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Would you rather Be a director for a film with a terrible writer or Be the writer of a film with a terrible director 7 years ago 458 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Which is better? How I Met Your Mother Season 1-3 or How I Met Your Mother 4-7 7 years ago 332 votes 15 comments 0 likes
Steve Carell is... Amazing!!! or Awesome!!! 7 years ago 246 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Always have fresh breath and clean teeth, and never need to brush your teeth again. or Always having great skin without ever needing to wash your face 7 years ago 909 votes 4 comments 1 like
Would you rather Be a the best lead in a Broadway musical, but your rehearsal schedule is brutal. (6 days a week, 7 A.M to 8 P.M. each day.) or Be the best in ensemble member (singers and dancers) but only rehearse one day a week for 3 hours 7 years ago 510 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Have the ability to float on clouds anytime you want, wherever you want. You can bring someone with you, but you have to maintain physical contact with them at all times that you're up there. or Get to go into space (via a rocket ship) anytime you want, land wherever you want. You can bring people with you 7 years ago 590 votes 17 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Be an interior designer or Be a landscaper 7 years ago 532 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Would you rather watch the television channel TBS or CBS 7 years ago 512 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Would you rather get a $1000 (or any other currency) gift card to... Your brand name, in-style clothing store, but the clothes are pretty cheaply made or A clothing store that isn't very high-end, but you get pretty good quality. 7 years ago 544 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Fly in economy class (coach) on a plane for an hour or Fly in business class (first) for 22 hours 7 years ago 601 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Go to YouTube and choose which Coldplay song is better! Would you rather pick Paradise or Speed of Sound 7 years ago 475 votes 18 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Be a elementary school teacher or Be a middle school teacher 7 years ago 1,073 votes 39 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Be deathly allergic to bread, wheat, rice and other grain products (wheat or grains are in basically everything) If you are allergic to this, then you get a free supply for life of all dairy products. or Be deathly allergic to all dairy/lactose products (milk/dairy is in basically everything) If you are allergic to this, then you get a free supply of breads, rice and other grains for life. 7 years ago 536 votes 22 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Only be able to travel with paper bags, no suitcases, for a 6 week long trip. or Go on a required business trip for six weeks, but your company doesn't pay for ANYTHING! (No paying for food, hotel, flights... nothing.) 7 years ago 492 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Only have stools for seats in your house or Only have flat wood chairs in your house. 7 years ago 330 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Listen to techno/club music or Listen to pop/rock music 7 years ago 1,660 votes 31 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Live an awesome life, but be poor. or Live an okay life, but be rich. 7 years ago 796 votes 23 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Only be able to live with your mom, and see your dad one full 24 hour day per year. or Only be able to live with your dad, but see your mom one full 24 hour day per year. (You don't have to love one more than the other!!) 7 years ago 1,952 votes 59 comments 0 likes
Did you.... Like Scrubs S9 or Did you like the way Scrubs ended originally? 7 years ago 389 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Be a successful author, but no one really no one knows what you look like/could ever recognize you. or Be a successful model, but your name isn't very well-known. 7 years ago 554 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Constantly be sleepy throughout the day, but be great at sleeping through the night or Be incredibly energetic throughout the day (which makes you lovable) but have a hard time getting to sleep 7 years ago 310 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Have a house that smells great to you, but terrible to others or Have a house that smells terrible to you, but great to others (air freshener will only help for a little while at a time) 7 years ago 291 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Being a speed reader or Be a speed typer (can't be both) 7 years ago 648 votes 19 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Be an excellent dancer, terrible painter or Be an excellent painter, terrible dancer 7 years ago 836 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Be an expert at crochet technique or Be an expert at sewing technique 7 years ago 1,209 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Work out for 3 minutes a day, be super buff, but only be able to eat peanuts and water for 10 years. (Except for one sliver of cake on your birthday.) or Be a couch potato. Eat whatever you want, but be really lazy. 7 years ago 722 votes 22 comments 0 likes
Which is a better TV show? The Office or Parks and Recreation 7 years ago 527 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Be famous, have no clue why, be disliked by many. or Be awesome at something, but not very known. 7 years ago 640 votes 7 comments 0 likes

Kimberly1108 has posted the following comments:

I would dry their fur with warm hugs. 5 years ago  
Everything works out for the best, so if they were set free, they'd be..."taken care of". If you know what I mean. 5 years ago  
You could probably help more people in more situations with option A. 5 years ago  
Lattes, while beautiful, are temporary. But music lasts forever! 5 years ago  
Start a revolution. 5 years ago  
Be the hottest person, but be respectable and intelligent! 5 years ago  
That'd be a ton of responsibility.. If I can't properly take care of a house plant, I probably shouldn't be ruling the world. 5 years ago  
Shit.. Why didn't I think of that? *facepalm* 6 years ago  
XD Hahaha Trolls... 6 years ago  
XD Hahaha Trolls... 6 years ago  
No, I read. I just don't agree. But at least I've done my research. 6 years ago +1
You can't just generalize a huge group of people like that. That is something that feminists (of both genders) are fighting. People need to stop saying, "All women do this..." "All men do that..." "Women are 80% better at this than men" "Asians own more of this than African Americans" ... It's insane. You can't make conclusions like that no matter how many studies you do. Please... I'm begging you... Do your research on positive feminism. And also, look at this picture: 6 years ago  
..... No, that already exists. They're called feminists. That's what I'm trying to tell you. Haha Feminists are working to eliminate gender roles. And really? "3X", huh? Where'd you get that figure? Was there some sort of study? 'Cause even so, that's a ridiculous thing to say! 6 years ago  
Eep, I don't think that people understand how sad it is to steal from musicians... 6 years ago  
I don't think people understand how disrespectful that is to musicians... 6 years ago  
Haha to some people. Especially this dude, who hates everything i say! XD In my opinion, they're awesome characters, but i'm not entirely positive that it was quality television. lol ..... Screw that. It's amazing television. 6 years ago  
Yeah, good point. 6 years ago  
I think they meant monoxide... *facepalm* 6 years ago +1
Nice try. 6 years ago  
