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    As long as u have Internet you are fine and can find our everything you need to know  
    Think about it people. If you were immortal, you would watch everyone you know and love die. You would see the end of humanity. You would see a frozen earth. And there would be no way out. You would just have to live forever.  
    FVCK THIS IS SO HARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
    *serial* the way you said it it sounds like someone is killing cereal.  
    Degrassi is a very sophisticated show  
    Ummmmmmmm what's the different?  
    Don't care im a girl and idk who both are  
    AVATAR FTW!!!!!  
    This is a stupid question. I choose cuz of the cute owls  
    Shoot with one of the plastic guns that shoot nothing  
    Da fuq? Is this some joke I dont get?  
    Shiz I choose the wrong one  
    Ahahahahahhahahahaha stiff their ashes=asses! Haha! Get it? Huh? Huh? I'll let myself out.  
    Odd hair for a girl...  
    This was certainly written by a male who lives in his parents basement. Probably masturbates too...  
    Where is the no f*ckinh way button?  
    There were no billionaires in 1176...  
    Some people have seizures and have to wear them wherever they go  
    Just choose the one that looked cooler  
    45% of us are girls  
    So basically, are you white or black?  
    Say "thanks"  
    Sell 10 and buy lambo  
    JB have never looked more like a girl  
    25% df people have restricted minds  
    I'm a lesbian so I choose JB  
    Second pic is soooooooo sexist. It is not racist at all. It is sexist because to women are bawling over something while a guy is just rolling his eyes.  
    I halts all  
    They both mean they don't love you.  
    Physical pain you get get over and have very good treatment for. Mental pain is for life  
    I eant to choose Italy. France is still cool. Both have good food and music.  
    I choose cuz of the Nutella.  
    You are a terrible person.  
    I would be able to support my son. If it was my wife (or hubby cuz ima girl) it would mean they don't actually love me. Which is sad.  
    I am so sad right now.....  
    it's basically stand up for what's right when everyone else believes something wrong, or believe something wrong when everyone else thinks something right  
    My friends would be there to comfort me  
    I am a girl so whatever  
    R you serious. You have such i restricted mind it makes me sick. You are actually going against what you religion SAYS. All gods children are created equal  
    tly half have chosen able and stupid  
    Jesus Christ I have lost all faith in humanity. Exac  
    The bible never ever said that gays couldn't marry. Gays and lesbians are people, not aliens. They like the same gender as themselves. Is that really so bad? +2
    Fat lion  
    Make a law that allows you to create or take away any law you want  
    The dude it the first pic is giving his cane a blowjob  
    Ignorance is bliss  
    Both would cause me ultimate humiliation......  
    Fifty fifty!  
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