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    im a girl so... it would hurt more to pee broken glass  
    I am a girl  
    god da*mn it I thought it said just "eat A blue waffle GOD DNG IT  
    it's smaller and crunchier... oh wait... taht's not good at all!!!  
    I'm a girl LOL loophole  
    F*CK YEAH!!!  
    I'm a girl so...  
    Shut up rrrrrrrather!!!!!!!!  
    It says EAT  
    @guest from Florida, United States:  
    I... HATE... YOU!!!  
    @guest from Western Australia, Australia:  
    Earth is Hell in disguise +47
    a change in my life!!! YAY  
    don't know either of these people but that one looks evil, and this one looks like a cute little chubby squirrel  
    at least he'd be dead...  
    don't have a dog, but that dog is too cute if it's that dog, then I'd screw religion  
    You're forgetting... Marvel also has the X-Men  
    wait nvm read it wrong  
    kaesha hot do... im a girl...  
    TWITTER IS ANNOYING #this and #that WTF (who the f*ck) CARES????  
    Don't have a dog'  
    what friend?  
    Earth is hell in disguise  
    I don't have a sister so YEAH  
    my school lasts nine hours so...  
    What the f*ck do you have against PewDiePie, Bi  
    Guys just look it up  
    I can already see the future so...  
    Changed my mind!!!! GO... BACK!!!!!!  
    If you had fame, wouldn't you also have wealth for being famous?  
    famous leaders are often hated leaders  
    I'm already smartest so...  
    I'm the know-it-all  
    so basicly, be the confidentional know-it-all or the snotty little brat being as shy as possible?  
    that lion and hsrp would be my pet b*tches  
    don't even have a cellphone\  
    something different for a change!  
    Dude everyone already hates me...  
    I love horror and so does my friends!!!  
    LOL Dat sign!!!  
    I meant one law... to f**k all other laws  
    YEAH PHOTOGRAPHIC MEMORY!!!! mine would work better if I could see it apsolutely clear  
    omg just read author's note... sorry!  
    island's too small  
    I already do  
    *chuckle* what loved ones?  
    who the f**k cares?  
    I'm immue to both pain, and death, this doesn't effect me  
    I'm a short, ginger nerd LOL  
    Already want to be a lawyer  
    I already listen to "Just to get high" 500 times a week  
    I'm already haters besides, if there weren't people to hate how would the world even accour?  
    I already am in a group like dat, but we are the feared ones  
    they are not possessed by demons, I should know, I am a demon  
    How many friends?  
    They would all die, due to me decapitating them with my teeth (aka ripping theirs head off)  
    I don't like either of them I like random nightmares and already replay my dreams because I have a photographic memory  
    I like my random nightmares  
    I'd like to change ;(  
    I have a fear of elevators, I'D GO CRAZY +1
    Yeah only child plus my "brother" once choked me  
    Don't want a son anyway :D  
    I don't go to stores  
    I'm already two points away from being the smartest  
    I would kill everyone there by eting them alive!!!  
    Do I have to pick I WANT THEM BOTH!!!  
    I hve an ear piercing it's not that bad  
    All the superpowers IN TH WORLD!!!  
    I'd only need one wish... have all the superpowers one could have!!!  
    Actually I clicked the wrong one! Nickelback!  
    They'd wtch me play "would you rather" online LOL  
    Already am  
    You have to know them!!!  
    I don't do anything at home alone, they'd watch me on my computer  
    I didn't notice the comment at all  
    I'm already a miserable geious  
    I alredy have a lot of intelegence  
    I picked this one because I'm evil IDIOTS  
    I can't die!!! *evil laugh  
    I'm already deaf in one ear!  
    I'd actually rather have Telepathy and Teleportation...  
    Screw dat!!! I'd LOVE to go to the future  
    That one place for hobos who get fed? I'm cool with dat  
    Well, looks like I'm not the only ones  
    I have no idea... +1
    I'm totally evil!!! *evil laugh*  
    I didn't even read it! LOL  
    I'm not old enough  
    I wasn't paying attention  
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