Male misogyny has definitely NOT ended, especially in the western world. What the hell is your point? Hahaha! What do mating habits of other species have to do with things like rape culture or other societal issues that feminists are working to end? Were you trying to relate that to so called instinct? Because it's not instinct at all, it's the way that we bring up young boys to respect women. And also, that is not the reason that only men were allowed to vote. If that were the case, then single women would have been allowed to vote. Women were dragged from their picket lines, abused by police, thrown in prison and fed food that was well past expired, or even bug infested. Don't even try to make it out like the government was being reasonable at that time. Women WERE thought to be inferior to men. Cultures have had that since ancient times. What makes you think that during one of the most trying times in US history, that women were suddenly respected? I really want you to continue researching these things. I still do so myself, of course. This is something everyone should learn about. 6 years ago  
You could risk that or get your license revoked plus jail time and fines for driving high, especially if you hit something. Plus get hit with possession charges. 6 years ago  
You're not a narcissist for being happy with your body! Everyone should love their body! 6 years ago  
I know, right? I listened to it on repeat. Haha! 6 years ago  
Haha I think you need to calm down. 6 years ago  
I'm really sad that you choose to look at life this way. You are seeing everything backwards. God gives us free will. That's why most horrible things in the world happen. But if we trust in God, then everything will be taken and made for good. Like 9/11. That event was tragic, but made us stronger as a nation. 6 years ago  
Hmm. I guess that does make some sense. 6 years ago  
I know they kinda suck, but who wasn't into stupid stuff when they were kids? 7 years ago  
But it has a picture of a monkey being tested on. When people say "superior" in these kinds of situations, they are talking about whether we should be testing on them. Horrifying things go on in those labs. 7 years ago  
You should always research other religions, too. It's good to have an understanding of other religions even if you don't believe in what it is saying. 7 years ago +3
But shoot in the leg or arm! 7 years ago +2
Based on, but not exclusive. 7 years ago  
Err, NONE of the rumors are true. Ever. 7 years ago  
Big Bird won't die! The show just won't be paid for by the government. The station will probably be bought by someone! 7 years ago  
The two options are basically the same; no one would be here if you had to pay that. 7 years ago +1
Ugh I hate the misogyny around halloween! 7 years ago  
Hehehe "no butts" 7 years ago +8
I work on Friday nights 7 to 11 at a frozen yogurt shop. Fun stuff, right?? ... 7 years ago  
Messy and frizzy can be cool! 7 years ago +3
Both. Haha 7 years ago +3
I think that the rule is only there so that people don't go over board with the showing shoulders thing. If they let you wear tank tops, next people are going to want to wear tube tops. And then strapless half shirts. Like how they make the speed limit in parking lots 10 mph because they know that people are probably going to go about 10 mph MORE than that. 7 years ago +1
Read my comment above! 7 years ago  
If superior means "given the right to torture" then I don't think that's what God meant. I think that God meant that we were to help take care of the animals... kinda like a teacher to a student or parent to child! I don't think that God would want us to mutilate or destroy the fellow creation that we were put in charge of. 7 years ago +5
Holes!! Amazing memories while watching that movie! 7 years ago  
You can just wash yourself instead of taking a full blown shower! 7 years ago +1
Hot pockets are pieces of edible death. 7 years ago  
Hahaha! Great question, dude! 7 years ago +3
If Snooki is pretty at all, then it's totally artificial and fake. 7 years ago +1
I don't eat hamburgers! :D Pizza is one of my favorites though! 7 years ago +2
That was tough! 7 years ago +1
Only love can end hate. 7 years ago +1
Krav Maga is so much more useful. Punching is bad for your wrists, btw. I love Krav Maga! 7 years ago +4
Bradley Cooper is awesome!!! 7 years ago  
Be attacked by which one (I'm assuming!) 7 years ago  
Hahaha so difficult! I love them both! They are pieces of my childhood! 7 years ago  
That is actually not true. There are tons of men and women that are feminists that want to end male misogyny. 7 years ago +1
Do you believe that both genders should have equal rights and shouldn't be sterotyped? (that includes fighting against prejudices against men, too.) Then you're a feminist. If feminist ever claims that they hate the other gender, then they are complete hypocrites. Sorry if you got scared by one of them. 7 years ago +4
It's good to listen to other people about different views about life. 7 years ago +2
Dr. Horrible. "I have a PhD in Horribleness." 7 years ago +1
UGH I hate choosing!! 7 years ago +3
No, there is just an increase of publication of violence, murder and other heinous acts. Horrible things have been around forever. It's people with hope that keep everything going. 7 years ago +1
Unless you are from a country like England. In other countries, they spell it differently. 7 years ago  
pimples are completely natural. People shouldn't be so embarrassed! 7 years ago +2
Barq's is piece of my childhood. 7 years ago +3
EASY! :D 7 years ago +1
Who cares what all the other students think of you? 7 years ago  
FUN! :D 7 years ago +1
Well, it depends on the situation. 7 years ago +9
Alcohol has more variety. 7 years ago +3
Basically equal. 7 years ago +3
Wasn't Sierra Mist originally a knock off of Mountain Dew? It sounds like it. 7 years ago +1
9/11 brought America together and made us stronger. 7 years ago +4
Cheese cake is one of the greatest things in this universe. 7 years ago  
Only ifthe beach isn't very crowded. Because I would probably look like an idiot. 7 years ago  
Is anyone pissed off by the fact that just because she is as good as a man at something, she is suspected of cheating? 7 years ago  
18% of the people who answered this question are unbelievably selfish. 7 years ago  
UGH. Neither please. 7 years ago +4
I have a pixie cut and I don't think I'll ever go back! 7 years ago  
The Amazing Spider Man was amazing... 7 years ago +2
I will never be able to choose 7 years ago  
Well, I would have said no, But I didn't want to say "Who cares about Antarctica?". Plus, global warming is not that huge of an issues. We've survived many climate changes. This is just another one. Think of the ice age! We turned out just fine! 7 years ago +2
Neil Patrick Harris is one of my role models. I would not want to ever have sex with him. :P 7 years ago  
If your friend takes your crush away, then you are not at fault; you are the victim. Plus you can just move on and find someone better who can't be stolen. 7 years ago +8
Nutella is chocolate and hazelnuts. Who in the world thought it would be a good idea to put in an ad campaign that it is a part of a healthy breakfast?! 7 years ago +1
They have that illness for a purpose. If you just killed them, not only would it be murdering your own child, but you would be taking matters too far into your own hands. 7 years ago +3
I'm the youngest! 7 years ago  
Currently, 28% of the people who voted are not excelling in math. 7 years ago +1
time to pop on my headphones... 7 years ago  
xp is absolutely terrible. 7 years ago +2
Wow. You lost your fun side fast. 7 years ago  
If you sold 9 Prius' at $35,000, then you would get a $315,000. You could buy a Lamborghini Gallardo for yourself with $123,100 to spare. Math. 7 years ago +1
You can fold it up and put it in your bag, 7 years ago  
