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    at least it tastes good  
    Just hair.  
    I'm six ft 3 and a girl :D +1
    Candy :D  
    Too many Americans voting.  
    I'm 17.. oops  
    Only bc of that house.  
    Bill gates is an evil ass but he DID create the first computer..  
    NO equipment? Then I'll take off my belt and hipline across. Hell yeah.  
    Are you kidding?  
    I love bungee jumping.  
    AUS is the best.  
    I'm a girl :D  
    I regret my decision.  
    I could get a fake.  
    I don't want romance :D  
    I have no idea...  
    That's not 1k.  
    Google workplace is amazing. It has freaking slides and you can scooter to your workplace.  
    I dressed like a badass when I was 10.  
    I'd rather be with my friends than a boyfriend that I do not desire.  
    You're an idiot.  
    Cats are evil.  
    I already sleep more than 10 hours.  
    I don't want a boyfriend anyway.  
    Cats are evil.  
    I could look at my reflection in something else.  
    Yes. Just yes.  
    They never said I would be caught.  
    No religion.  
    Rebecca Black looked back on her old music video and cringed SO. HARD.  
    Chrome sucks. So does google.  
    I could be a ninja pirate.  
    Buy lollies. Change the size of all of them. Enjoy.  
    I'd wish I didn't have to pay for anything, then I'd wish for unlimited wishes. Then I'd wish for a billionaire to give me $100 billion. Then I could donate it all to charity. Problem solved.  
    Star trek is gay :D  
    Soo… Human breast milk or human breast milk? At least I can have it with vegemite and butter on some toast.  
    Read the authors comment before you answer.  
    Dogs are cute. Plus the fat men will break the cords.  
    Why not both? ;w; +1
    Monkies suck.  
    Asexual ^w^  
    I could get heaps of money.  
    Mac ftw. I have a macbook pro, faster than most PCs i know.  
    I can get all the money I want. I can cure all the disease in the world. I can have high political status and change things as I deem. Knowledge=Power!  
    I'm on my computer for more than 12 hours a day. I'm sure I could just ignore it.  
    Ninjas are badass.  
    Mermaids are girly. *Rides unicorn into the sunset*  
    The cow's kinda cute..  
    The holocaust was way worse.  
    Monkies are evil.  
    I love chocolate too much. +200
    Sell it :3  
    I already get away with lying :3  
    Pretty much something stupid that stupid people do and they die.  
    1 word: Spotify.  
    It's just one ear.  
    Helping stop overpopulation 1 baby at a time.  
    I would take the billion and donate 1000 to all the african families :3  
    oh god  
    The last person to die from a spider in Australia was in 1981 :D  
    Lol I love the Australian stereotype in the comments.  
    Australian summer is hell.  
    …..I should have skipped…. I won't be able to sleep at night anymore.  
    My mom used to be obsessed with Alex Jones.. Oh god..  
    I have like no secrets.  
    I don't watch tv anymore anyway..  
    Well, Alexander Graham Bell created the telephone and his parents created him, so does that mean Alexander Graham Bell's parents invented the telephone?  
    Like if you're not Christian, but celebrate Christmas anyway.  
    Subbed anime, bishes.  
    I bite my tongue a lot.  
    I'm 6'3 and a lady, I can kick its non-existent butt.  
    We never get snow here :c  
    Reading is very important.  
    At least it'll come out well..  
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