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    I would dry their fur with warm hugs.  
    You could probably help more people in more situations with option A.  
    Lattes, while beautiful, are temporary. But music lasts forever!  
    Start a revolution.  
    Be the hottest person, but be respectable and intelligent!  
    That'd be a ton of responsibility.. If I can't properly take care of a house plant, I probably shouldn't be ruling the world.  
    Eep, I don't think that people understand how sad it is to steal from musicians...  
    I don't think people understand how disrespectful that is to musicians...  
    Only ifthe beach isn't very crowded. Because I would probably look like an idiot.  
    Is anyone pissed off by the fact that just because she is as good as a man at something, she is suspected of cheating?  
    18% of the people who answered this question are unbelievably selfish.  
    If you sold 9 Prius' at $35,000, then you would get a $315,000. You could buy a Lamborghini Gallardo for yourself with $123,100 to spare. Math. +1
    You can fold it up and put it in your bag,  
    Because then you can say "Wow my ex was a jerk and didn't have courage to break up with me to my face!" Then you are the good guy no matter what. Win-Lose.  
    That's a good thing! Considering mayo is pure fat. Why not eat a tub of lard instead?!  
    Get some real evidence that doesn't involve dumb abbreviations, please.  
    ... I think you may have some aspects backwards.... +2
    WOW. How is us defending our freedom against Al-Queda and Iraq comparable, or even partially related to what Hitler did?! I think you are definitely being too harsh. +1
    Saying "For abortion" is a short version of saying "You are for abortion to be legal". +1
    He only suddenly became pro-gay rights because the election is coming up. But if he is elected again, he is just going to switch back to traditional marriage. +2
    ...out of what?  
    Credit cards are the worst things ever invented. +2
    P.S. I did a a little more reading, and it turns out that Dr. Gould from Harvard University, (not a Christian,) said that evolution lacked essential physical evidence. +1
    You don't have to keep all of the gifts yourself!  
    Haha I comment on nearly every question I answer.  
    ... Wasn't really trying to be.  
    I don't think that it's fair to call the Bible a story. I don't want to go all nerd on you, but I'm about to type A LOT about history... OK. First off, people prophesied about things that they saw or believed were to happen thousands and thousands of years before they did. These people were the historians of their day. They preserved what they wrote for a later date. ALL of these prophesies actually happened, and were documented in the Bible. Now, what do you think the Bible is? If you think someone just sat down and just wrote it, then I think you got your story wrong. Now for the gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. These people were disciples of Jesus. They followed him around and saw all of the things that he did. They wrote their books in the Bible. All four books all coincide with each other. And they all of the events that happened were documented by other spectators as well, that had no affiliation with the disciples in the slightest. In fact, people who didn't even believe that Jesus was God wrote about him and his good works in their manuscripts. Josephus is an example of this. He actually wrote about all of the really important figures and events including John the Baptist, James and the crucifixion. I don't mean to criticize other religions, but if you want to call a Bible "a story", take a look at how the Quaran. The book says this itself... Mohammad went into a cave-- alone -- and saw an angel. This angel recited the entire book to him, told him to transcribe it, then spread the word. This is really their most reliable story. That really isn't very trustworthy to me. I would write more, but I have to leave my computer. But to conclude this comment, I don't want to try and change your opinion by force. I'm just sharing what I know. You don't have to agree with me, but you don't have to flat out DISagree with me either. Just read what I wrote and if you don't agree, you can move on if you want! Thanks for reading! +1
    I love this comment!! There have been terrible Mormons, terrible Catholics, or whatever other religion. But how can one person destroy an entire religion just by their horrible actions!? I can't believe that people are still just not letting people believe what they want. Like someone is actually going to change their religion just because some commentator told them to shut up... +2
    This is really biased. But this is the situation. Not real life, so who cares. :) +3
    There is more historical evidence of events in the Christian Bible than there are of evolution. +3
    I am a Christian and I do know what you just said. I don't think it's fair to say that Christians don't like or don't understand science. But anyway, the first two were boys, but they didn't just have two children. And also, incest is a sin, but that doesn't mean that Adam and Eve's descendants didn't do it. They were sinners just like the rest of us. They had free will. That's what got them out of the Land of Eden in the first place; their sinful nature. +1
    I really don't think that that matters. Hitler is really just like everyone else in the way that he can have any religion he wanted +1
    I have given all my money to charity before. (INJ.ORG! Go there!)  
    I will find the money, and someone else can find the true love for me! ;)  
    I feel guilty every time I kill an insect. i try to do everything in my power to keep tat from happening. +1
    It's like this asker was peering into my soul... This is the reason I have a small fear of drinking milk... The thought of either of these outcomes repulses me to my core. .... Why milk? Why is it that milk is the one that people fear has a bug in it? I think it's because it isn't clear. So you really never know where the bug is if it is in there at all... *shutters* This is so disturbing... +1
    If it was just sitting at the bottom of the glass.... *shutters*  
    YOu could stay a kid, but continue to learn and grow. You would be one of the coolest kids in the world. +3
    To Wikipedia!!! +2
    Haha that was a funny answer.. But I had to say the Holocaust; not because one was more tragic then the other, but because 9-11 brought this country together. Made us stronger and more patriotic. +1
    *sigh*......... +2
    BTW, I'm not trying to disagree with you to pick a fight. I just like respectful debates. :) +1
    I wouldn't consider the sperm and egg separated a potential baby. They need to be together in order to make a child. If you set a sperm in a cup and let it sit for a few months, nothing would happen. Same with the egg. But when you bring them together, and wait, it grows. Why? Because the only difference between you and an unborn fetus is time. +2
    Because you can't help something that happens naturally. +2
    People who can't have children and want to adopt a baby. +3
    That's what I was gonna say!  
    ..... Really, Alexw? Really? *facepalm* I like the WYR questions that make you think. +1
    SOME wars are for a reason... Not many... But some. Most wars are fighting for our freedom. Or to stop an evil dictator. World hunger has no purpose whatsoever. And the worst part is that hunger is so solvable. We need to help our fellow countries!! We are all one world. :) +1
    Without religion, there would be absolutely nothing... +3
    a feast will last a couple hours. (But would still be awesome...) But TEN THOUSAND dollars worth of stuff would be absolutely astonishing! +1
    Many people are.  
    This should be soo easy!! People think that they need money to be happy (which they don't) so they choose rich and miserable, but they don't understand that not only will the money not make them happy, it will make them miserable. So it doesn't matter how much money you have, you'll have a horrible like either way!!! D:  
    There are more ways to warm up than there are to cool down. +1
    And a burn... And dehydration... and death... +4
    I agree with you when you say who doesn't want to play with Barbies! Haha I love them! But I think that it's sexist that boys are viewed as "weird" for playing with them. I DEFINITELY agree with you when you say sexism is there for guys, too. Feminism isn't just for women; it's for both genders! I think that it's sexist to teach boys to play with certain things and girls others. Sexism on both sides is the case for all sexism. But still, watch the film! It's only 10 minutes and it's on YouTube.  
    No stereotypes are never true.  
    I agree! I never see anything wrong with being a virgin.  
    French?! :P  
    Apparently there is still faith in humanity, since currently, 33 people agree with you. :) +1
    Weddings are an intimate occasion that really only matter to the couple and their families. Funerals are people's last goodbyes. You don't NEED people to come to your wedding, but I feel like it's necessary to see someone for just one last time.  
    This should be sooo easy!!!  
    Even if he was, why should it matter? +1
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