Because then you can say "Wow my ex was a jerk and didn't have courage to break up with me to my face!" Then you are the good guy no matter what. Win-Lose. 7 years ago  
There is already evidence of God already. 7 years ago +1
Ironman is my hero!!!! 7 years ago +1
They are both too adorable! GAHH!!!! *explodes* 7 years ago +2
When you are a woman, being attractive actually matters. If you plan on getting married and you were sexy as a teen, you are screwed. 7 years ago +5
This question should be deleted.... I might sue for traumatizing mental distress 7 years ago  
That's a good thing! Considering mayo is pure fat. Why not eat a tub of lard instead?! 7 years ago  
My Vans are some of my most loyal companions! 7 years ago +4
You should! (at least give it a try) The writing and directing are genius and the acting is hilarious. But you have to start from the beginning of the show. 7 years ago  
You're just trying to force the anti-same-sex marriage people to choose your side. Not cool... 7 years ago +12
Yep. It's also called "transgender". 7 years ago +3
Ugh.... For some reason, my mind skipped over the "one-way" part. How useless! A cup of coffee would be the coolest thing ever! 7 years ago  
I haven't seen Super 8, but I know that Chronicle was an awesome film!! 7 years ago +2
What a great question, awesomesurfer13. This is talking about something that actually matters. 7 years ago +3
That is not Sarah Palin, FYI. Photoshop. 7 years ago  
So do the Bratz! Hence the name BRATZ! Hahaha I really don't like either. Both dress pretty icky, too. Not the role models that our children need to be seeing right now. 7 years ago  
Why would I want to have to deal with the need to drink someone's bodily fluids till they die/almost die? What a pain in the neck..... AMIRITE?! 7 years ago +7
As long as I know myself not to be dumb, then who cares what people think?? And I also hate the fact that you used a picture of a normal looking blonde for the "dumb slut" picture. Shows how much you buy into stereotypes. 7 years ago +7
Stereotypes are stupid. 7 years ago +7
You mean RED Hair? not "Ginger"... 7 years ago  
Golden retrievers are less maintenance. I had a husky, and they need constant walks, exercise and brushing. :P I loved the dog, though. :) 7 years ago  
Save an innocent doggy's life! Research animal shelters and just look at their adorable faces. Then look at the puppy mills that pet stores buy the animals from... NOT cool. 7 years ago +4
I need help with math. English/writing is easy. Just put your thoughts on the subject your writing about, down on paper. Just think with a pencil. Done. 7 years ago  
Boxing is stupid.... 7 years ago +2
Just blast your favorite songs all the time! 7 years ago +3
"The licence plate said "FRESH" and had dice in the mirror..." 7 years ago +1
Neither!! 7 years ago  
Lawlz! This question rules. 7 years ago  
Public school is awful... 7 years ago +5
Horror movies are the worst. 7 years ago +3
I don't hate either of them, but I do hate what they've done. 7 years ago +1
How convenient that Obama is suddenly pro-same-sex marriage around election season... *eye roll* 7 years ago +8
"In west Philadelphia, born and raised..." 7 years ago  
I really should have thought more before answering.... Or maybe I should just go to bed... 7 years ago +3
There should be a "KILL ME." option on rrrather. 7 years ago +5
I despise both. 7 years ago +1
I had foot surgery. Jealous? 7 years ago +1
Seinfeld is one of the greatest things on television! 7 years ago  
I would feel guilty owning either one. Let's go into a list of why I would hate myself for owning one of these companies. McDonald's: They lie, they cheat and rip people off. By people, I mean the farmers and the people who work in the meat packing plants who gets abused and then thrown away like garbage. Not to mention the animal cruelty that is involved. Oh, I am also responsible for most of the illnesses in America... PASS. But Starbucks: I run a company that feeds people addiction to caffeine. I also sell a product that comes from victims of human trafficking (Colombian bean farmers, for example.) Don't get me wrong, I love coffee, but the system needs changing. 7 years ago +8
Go natural. We would all be beautiful just the way we are! 7 years ago  
I have a mix. My mom has a very pointy nose, but my dad has a polish nose. I am a mixed bag of traits since my parents are polar opposites looks-wise. 7 years ago +1
Even though Google tracks everything you do.... 7 years ago +1
Rabbits aren't slimy... 7 years ago  
He's just a person. If you don't like his music, don't listen. That goes for all musicians. 7 years ago +3
Anything jade is gorgeous. Just look at the stone itself! 7 years ago  
Haha! I would love to have a pic like that get famous! It would be hilarious!!! 7 years ago  
Or it's called "this or that". Doesn't have to be would you rather. 7 years ago  
So did I! 7 years ago  
Westboro "church" is not Christian; they have no clue what they are talking about. I don't know what book they are reading, but the Christian Bible says none of the crazy crap that they talk about. Don't confuse them with real Christians. 7 years ago +10
People who chose option one did not think this through; it doesn't matter how much money you have, you will never be happy with any of the things you buy!!! I also find it racist that they chose a perfectly normal looking African American family for the Poor picture... 7 years ago +2
Get some real evidence that doesn't involve dumb abbreviations, please. 7 years ago  
Both are disgusting. 7 years ago +6
Why would you put a sticker on a Ferrari? 7 years ago +4
THE OFFICE!!! :D PB 7 years ago +2
PASTA!!! :D 7 years ago +1
I hate Kraft. (I picked the wrong one.) Kraft is such an evil corporation. 7 years ago +1
Bear traps are sick. 7 years ago  
People judge community college without knowing anything about it. You can do two years at JCCC and then do two years at a university (which happens with most community colleges). JCCC is a great school. 7 years ago +1
SW is awesome! 7 years ago  
I love Delta Airlines! 7 years ago  
Stupid gangster fad needs to just die out already... :P 7 years ago +4
I have a pixie cut. :) 7 years ago +1
You only need toes for more balance. You need fingers for everything else. 7 years ago +1
It's a still from the episode "Michael's Birthday". ... Such a great episode... :) I'm an Office nerd. 7 years ago  
(WTF?!) Why would a Christian conservative exclusively want marijuana illegal? The large majority of Legalizers are conservative because they don't want the government watching over them like a hawk. Learn more about politics before you post something like this as if you know everything about Christianity and conservative views. 7 years ago +1
P.S. Oh how convienient that all of the sudden (Just before election season) Obama has become pro-same-sex marriage. (You do know that if he gets re-elected, he will change it back, right?) 7 years ago +4
People need to actually research things/people for themselves instead of believing whatever they are told. I don't trust Obama in the slightest. 7 years ago +1
I don't see why you should hate One Direction. Don't try to explain to me though, please! So you don't like their music. Big deal. Others do. Don't be so self centered! 7 years ago +5
Neither! 7 years ago +1
Lol! Yeah? How do you like the feel of a pound and a half of butter in your stomach?? ;) 7 years ago  
Folding paper is fun! 7 years ago  
Elves should wear green. 7 years ago +4
This rumor has gone around so many times in so many time periods. People need to stop worrying so much about death. 7 years ago  
You're friends are jerks. Sorry! They really need a change of heart. How horrible of your friends to think like that. If you love her, then that's your choice. I don't get why are so outwardly focused... 7 years ago +2
... I think you may have some aspects backwards.... 7 years ago +2
