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    Friends are overrated any way...  
    I'd get arrested  
    Why Are You Capitalizing Every First Letter Of Each Word Like This??  
    Life is hell as a woman  
    Plus, most people don't die of old age these days so enjoy!  
    Heaven is better then living in a place were all of ur loved ones die  
    It's not like I watch porn and what I do at home is confidential  
    Sorry but, I want to enjoy life and it's not like I won't love my partner  
    YOLO literally means that to hell with my life  
    Do you dream when in a coma? Or is it like complete darkness?  
    Who said I invited anyone?  
    I'd make money off being a translator then spend money on lessons  
    Shit, that stupid authors comment! my friend would go all lesbian on me :p  
    I would bleed a lot  
    I wish I could ever do that....  
    10% isn't a lot  
    Super hot celebrity  
    I love video games +1
    XD joy XD  
    Then you can swear at them and they can feel bad  
    2 years older is better than 36  
    live forever: Misery +3
    shyscrapers don't exist so i win! +6
    Oooh you looked at the female sign at the top and red the author's name. Such a genius  
    zombies can be killed and avoided +21
    Go down with a bang +2
    17% of people are idiots  
    Deadly afraid of clowns  
    Where was Internet back then? I didn't think so!  
    Talk to you when you get out of spelling class.... Polar +1
    is this a question?  
    afraid of clowns, especially that one.  
    either way you got money and if you die, nobody else will get it!  
    My best friend is a  
    Pikachu: Kills intruders, kicks ass, is adorable +8
    Sister=relationship with you, did nothing wrong. +4
    Love is just one emotion, failure can trigger many other emotions. +1
    Not all the time.  
    My significant other is my friend.. duh!  
    plague inc is pretty awesome to me...... real-life plague inc? Yikes  
    sure, i'll get eaten alive by mosquitos and be at risk of being malled by a bear instead of relaxing in a hot at a luxury hotel. Why not?!?!?  
    You're brain would die of depression and loneliness +1
    no such thing as terrible sex  
    My true love would be a billionaire  
    don't have a grandpa anymore  
    either way i am gonna go out with a pedophile or another girl  
    thank you!  
    divorce +1
    How can you live without anything and have love?  
    I would enjoy stabbing their eyes,hearing them swear as I made them go blind. +2
    Why would i be in a relationship with them if I didn't like them? +3
    See yah in 3000 when I crack time-travel!  
    7 billion people on this planet, sure give that up over one dude  
    My boyfriend kinda is double my height already! XD +1
    You'd know your friend wasn't a true bestie.  
    I wasn't spying on you, I was..... bird watching?!?! +8
    When you're trapped i'm not gonna help you, BITCH!  
    Technically your conscious will shrivel up in guilt and you will die...eventually  
    Says nothing about bungee jumping, b*tches!!! I have fun you get hurt!  
    Confusing much??? +2
    wtf is with this question???  
    abbreviation= yolo.... duh +1
    tattoos look badass  
    Gotta mac, my precious!!!!!!  
    aren't they the same with a different name?  
    My dad swears his freaking head off.  
    either way you would be traumatized  
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