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    I'm American and I chose the restaurant.  
    That's not how they look it's like this ( . )( . ) Guuurrrl. Oh snap!  
    Doesn't matter as long as they have a good personality :)  
    Wait... freak I'm dating a 2 year old... well... I can dump them and they wouldn't be hurt :D so I win.  
    Well my crush is blonde so... nothing against brunettes...  
    I don't have a boyfriend so jokes on you! Ha!  
    I like your profile picture :)  
    It doesn't say 10 million dollars.... it just says 10,000,000.... 10,000,000 what?  
    Hey I'm a Directioner...  
    What kind of question is this? +1
    Exactly! Jesus people!  
    Um... Uh... D-Does this mean what I think it means... or??  
    Never had a boyfriend... and I guess never will now. lol  
    BOTH +2
    Never said I couldn't get a divorce  
    Correction *Brenda Song  
    Oh my god I'm cracking up XDDD  
    Hey trees will be much more entertaining now won't they?  
    They needed to find out sooner or later... and I don't have the guts to do it so GO RIGHT AHEAD! +1
    Don't need super speed to get somewhere when you can just teleport there... retarded question.  
    Don't have an ex, I win ;)  
    I would rather take all the pain then watch others suffer... I'm very surprised at the percentage >:( +45
    I'm American and I chose the broke. +1
    They didn't say the train could just hit your foot and you have a couple toes or your whole foot gone and that's it. Never said you would die.  
    My friend's crush is Harry Styles... I win ;) +1
    I'm part Russian so they can't be that bad... can they?  
    The Notebook ALL THE WAY I love the notebook  
    Does it really matter? Come on people love is love, NOT money.  
    At least if my crush dated my bestfriend I would know that he's in good hands.  
    Never said I couldn't bring my significant other to the island.  
    Cause people die.  
    I don't want to kill anyone so... bye.  
    Hey if he really were my friend; after we broke up, he would still talk to me. And maybe we wouldn't want to talk anyway... I mean had to be a reason for the break up.  
    I'd rather they date then me date one of them because.... #LARRY  
    I'm a girl but chose Katy Perry... I wanted to play guitar with her okay? lol  
    They didn't say the hot spouse wasn't rich... :P Did they? DID THEY  
    Hey I'm American and I chose the restaurant.  
    *The hottest; I'm already smart.  
    They didn't say what kind of tattoos, they can be those wash off ones :3  
    Get rid of the law of taxes.  
    If they gain 100,000 dollars what do I care? lol I'll still have my money and they'll probably get robbed... by me  
    If you bring back Hitler then screw you! Lol  
    *Well excuse me if I'm tired and fustrated from not being able to see clearly... (I have glasses)  
    Well excuse me if im  
    Wow.... Did you seriously just write that comment and post it without thinking? That's your opinion, some people love and live in India thank you very much!  
    If I'm a genius I should be able to figure out how to be, "Happy". Lol  
    it said you could have that button... it didn't say you HAD to use it :P  
    Plus in a mental institution I'm pretty sure you rarely see anyone if you're always locked up in a room somewhere.  
    After voting and seeing the comments I always want to change my answers.... damn loopholes....  
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