WOW. How is us defending our freedom against Al-Queda and Iraq comparable, or even partially related to what Hitler did?! I think you are definitely being too harsh. 7 years ago +1
Lol I don't think that rule applies when there is a lamp/genie involved 7 years ago  
As long as it's not from McDonald's... 7 years ago +4
Saying "For abortion" is a short version of saying "You are for abortion to be legal". 7 years ago +1
I am an actress and I love it! 7 years ago  
If you go to Canada. 7 years ago  
I love Andy Samberg! And Adam Sandler is good too! Their names sound so similar, I had to triple check to see if I typed it right... 7 years ago  
They actually have some pretty interesting classes and activities for people in prison so i hear. 7 years ago +2
No, Michael J. Fox has Parkinson's Disease. Look it up and support his foundation to find a cure! 7 years ago +3
Watch the films Food Inc. and Forks Over Knives (in that order). They are amazing. They talk all about important information you need to know. And if you don't agree with it, just watch them to form your opinion either way. 7 years ago +1
Well, Obama only changed to pro-gay rights because of how the election is coming. So all of the same-sex marriage supporters are most likely going to vote for him. And then if he's elected, he'll just switch back to anti-gay rights. Why aren't people seeing this?! 7 years ago +2
Physical appearance shouldn't matter so much. And why would you use Hayden for the perfect face ugly body?! 7 years ago +1
It still is terrible for you. Why don't you just melt a Hershey's bar on your toast for breakfast?! 7 years ago  
Holes is one of the greatest movies ever! I used to watch it over and over... Haha! 7 years ago +4
I have a pug right now! 7 years ago  
George W. Bush is not as bad as people make him out to be. Some people just hate him because everyone else does; they don't actually do their research and form their own opinion. It's not right. 7 years ago +1
Embrace your awkwardness and use it for your advantage! 7 years ago +2
I really don't like either! 7 years ago +5
Unexpected vacation! :D 7 years ago +11
But it also says that it's a "this or that" question site. They wouldn't have the option to change the "Would you rather" part if you weren't actually supposed to. 7 years ago +1
I know I miss him, too! I hope that all of his films turn out to be just as awesome as him playing Michael Scott!. 7 years ago  
He only suddenly became pro-gay rights because the election is coming up. But if he is elected again, he is just going to switch back to traditional marriage. 7 years ago +2
This was so easy. Avengers is one of my favorite films. Absolutely amazing writing and directing by Joss Whedon. I love him!! :D 7 years ago  
I hate dumb blonde jokes. (Or any stereotype for that matter.) 7 years ago +4
Homework is a ridiculous waste of time. Are we supposed to do schoolwork 24/7?! Is 8 long hours not enough?! 7 years ago +5! Challenge me on anything about that organization. Try it. 7 years ago  
These results depress me. 7 years ago  
Neither, please. 7 years ago +2
I love the AK 47. It's a great weapon. :) 7 years ago  
I don't think so. Even with gun control, if the person was going to carry a gun through someplace in public, they would. They wouldn't care if there was a sign that said "no guns". Why would they? 7 years ago +4
I listened to Trolololol for 3 hours. Jealous? 7 years ago +2
Why are we constantly comparing women sexually?! Quit it. 7 years ago +8
I love those jeans! Both of them! 7 years ago  
I 7 years ago  
I love to work with both! 7 years ago +1
Then why are both pictures of her?? 7 years ago  
Then why are both pictures of her?? 7 years ago  
...out of what? 7 years ago  
Credit cards are the worst things ever invented. 7 years ago +2
I really don't like these questions. 1.) there are at least 4 versions of this question on here. 2.) All it does is start fights over nothing. 3.) God created the "Big Bang" in my opinion. I still love your other questions though, Etellex! 7 years ago +3
54% of people are selfish. 7 years ago +3
It doesn't matter. In this question/scenario, it is real. I wish atheists would stop saying that every time there is a question about heaven or hell. 7 years ago +5
This is my favorite question on this site EVER. :) 7 years ago +3
better to be early than late! 7 years ago  
This was really difficult. But then I realized that the president really doesn't have as much power as we make them look. 7 years ago +5
Depending on the shows you want to watch. If you want to watch something predictable, (Jersey Shore) that's fine. But I want to watch The Office. 7 years ago  
No it's also a "this or that" and just regular choice questions. But WYR is just the most most popular form of question. 7 years ago +2
No, if you have two dads, they can mix their sperm, and have a surrogate mother. 7 years ago  
Dislike button has no use. It doesn't do anything but bring people down. And swear words are already allowed on rrrather. 7 years ago  
This was ridiculously easy for me. 7 years ago +2
Yep. 65-0. I can't wait for it to hit 100-0. :D 7 years ago  
You do so much more with your fingers! Sure, you need toes to balance, but you need fingers for everything else. 7 years ago +3
No, they aren't. How does someone not wanted to have a relationship sad? they are fine with just having friends. At least they aren't co-dependent. 7 years ago +1
You can do more with your arms. If you don't have arms, you can walk around, but you can't do ANYTHING for yourself. At all! basically everything requires arms and hands. Just try going through your day without encountering a activity that doesn't require your arms. 7 years ago +1
Adolf Hitler didn't go into hiding for over a decade. If Hitler were still alive, he would go to prison. 7 years ago  
This question is ridiculous... 7 years ago +3
No, you just can't wear a red or blue bandanna while walking through the city. How often do you do that? 7 years ago  
They are awards for horse trainers and people like that. 7 years ago +2
No, I would say that math is a science, because there are many aspects in science that don't use math. :) 7 years ago +1
Nothing is wrong with having brown eyes, but I have blue eyes and I love them! Plus, I wouldn't look as good with brown anyways. 7 years ago +1
... Wish I could change my vote! I thought that you spend most of your time in your house, so you would be happier with it. But if you have a bad job, you aren't very happy when you get home, so you don't enjoy it as much. 7 years ago +1
I don't see why adoption is viewed s a bad thing. You're parents brought you out of a bad family situation or an orphanage. You should thank them! :D Whoever your care givers are, those are your real parents. 7 years ago +13
D'AHHH!!!! I hate it when you choose the wrong one. This is not a good question.... Makes no sense! Of course you would choose the right! (... hopefully.) 7 years ago  
Yahoo (or any other search engine) instead of Google. Durr! 7 years ago  
But pot is illegal and tobacco isn't! I'd rather do whatever is legal. 7 years ago +4
Haha!!! I would want Mr. Bean as president! He could have Teddy be secretary of state! 7 years ago +9
These pics are a little biased. The first on is just a personal photo and they aren't even in a pose together, and the second one is a professional photo! Obviously, you know which one is going to win. 7 years ago +1
There are dangerous animals somewhere in there, but not "crawling wiht". And every country has their own dangerous animals! 7 years ago +1
P.S. I did a a little more reading, and it turns out that Dr. Gould from Harvard University, (not a Christian,) said that evolution lacked essential physical evidence. 7 years ago +1
OH.MY.GOSH. These thoughts disturbs me to my core. 7 years ago +2
in every casual conversation?? That might get annoying. 7 years ago +4
