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Would you rather Be embarrassed in front of crush or kill a ant 11 months ago 58 votes 6 comments 0 likes

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I live 1 year ago  
Popular ends with 1 year ago  
Bang on the bed 1 year ago  
Bang the person 1 year ago  
Find my hoe and bang her 1 year ago  
You can bang them 1 year ago  
Choosing the option "Physically Never Age" is like being Kim Kardashian. You have a good body but you're dumb af. 1 year ago  
The holocaust was an accident 1 year ago  
Bbw 1 year ago  
Mum 1 year ago  
Yeah 1 year ago  
I want that big 1 year ago  
Yo-yo 1 year ago  

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