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    You are trying to stand up for your cause, but look stupid doing so.  
    It doesn't say anywhere in the bible that gay people go to hell. In fact Jesus said that he accepts all people, including gay people.  
    Everyone wants it. With a few exceptions.  
    Are you going to try to "fix" us?  
    Just no.  
    How could you know without any evidence. If God isn't real than why is Christianity the biggest religion in the world.  
    This is coming from a person who can't spell for.  
    I will admit I have my flaws, but how does my opinion define who I am rather than my actions.  
    So we can't have opinions.  
    The question is not asking about how society fells about gays, but rather gay marriage. A different issue altogether.  
    Wow that came out of nowhere. What basis do you have for calling us such offensive words.  
    How are we jerks? Please explain.  
    True. True.  
    Not true, God said they would be punished by him. Not thrown in hell. Besides Jesus accepts all who believe in him into heaven.  
    You are calling us monsters without any support for your argument.  
    The second picture is biased and wrong.  
    Beautiful scenery around to make the moment better.  
    They are written in history and if they were changed many bad things would happen.  
    Why does sex matter this much to you people. It should be saved for the special one for you. I am say this to see if anyone has any good counter arguments. It feels good doesn't count.  
    I know you intend well, but God said to treat all with respect, kindness and acceptance so being angry won't help spread his word. +1
    The church is flawed and was scared back then. God on the other hand is not. There was even a man named Bruno who claimed that God sent him visions of space and time as if suggesting that he explore it.  
    I find it funny that if someone kills a pregnant woman it's illegal. Yet abortion is fine.  
    The image for B is completely biased in every way.  
    Old guys who spoke to God. Moses went to Sinai to recieve gods knowledge and rules and one of them said homosexuality is a sin.  
    Your a genius. Arkcaptain.  
    Why can't you leave him alone and bother someone who gives a damn what you say. And that's not me.  
    Nice arckcaptain99  
    That doesn't mean it's not a sin.  
    He also said he has a free will so why don't you leave him alone and let him keep his free will.  
    That's true who ever made this question overexaderated. +1
    Exactly he said he loved all:acceptance. Not that he supports gay marriage.  
    Fear isn't a sin. And for the last [email protected]$&ing time, just because I don't support gay marriage doesn't mean I'm homophobic. Also it doesn't mean I hat gay or lesbian people. I except them for who they are. +2
    God isn't technicaly a male he is god. That means he can be a male or female. He took a male form.  
    After that he said go and sin no more and homosexuality is a sin, so...  
    I'd make a bully's shirt way them down. +1
    Anyways it hasn't been around long enough for an accurate comparison so technically we're both wrong.  
    Okay? +1
    My cousin is gay, yet I still don't support and I have a soul.  
    Just because you don't support gay marriage doesn't mean you're scared of gays. That is just another stereotype  
    Go to your local library and pick up a book about gay marriage then look at the statistics.  
    No Jesus did. Not "some guy".  
    What if God created the Big Bang and Evolution? +1
    Think about it this way " stupid book " gives us something to hope for. While people like you are left here alone scared and not knowing the truth. +1
    No that's science and every other religion +1
    Troll lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol  
    That's why he is God , he can make it possible.  
    Became smart wad the person who wrote was atheist.  
    Keep it to yourself.  
    Yes. Look it up. Excorcisms. People changing who they are in the name of God. He is real.  
    Yes he is  
    What's a pantheist  
    Yes he is!  
    GOD ISNT FICTIONAL! Idiots. Try to see our side for once.  
    Obama already won!  
    Depends on the situation. If you want to get out of the marriage than A is the answer. If not than B.  
    God didn't want them. It took place when mankind turned from God.  
    Stop judging my religion. When yours is full of gay people!  
    How about this. Look at this comments page. People who support gay marriage are saying things like homophobic [email protected]$$?!;/ without even stopping to think about our side of the story. We're people too.  
    Is that sarcastic?  
    Maybe you should stop looking on a gay marriage support site and check out a factually correct website.  
    But it's true. All I'm asking for is for people to stoping judging people based on their opinions. I don't personally hate gay people. I just find it hard to support their cause.  
    Not necessarily  
    According to the bible God didn't make people gay, it happened when mankind turned from his grace and became evil.  
    According to The bible God didn  
    So are you  
    Or we just have different opinions than you.  
    Try to see our side! Everyone who supports it treats people who don't support it like crap. You think you have it bad  
    Your saying gay people are different. That's not true. To conform to society you have to support gay marriage. I tell people I don't support it and they beat me up.  
    These may be newer facts but the facts I have received have been recorded since Gay marriage first became legal.  
    Wrong one  
    Wrong answer +1
    Statistics show that there are more divorces between gay couples than straight couples. +1
    Did you know statistics show that gay marriages aren't any more successful than straight marriages. +1
    Trust is part of love  
    We have the same chrush  
    Wrong answer  
    Rebecca Black would need a guy with a rocket launcher.  
    Nobody said you get hurt, but poor apple. Just kidding it's an apple +2
    I honestly don't care. +2
    Clicked the wrong one.  
    Who exactly is Ms.sirois?  
    Green apples are too sour.  
    skrillex +1
    Morgan Freeman May have a lifetime supply of bacon.  
    I don't know they can both kill you  
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