... Why would you hold a koala?? 7 years ago +3
He was proven not guilty, ya know! 7 years ago +3
I like it when there are two genders in one band. Why do we have to be so separated?! 7 years ago +9
I really don't like either... Idol exploits people and X Factor is just like every other show. 7 years ago +3
When you watch the sunrise, it's such a fresh way to start the day.... Or end the day. Depending on your lifestyle.. ;) 7 years ago +4
Don't feel bad, people with curly hair! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder! 7 years ago +4
Mouse traps are awful. I wish they never existed. 7 years ago  
Grab the Germ-X! 7 years ago +1
You can do some really dumb things while under the influence of marijuana. For instance, getting behind the wheel of a car. 7 years ago +3
SPOILER ALERT... ;) 7 years ago +5
You don't have to keep all of the gifts yourself! 7 years ago  
Haha I comment on nearly every question I answer. 7 years ago  
... Wasn't really trying to be. 7 years ago  
I don't think that it's fair to call the Bible a story. I don't want to go all nerd on you, but I'm about to type A LOT about history... OK. First off, people prophesied about things that they saw or believed were to happen thousands and thousands of years before they did. These people were the historians of their day. They preserved what they wrote for a later date. ALL of these prophesies actually happened, and were documented in the Bible. Now, what do you think the Bible is? If you think someone just sat down and just wrote it, then I think you got your story wrong. Now for the gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. These people were disciples of Jesus. They followed him around and saw all of the things that he did. They wrote their books in the Bible. All four books all coincide with each other. And they all of the events that happened were documented by other spectators as well, that had no affiliation with the disciples in the slightest. In fact, people who didn't even believe that Jesus was God wrote about him and his good works in their manuscripts. Josephus is an example of this. He actually wrote about all of the really important figures and events including John the Baptist, James and the crucifixion. I don't mean to criticize other religions, but if you want to call a Bible "a story", take a look at how the Quaran. The book says this itself... Mohammad went into a cave-- alone -- and saw an angel. This angel recited the entire book to him, told him to transcribe it, then spread the word. This is really their most reliable story. That really isn't very trustworthy to me. I would write more, but I have to leave my computer. But to conclude this comment, I don't want to try and change your opinion by force. I'm just sharing what I know. You don't have to agree with me, but you don't have to flat out DISagree with me either. Just read what I wrote and if you don't agree, you can move on if you want! Thanks for reading! 7 years ago +1
I love this comment!! There have been terrible Mormons, terrible Catholics, or whatever other religion. But how can one person destroy an entire religion just by their horrible actions!? I can't believe that people are still just not letting people believe what they want. Like someone is actually going to change their religion just because some commentator told them to shut up... 7 years ago +2
Oh, that's awesome! I have a second generation iPod Touch and mine has been freezing up every now and then for a while. My friends iPod has just started freezing and she has third gen. iPod Touch. I'll bet iPhones are much, much better quality than iPod Touches! 7 years ago  
If you want to, you can think of it this way: The book helps you realize that you were homosexual, psychologically. That's what people mean by "turn".. 7 years ago  
You're being selfish when you choose option two. And really, neither of you are happy because this relationship won't really go anywhere. 7 years ago  
Why on Earth would you chew gum while you're sleeping?! Hahaha... Or is someone else putting it in your hair while you are sleeping?! 7 years ago +1
Yeah. You would have to live with all of the problems of the past that have obviously been solved now. Plus, everything would seem absolutely amazing to us if we were i the future because we would be used to so much less! We would never be ungrateful, because we would know that our laptop could be moving a whole lot slower...' 7 years ago  
Same here! 7 years ago  
If you got tattoos on your feet, you wouldn't be able to walk for days. :P 7 years ago +2
UGH! I hate choices like these. But the picture of the muffins looks so delicious... *Goes to kitchen, looks for muffins* 7 years ago +2
iPhones crash if you don't buy their newest version. It feels like a scam to me. I didn't get an iPhone, but I have an iPod touch and it is starting to do all kinds of crazy things. But my friends newEST one doesn't have any problems at all! Same with every other Apple product 7 years ago  
I agree. They both look awesome! 7 years ago +2
But this is the reason why he thinks EA is better. Haha 7 years ago  
... While also being ridiculously adorable. :) 7 years ago +3
..... Ew, wait... (WHAT HAVE I DONE?!) 7 years ago +7
Both of them kinda annoy me. But I like Lady GaGa's outfit better. 7 years ago +2
I'm not just trying to be a peacemaker. I'm just voicing my opinion, too. (most of the time, my opinion happens to be peaceful!) My brother is a male teacher. And he is not a pedo. And yes, people can be sexist to their own sex. Happens all the time. When a girl says, "girls can only play softball and boys can only play baseball". That's sexist to both genders! (And not even true!) Sorry if I ever annoyed you, though. 7 years ago +1
I want to be the lead because I actually love to rehearse! (If I have a role that I care about.) Like I actually just finished up being in Sleeping Beauty, I was in the ensemble, but I had a great time! I just love performing and being in front of everyone on stage! ;D 7 years ago +3
UGH! I meant to click TBS! It has Conan! He absolutely hilarious, don't you agree? 7 years ago +4
Economy is not as bad as it is made out to be in movies. 7 years ago  
This is really biased. But this is the situation. Not real life, so who cares. :) 7 years ago +3
There is more historical evidence of events in the Christian Bible than there are of evolution. 7 years ago +3
I am a Christian and I do know what you just said. I don't think it's fair to say that Christians don't like or don't understand science. But anyway, the first two were boys, but they didn't just have two children. And also, incest is a sin, but that doesn't mean that Adam and Eve's descendants didn't do it. They were sinners just like the rest of us. They had free will. That's what got them out of the Land of Eden in the first place; their sinful nature. 7 years ago +1
I really don't think that that matters. Hitler is really just like everyone else in the way that he can have any religion he wanted 7 years ago +1
Working out with Chuck would be embarrassing for all of us... 7 years ago  
I have given all my money to charity before. (INJ.ORG! Go there!) 7 years ago  
P.P.S I chose the wrong one! 7 years ago +1
Yeah, I know. The asker just doesn't know why Satan is evil. (Not to be condescending!) But I said so in my comment above. 7 years ago  
God isn't holding a grudge against Satan. Satan refuses to go back, because he wants to be as powerful as God. (But he'll never come close) (: That's the way it is in my Bible at least. [Christian] P.S. No debating me on whether God exists unless you are going to be respectful. 7 years ago +6
Skunks are easier to catch and release and they are a whole lot cuter. 7 years ago +6
How long would we be in the room? Because once you get out of the room, I'm assuming that once we get to leave, we get the stitches removed. And who seriously needs to take a dump immediately when they finish eating? 7 years ago +2
