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    Die 1 year ago  
    ITS TOO LONG 1 year ago  
    Lol 1 year ago  
    It’s not just about Sex it’s about a contract for love 1 year ago  
    If I want to be your peace and harmony 1 year ago  
    No more shaveing  
    She says “I wouldn’t go out with you if my life depended on it” I say “way to show you don’t like someone” *in a creepy way”  
    Their not drowning at the same time  
    Most likely to happen right now  
    Wrong one! Because if there was no divorce there would be a lot of abuse to children,men and woman.  
    Had sex  
    WTF is Viddy? +1
    Love me enough to get me surgery  
    What’s the difference?  
    The difference please?  
    I would cheat  
    Would melt  
    Blacks hot  
    My secrets are about sex  
    A tiny structure  
    I’m here  
    It’s no  
    I’m a girl  
    Never said I can’t skip to the last 5 sec  
    Have you ever heard of Snow White she took an red apple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
    You can watch videos on you computer(s)  
    Did you know google hires lazy people because they figure out problems faster.WTF did I just say,well whatever I said it’s true  
    Dose it matter  
    Better than nothing  
    Where do you get these pics  
    That’s my life  
    I would type cute boys age 13-15  
    They are not your friends if they don’t respect your relationship  
    You would not die  
    They never said we could not date  
    Free food  
    My friends would back me up  
    Shut up stupid little b#[email protected]$  
    If they treat you like a nobody you are not their friend.  
    Green is happyness  
    If your cute and smart you could have a great boyfriend/husband and a good job  
    What’s Viddy  
    It does not matter  
    Common sense  
    No name is dumb and no person is ugly,unless you had plastic surgery  
    Nobody will see it  
    It’s still poop and it could give you an disease  
    Inshuriken would be painful and mayo would have you on the toilet for a couple of day and a lot of toilet paper.You could end world hunger  
    You could cure cancer  
    If you have more time more time to make money +1
    If their were no problems I would rule because if I did not rule...that would be a problem  
    I have nothing to say but this  
    I chose my answer because you can wish for a great paying job and a nice home and nice furniture and food.BAM!!!!!!!!  
    I have not seen Harry Potter. +1
    I chose wrong because it would be murder...but on the other hand it’s still murder even if it’s not an human  
    It is I let my puppy vote for me...she’s smart  
    So right  
    You guys don't live. In Alaska! Me too  
    Just make a waffle and put blue food die in the dough. It really taste like a regular waffle  
    At least you're still remembered  
    I'm 11 I do not know what these things are  
    Aren't you wealthy if you have fame  
    What the hell  
    Nobody likes tv any more  
    And I am using a iPad right now ha ha ha!!  
    So right  
    Nothing about sex sex sex no no no  
    Same dam thing  
    I do not defy gods rules  
    they did not say we couldn't bring a parachute. They did not say we couldn't bring a parachute  
    My best friend is my crush  
    Good for you i love gay people  
    That's racist saying that only black people leavev when they get a girl pregnant  
    I like Justin Bieber  
    Screw your mom  
    Wrong one I guess  
    I'm not sure about licking your foot  
    Sorry North Korea so sorry but I care about my love ones and I don't know any of you  
    My best friend is my crush ahh. I can't even tell the name because he is  
    If they hated him they they are not my friends they would support me and tell me that they love him or at least hide it(like if you agree)  
    Probably a mistake  
    Why is this relationships  
    A relationship is not about sex  
    I picked this because he movie was good  
    Me too  
    Ronald McDonald is creepy  
    Lesbians that is REALLY COOL  
    They are just puppies  
    KILL KILL KILL KILL KILL KILL KILL KILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
    Me to  
    I'm am a girl  
    Me too  
    Me because walruses don't have penis  
    They did not say how much Is in the cup.  
    They did not say where The fog will be +1
    That is what I was going to comment  
    They did not say I could not bring anything like a parachute  
    Ok not true  
    I hate secrets like if you agree  
    i am almost 10 and if I did have keys or a cell it would be keys  
    Maybe like if you agree  
    I AM a vegan  
    Who do you think made us your freaking stupid  
    Me too at first  
    AT least you agave some help  
    You guys should sign up instead of being guest  
    What does it matter you still die either way!!!  
    I don't wear jeans either  
    Birthdays are better because you go to special places  
    I am Christian I am not liking  
    The sign language would be fun  
    What is up with your username  
    At least you will be remembered!!!!!  
    I do not but I chose rain  
    Good one  
    I picked the wrong one your right!!!!!!  
    Me either  
    Let me please agree this person must be the  
    So cute  
    Whoever thought of this question go kill yourself with your bare hands. PLEASE!!!!!!!!(like if you agree with this comment  
    You have my thumbs up  
    This is not a hate comment  
    You people are selfish  
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