenge? 4 months ago  
    you didn't say how hard of a kick tho 4 months ago  
    I HATE BOTH 4 months ago  
    funnier 4 months ago  
    what even is 420? 4 months ago  
    pokediger1? 4 months ago  
    they cant harm you! 4 months ago  
    kind of 4 months ago  
    o no... 4 months ago  
    ive never played platinum so idk. 4 months ago  
    I might die today... this is a sunday in the uk 4 months ago  
    ive watched it 4 months ago  
    I hate both lol 4 months ago  
    chocolate is my favourite food! ill never give it up!!!!!!!!!!! 4 months ago  
    I hve an ipod touch. not a phone 4 months ago  
    I wouldn't care. I will be dead 4 months ago  
    sell it 4 months ago  
    ive played it 4 months ago  
    what is viddy? 4 months ago  
    who was the 3%? 4 months ago  
    I hate both 4 months ago  
    u might get detention 4 months ago  
    definetly! 4 months ago  
    not voting 4 months ago  
    as the little boy says "twennyone!" 4 months ago  
    none 4 months ago  
    not voting 4 months ago  
    very wow. much doge 4 months ago  
    NUTELLA FOR THE WIN 4 months ago  
    lol same 4 months ago  
    I don’t like steak much 4 months ago  
    eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 4 months ago  
    none i hate both 4 months ago  
    My first legendary experience... Pokemon X 4 months ago  
    Idk lol 4 months ago  
    plus vat... 4 months ago  

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