I hear that too often... ;) 7 years ago  
Ha, I didn't think you would!! :) 7 years ago +2
And thanks Ragha12! :) 7 years ago  
No thanks. I'm not mad or anything, but I don't know why I keep making harmless comments like this, and I get someone saying things like this. It doesn't make sense to me. am I not allowed to have an opinion? You don't have to agree with what I'm saying. But you don't have to DISagree with me. 7 years ago  
Well, you should still listen to them at some point. They are pretty great songs in my opinion! :) 7 years ago  
But they barely changed it! I don't see why it is such a big deal! But I still think that they shouldn't have changed it. 7 years ago  
I will find the money, and someone else can find the true love for me! ;) 7 years ago  
But if it is a really good book, then this question already guarantees that you will love the book. Haha 7 years ago +5
I wouldn't understand? I understand that to have women running around tackling each other, and playing regular football, but with NO padding or protective gear (in the European one at least) is normal and okay, but men get to wear all of this protective gear (BTW, I never see any men's football games with THEM running around in briefs.) and it's okay to have it be weird for a girl to play regular football, but the only other option for football would be to tromp around in her bra and panties. And sure, If you find it hot, then that's just you. But we don't have to make a sport out of it. Just go to YouTube, for goodness sake.I'm not trying to get mad or start a fight. I just think that we need to be more welcoming to women in sports. And plus, I get the feeling that you are one of those people who think that men have a stronger sex drive than women. If you do, most of the "tests" that were run for that were complete bogus. I personally hate tests that say "women do this, men do that, Asians do this, Africans do that." So I don't really believe in any such test. However, the tests that were run, were actually saying that women have a higher sex drive. Not that it matters. So I am just glad that we got both of our opinions heard 7 years ago  
It wouldn't be true love if she cared about your money at all. :) 7 years ago +3
They would just go into the building and do the same thing. Lack of planes can't stop their unreasonable hatred. 7 years ago  
*that 7 years ago  
I feel guilty every time I kill an insect. i try to do everything in my power to keep tat from happening. 7 years ago +1
Yeah, I agree with you when you say down with the democrats. Haha! But not your answer. I agree with yvpil057 on that one. 7 years ago  
.... It's weird that you say "sexy leopard"... Anyways, I love them both, but that is exactly the reason why I would NOT adopt either of them. Wild animals belong in the wild. Research animal trafficking. (and human trafficking while you're at it!) 7 years ago +2
I'm good at blaming farts on things.... XD 7 years ago +1
It's like this asker was peering into my soul... This is the reason I have a small fear of drinking milk... The thought of either of these outcomes repulses me to my core. .... Why milk? Why is it that milk is the one that people fear has a bug in it? I think it's because it isn't clear. So you really never know where the bug is if it is in there at all... *shutters* This is so disturbing... 7 years ago +1
If it was just sitting at the bottom of the glass.... *shutters* 7 years ago  
Both are pretty dumb... 7 years ago +2
..... Well said......*facepalm* 7 years ago  
Why do people care so much about weight?! 7 years ago +8
I already live without Facebook. After the 3rd time I was hacked, or Facebook messed up my password, I just gave up. Also, Facebook becomes a burden to have to check everyday.. :P 7 years ago  
Yeah, I hate it when the asker doesn't change the top of the question. I think it's "which one do you like best". 7 years ago +4
Ugh, both are absolutely terrible! 7 years ago +7
I am not a fan of generalizing. Like "boys do this, girls do that." It's the same as saying "African Americans do this, Caucasian do that." You know? :) I only chose the left side because the tattoo is smaller and not as visible. I love Spider-Man But I don't want to wear his costume for eternity!! 7 years ago  
WhichChick: Stop making so many of these questions!! At least not at the same time, please! And if you are going to do this, (which I find demeaning,,,) Make some with guys in them! But please consider making better WYR questions. 7 years ago +1
My thoughts exactly. 7 years ago +4
Not based on looks; based on how they are in the book! Haha 7 years ago +2
YOu could stay a kid, but continue to learn and grow. You would be one of the coolest kids in the world. 7 years ago +3
To Wikipedia!!! 7 years ago +2
Haha that was a funny answer.. But I had to say the Holocaust; not because one was more tragic then the other, but because 9-11 brought this country together. Made us stronger and more patriotic. 7 years ago +1
*sigh*......... 7 years ago +2
BTW, I'm not trying to disagree with you to pick a fight. I just like respectful debates. :) 7 years ago +1
I wouldn't consider the sperm and egg separated a potential baby. They need to be together in order to make a child. If you set a sperm in a cup and let it sit for a few months, nothing would happen. Same with the egg. But when you bring them together, and wait, it grows. Why? Because the only difference between you and an unborn fetus is time. 7 years ago +2
Because you can't help something that happens naturally. 7 years ago +2
People who can't have children and want to adopt a baby. 7 years ago +3
Liquor is legal. 7 years ago +1
...Yes. 7 years ago +2
It scares me that people would actually want to be killers.... Especially when they had the choice of getting be a spy! Not to mention World's greatest!! 7 years ago +3
The other person's nails are perfect! :D 7 years ago  
Both are cool! 7 years ago  
Love them both! 7 years ago +1
Mm... This was difficult! Love them both! 7 years ago +1
This was super easy for me... Is that bad? ;D Haha 7 years ago +2
WIN. 7 years ago  
MONSTER!!! :D ... Now I want one... (drink these in moderation! 7 years ago +2
This should not be so difficult!!! Seriously?! People would actually let the entire human race die just so that they could live to be 75?! 1.) Save the world, doofs! 2.) Why not die in your prime instead of when you are bed ridden and need help going to the bathroom?! ... Nothing against older people! 7 years ago +2
... Not in question. 7 years ago  
I like the name better.... Haha! 7 years ago +2
THIS. WAS. SO. DIFFICULT!!! 7 years ago +4
That's what I was gonna say! 7 years ago  
Wow... The difference in % concerns me.... (64%-36%) 7 years ago +2
As long as I was fired because of lay-offs, and not because I did something wrong. 7 years ago +4
12 dogs can't take care of you anywhere! 7 years ago  
Skipped. So sad. I would feel so selfish if I chose 12 dogs, but I would feel like a hypocrite if I chose no one left. (because if this question was actually presented to me for real, I would have to choose the 12 dogs.) 7 years ago  
This was a kind of a difficult question. But the difference in % depresses me. (63%-37%) 7 years ago +3
This was a really difficult question. They both are terrible and unreasonable. 7 years ago +5
You so don't have to be a girl to like pink. I really dislike that stereotype. 7 years ago +2
..... Really, Alexw? Really? *facepalm* I like the WYR questions that make you think. 7 years ago +1
I still need to see both of them. But I love the actors! 7 years ago  
YOU voted Caucasian, ya doof! 7 years ago  
You're always super nice on here... Just an observation... :) 7 years ago  
.... What?! Hahaha! Not that I crush the ice myself! I mean the crushed ice that comes out of a refrigerator ice dispenser! Not like it's a necessity. 7 years ago  
