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I am Kiera... yeah...

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    It doesn't say how disabled. You could just be deaf and still smart rather than not deaf and stupid  
    I'd use the billion dollars to give to people in poverty and still have some left over  
    Doesn't mean they die.  
    Bidmas - Brackets (9+3) 12, Divison, (48/2) 24. Multiplication. (12*24) =288  
    Wait, what?  
    Fame = Wealth most of the time.  
    God, meant to pick MJ all the way!  
    Get caught by my parents doing homework?, sure!;)  
    Omfg, skip  
    Ew, skip.  
    What? It says "would you rather eat"  
    AGH! It's you again! +2
    69% phaha, WAIT! IT CAME TRUE!  
    If you had all the money, money would become worthless.  
    It means if you were a boy, would you rather date a tomboy or girlygirl, and if you were a girl, would you rather be a tomboy or girlygirl.  
    I've been attacked by a cat and ended up in hospital, not nice.  
    I could breathe in the fumes of their dead soul...  
    Wouldn't the first option basically be the second option too?  
    But there is no internet, this includes your phone...?  
    If there was no internet, there would technically be no phone either as you would have to connect to the internet for almost everything.  
    They aren't there though...  
    I hate singing ;)  
    Waaiitt....... Is there wifi?  
    I did Nazi this coming...  
    No they're not!  
    Hang on, if you could fit into any group, wouldn't that meant the popular group aswell?  
    So wouldn't you say marriage, so your parents would still be together and wouldn't have been divorced?  
    I meant to chose marriage. This is because even though they wanted to get married, if they one day have an arguement (or something terrible happened), they wouldn't be able to divorce, and would end up spending the rest of their lives in misory.  
    Go home meatshield, you're drunk.  
    If we had WWIII, we would all be dead (nuke), and with a zombie apocalypse, we would have a chance of surviving.  
    That was literally a fluke. If this is so true, then why are Man U TOP of the leader board of the premier league? What do you know about football anyway?  
    ? /  
    No it isn't actually so there.  
    Any day! +1
    I love video games!!  
    Well then he can't be your dream boyfriend.  
    I meant to click on Twitter! +1
    No, that's not true. Look online for any matches they have had. United have won, if not all, most of them.  
    I will bet you that if they went up against each other, Manchester United would own them.  
    There is no such thing as heaven or hell, so...  
    How can God be real if there is nothing ever behind THAT!?  
    Well at least you are remembered...  
    You know, I correct people, and I do believe I have friends...  
    Well then I guess I am the jerk/smartass about correcting peoples sentences...  
    WOWOWOW Taylor Lautner is my sexy man.  
    Oh my god that's so hard...  
    * Vigorously clicks Atheist.*Atheist all the way. +9
    It's faster... +4
    F**k SpiderMan...  
    Racist sh*t.  
    No, electric! Oh my god why did I click on acoustic!!  
    *Slaps Chair* That's so hard!  
    I am a woman, but honestly think I was born the wrong sex...  
    Oh my god, is that really a question?  
    Shut it...  
    Bad news, then the good news will cheer me up. +2
    How can God be real if there is nothing behind him? Scientists have proven the Big Bang...  
    I am not wrong, it is Manchester United.  
    Lol +1
    Both, but I'm always daydreaming :)... (Meant to click think without talking)  
    If you work in a group, they don't always listen to your ideas, but if you work on your own, you can use YOUR ideas, and sometimes they're best... +2
    None. In fact it is Manchester United. +53
    Night= Fu**ing creepy  
    Dogs can see colours  
    Monochrome is boring  
    Am I the only one that actually does the right because it is so damn annoying? +1
    Religion sucks most of the time when it causes war etc. I still respect people who have a religion. +5
    Both would probably kill you  
    Justin Bieber sucks  
    No, no atheists don't. I see your point about religious people, but athiests=NO  
    Always lose, because you still get a go at it. +9
    Glueman is cute  
    I hate gumballs +1
    Spear Mint**  
    Train crash, cause it would be over so quickly, but if you drown, it's a long period of time and is torture! +1
    Peanut Butter is too sickly +2
    Hate songs  
    I live in Europe  
    Electric is so much better  
    TROLL +1
    If you were a ghost, you wouldn't: 1: Be on a computer? 2: Give it away?  
    Same!:) +1
    I'm a girl but want to be a boy so...  
    Look at Stephen Hawking, the smartest man alive. He will be remembered forever...  
    Already been attacked by a house cat....  
    I clicked the wrong one.... $ random contests, and then the 5th... the lottery!  
    Don't know, cause I don't have a job:P  
    Actor gets more money:P  
    What's your last name? +4
    Sometimes younger, cause they get all the attention, and never get told off, but mostly older, cause you get more trust, and get to do more things :)  
    Because games are better.  
    No, he invented the light bulb... INVENTED so he was an INVENTOR?  
    No idea who Rebecca Black is, but anyone is better than JB...  
    CHROME! So much faster!! CHROME ALL THE WAY!!  
    I love wet dogs, two wet dogs are so much better than fat things.....  
    There is no Heaven, so don't really have a choice...  
    Don't want to wake up sore, so Mcds.  
    Let your imagination create words, it is also way more interesting...  
    F**k God, Big Bang created it all.  
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