...Yeah, that is a good thought. :) I do love lipstick. I just wish that people could make fashion statements in public without feeling judged! ... Now that I look at this again I wish I chose blue! (I do love the red though.) :) 7 years ago +1
SOME wars are for a reason... Not many... But some. Most wars are fighting for our freedom. Or to stop an evil dictator. World hunger has no purpose whatsoever. And the worst part is that hunger is so solvable. We need to help our fellow countries!! We are all one world. :) 7 years ago +1
Basically both options would require you to learn a language. 7 years ago +2
Sign language! 7 years ago  
The running over potatoes thing sounds awesome.... *goes online and buys tons of potatoes* 7 years ago +4
Haha.. But it's completely random. So it could be 10,000 children. 7 years ago  
In case you didn't get notification of my comment to Callumg's, then here it is! 7 years ago  
I agree with what the guest said. :) 7 years ago  
P.S. I say "almost wish" because historical events never would've happened if he hadn't been killed! 7 years ago +1
John F. Kennedy was president, but didn't do nearly as much for society as MLK. After his term ended, JFK would've just gone back to being normal and doing things... But MLK would've kept on doing philanthropist things for the rest of his life... I almost wish he never got shot. 7 years ago +3
Either way, you are a nazi. So why not be alive?! 7 years ago +5
I don't see why we have to offend people's political opinions... 7 years ago +1
Apparently not to the 5% of people who voted for a fake relationship... *facepalm* 7 years ago +1
Chryslers have tons of mechanical problems. They always need to be brought in to fix something or anything. 7 years ago  
Yep. ;) 7 years ago  
If I lived in the Matrix, I would get too confused. 7 years ago  
I love this comment. When we retaliate in a rude way, it makes us just as bad as this WYR. 7 years ago +1
As long as the wizard can grant all of my wishes with his spells. 7 years ago +3
Without religion, there would be absolutely nothing... 7 years ago +3
Finding out you were adopted isn't a bad thing. Why is it always put in such a bad light? And why is "mistake" a bad thing too? The point is they love you now. Surprises aren't always bad! 7 years ago  
I kinda respect George W. Bush more and if I ever got to meet him, I wouldn't want it to be because of a t-bagging incident.... 7 years ago  
while they are trying to talk to you?! 7 years ago +1
This was such a clever and awesome question! 7 years ago +1
a feast will last a couple hours. (But would still be awesome...) But TEN THOUSAND dollars worth of stuff would be absolutely astonishing! 7 years ago +1
I don't think that we should tell anyone to die in a hole. 7 years ago +2
You could use an oxygen tank though! I went back and forth on this WYR a LOT. 7 years ago  
You could just have an oxygen tank. Flying is something that's never been done!! EVER! 7 years ago +1
Forrest Gump caused nearly all major events in history. YES PLEASE! :D 7 years ago +2
I would only do it if the puppy had cancer or a deadly disease. Plus, decapitation is painless! .... I still feel like a jerk. 7 years ago  
Both of these options are kind of gross. I love cake, ice cream and candy all individually!! 7 years ago +6
Oh my gosh that would be so awesome and ridiculously fun!!! :D 7 years ago  
Many people are. 7 years ago  
This should be soo easy!! People think that they need money to be happy (which they don't) so they choose rich and miserable, but they don't understand that not only will the money not make them happy, it will make them miserable. So it doesn't matter how much money you have, you'll have a horrible like either way!!! D: 7 years ago  
Would we still be in these weird situations? 7 years ago  
Just research them in another tab and then answer later next time!!! Haha 7 years ago  
Waffles are amazing, but chicken is more substantial.... I wouldn't want to eat the chicken like in the pic though... :P 7 years ago +4
Note to answerers! It's only talking about which color looks best on HER; not in general! 7 years ago  
No, it's only talking about which hair color you like best on her. 7 years ago +1
I think that people should stick with their natural hair color. 7 years ago +5
Just wear a mask and tell him to call out your name in the middle of it, but say your name is "Johnny Banana". Everybody wins! 7 years ago +3
No one would be able to understand you!!! *facepalm* 15% of people who answered this didn't think much about it first. 7 years ago  
As long as people didn't try to traffic me and poach me, sure! 7 years ago +1
It's not that hard to stop and help, in my opinion. Just yank someone's arm and run. Drag 'em if you have to!! ;) 7 years ago +2
DURR. This is pretty obvious. The people that chose "stupid" are already stupid!! Haha! 7 years ago +25
Then you are probably right brained! Without thinking about it, clasp your hands so that your fingers lace. Which thumb is on top of the other? *DO THIS FIRST THEN READ THE LAST PART OF MY COMMENT!!!!* Was your left thumb on top? Then you are right-brained! If right thumb was on top then you are left-brained. I'm right-brained! Look up what this means. Now, wasn't this a fun adventure! :D 7 years ago +3
Incest laws don't just prevent sibling sex. (which is still bad; condoms can break. Then you just brought a mentally or physically challenged child into this world.) It also helps prevent fathers/mothers from raping or molesting their children. Or older siblings from raping their younger siblings. This world is messed up. 7 years ago +2
If you change the past, you would be changing the future as well. But you wouldn't know if it was for the better or worse until you get back to the future and it's too late. You would destroy a lot of things.... These people need a science lesson!!!! ;D 7 years ago +2
Good news cheers you up after you hear the bad news! 7 years ago +10
XD Oh my gosh Katy Perry's pic is sooo photoshopped!! Hahaha 7 years ago  
Well, we shouldn't hate people who cause us pain. We should forgive them and see past it to the good person inside of their wrong doing. Right? 7 years ago  
P.S. It's our job to stop the hatred and the hunger!!!! WHO'S WITH ME?! :D (! and other awesome charities like!) 7 years ago +2
Hunger could be stopped easily if people really tried. (There are enough resources, we just need powerful people like YOU to step up and help!!! Please do some research!!) But hatred is (sadly) going to be around forever, since some just refuse to shape up and help others. 7 years ago +2
.... I think you have it a little mixed up there. He is pro-life and supports separation of church and state. Obama is the one who IS pro-choice... 7 years ago +3
Those heels look gross. I hate heels that are over 4 inches. So terrible for your health. 7 years ago  
That's really sad and sexist. Please don't think that way. 7 years ago +2
Crazy lipstick doesn't really go well with any outfits. 7 years ago +4
Oh my gosh, that salad looks amazing... Salad is so much more filling and I love the texture more than soup. 7 years ago +3
I prefer to drink out of cups with crushed ice. :) 7 years ago +2
*A few hours later* This WYR inspired me to get a Neopet account.... XD 7 years ago +1
-- Because I remember playing with Neopets as a kid and it was soo much fun. :) 7 years ago +1
Wish I could change my answer! 7 years ago +1
too many tattoos!! 7 years ago +1
And eat all of the dirtiness and bacteria with it, too?! No thanks!! 7 years ago +1
Milk is kind of gross to me. But now that I think about it, milk would just wash of and feel like water. But chocolate would be sticky and gross. 7 years ago +1
........ Wish I could change my answer.... 7 years ago  
You could have an imaginary friend that is super rich, and decides to give you millions of dollars. It would be a lot easier than drawing millions of dollars, that's for sure. 7 years ago +3
This was SOO difficult for me to choose!! 7 years ago +1
There are more ways to warm up than there are to cool down. 7 years ago +1
And a burn... And dehydration... and death... 7 years ago +4
The wife/husband has already lived most of their life. The child would be wasted. It wouldn't be fair! The child was only just beginning! Let other people have a turn! 7 years ago +3
They probably aren't real, you know that right?! But I do think that students and teachers need to be giving each other more respect. 7 years ago  
Isn't cheesecake the best thing in the universe other than my pug?! 7 years ago  
I constantly take off my bracelets and play with them, and then eventually lose them! Necklaces are harder to take off, they are wrapped on my neck so they won't get lost, but I can still play with it! Win-Win! 7 years ago +3
LOVE! 7 years ago  
I don't really like either of them. Yellow lip gloss?! But the one on the left looks like dried paste.... But the one on the right looks like paint.... 7 years ago +1
It really is assault over the internet. 7 years ago  
Then change "president" to "leader" or "That the people who write in the comments section are the people who walk around in our society". Haha! 7 years ago  
I think a lot of people choose the one that everyone else talks about and "loves". Even though they don't know much about it. The iPhone constantly has new versions coming out. So if you buy one, when the next version comes out, yours is obsolete and no longer as valuable, and it will also start to crash and do other annoying things. I do like how the style of the iPhone is easier to figure out. It's easier to figure out where things are. With the HTC, you have to explore all of the buttons and some of them don't really make sense! But I still choose HTC. 7 years ago +4
I LOVE getting paint on things!! 7 years ago  
I love this red! 7 years ago +1
I like how it has a bit of a sparkle. :) 7 years ago +2
I agree with you when you say who doesn't want to play with Barbies! Haha I love them! But I think that it's sexist that boys are viewed as "weird" for playing with them. I DEFINITELY agree with you when you say sexism is there for guys, too. Feminism isn't just for women; it's for both genders! I think that it's sexist to teach boys to play with certain things and girls others. Sexism on both sides is the case for all sexism. But still, watch the film! It's only 10 minutes and it's on YouTube. 7 years ago  
No stereotypes are never true. 7 years ago  
I agree! I never see anything wrong with being a virgin. 7 years ago  
French?! :P 7 years ago  
Apparently there is still faith in humanity, since currently, 33 people agree with you. :) 7 years ago +1
Oh... My... Gosh.... So disturbing that this could actually happen.... 7 years ago +4
I'm glad it was!! :D I have done my job. 7 years ago +2
(This is notification of my comment in case it doesn't show up as a reply to you.) 7 years ago  
I don't know if that's really necessary. You don't need to tell him if you don't care. Just move on and don't read it. Then again, shady acted incredibly immature, so you're both in the wrong. We done? 7 years ago  
Ugh... I change my mind! 7 years ago  
How do people not know Parks and Rec?! It's awesome! I love both of these shows. 7 years ago +3
Weddings are an intimate occasion that really only matter to the couple and their families. Funerals are people's last goodbyes. You don't NEED people to come to your wedding, but I feel like it's necessary to see someone for just one last time. 7 years ago  
Depends on if I would get milk to go with it... 7 years ago +3
Edit: They are absolutely ridiculous. They don't understand the Bible at all. 7 years ago +2
The people like that, who claim that they are Christians, are not real Christians. 7 years ago +3
This should be sooo easy!!! 7 years ago  
Ugh!!! I really wish I chose plane. Then I could have a co-pilot, or auto pilot and go to the back and eat fancy foods and watch How I Met Your Mother.... 7 years ago  
Toronto has a Second City!! :D 7 years ago  
I would just become friends with it. :) 7 years ago  
Our world is so freakin' complex right now, that if you choose option 2, the world would just stay the same. 7 years ago  
I am an actress and I wouldn't trade it for anything! :) 7 years ago +1
This should be a no-brainer. 7 years ago  
You could die.... :P 7 years ago  
I don't know either, so I chose the logo I liked better. 7 years ago  
I would grind up the glass, and blend 1/8 of a teaspoon into a smoothie every day. 7 years ago +1
I love being in the rain!! :D 7 years ago +1
But we all became U.S. citizens. You aren't an illegal alien after you get the paperwork done. 7 years ago +1
... It concerns me that (currently) 15% of people chose option 2... 7 years ago  
Kinda feels weird to say that, but it's true. Even though what he did was astonishingly horrible and inexcusable, we have done wrong things to. (Not nearly as bad of things... but still.) If we were all going to heaven, we would all be receiving mercy, wouldn't we? 7 years ago +3
We could have mercy on Hitler.... 7 years ago  
Now I wish I could change my answer!!!! GAH... Instead hurting the baby, you would be creating lovely memories. XD 7 years ago  
This is almost half and half..... I don't want to live on this planet anymore. 7 years ago +1
Hip piercings are temporary and leave a permanent scar. I think that they are pretty dumb.. But so are all piercings in my opinion. Not meaning o offend people with piercings! 7 years ago +1
For a girl, peeing marbles wouldn't hurt so bad. ... :P... Haha 7 years ago +3
Doesn't ":3" mean "ass face"? 7 years ago +2
But the chairs are flat so you have to sit at a perfect 90 degree angle to sit in them. Uncomfortable! But stools are worse because you can't relax. 7 years ago +1
Hahaha you made me want to change my answer! 7 years ago +3
But it's bad to push a bicycle with a flat tire; it messes up the rims. I didn't think about that when I voted. You could just call AAA for the car!. 7 years ago +1
The iPod app. Which character would you want to be? The monkies are the villains and you, the man/woman, are jumping over obstacles, and running away from them and the temple. Hence the name Temple Run. You should play it! It's super fun! 7 years ago +6
It's Tangled!!!!!! Haha 7 years ago +5
I don't think that hair color defines personality. Neither do race or financial status. 7 years ago +4
Bollywood stuff can be very annoying... 7 years ago +6
Both are good, Apple juice is one of my favorite beverages... It's amazing.. :) 7 years ago  
So difficult to decide! :D 7 years ago +1
Even if he was, why should it matter? 7 years ago +1
You should!! The first season (people say...) is boring. But the other seasons are great!! You still need to watch S1 to get a feel for what the story is about. But I love S3. :) 7 years ago  
For those of you who don't know, Scrubs had an amazing finale in season 8. Then, for an unknown reason, they started another season with more characters. I was wondering which on people liked. This should be easy for Scrubs fans... ;D 7 years ago +1
I love puffy skirts: Fun to twirl in, fun to sit in. ;D 7 years ago  
Makeup is only supposed to enhance what you already have; not to change your appearance. 7 years ago +2
I love that trick!! 7 years ago  
I would be SuperWoman! Awesome super powers?! YES! Then I would enforce that female super heroes wear regular clothing.... 7 years ago +4
This should be a no-brainer. Based on what you see in Rihanna's behavior, and what you see in Beyonce's behavior, this will hopefully be super easy! 7 years ago +3
But there's no way for you to find out. So the teachers would just never tell you. Haha 7 years ago +5
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