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Would you rather Masterbate or Have sex 8 months ago 62 votes 6 comments 0 likes

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Don’t wanna be hated 8 months ago  
Citric acid 8 months ago  
Oi 8 months ago  
plz don’t pee plz don’t pee plz don’t pee plz don’t pee plz don’t pee plz don’t pee plz don’t pee plz don’t pee plz don’t pee plz don’t pee plz don’t pee plz don’t pee plz don’t pee plz don’t pee plz don’t pee plz don’t pee plz don’t pee plz don’t pee plz don’t pee plz don’t pee plz don’t pee plz don’t pee plz don’t pee plz don’t pee plz don’t pee plz don’t pee plz don’t pee plz don’t pee plz don’t pee plz don’t pee plz don’t pee plz don’t pee 8 months ago +1
One word. Trump 8 months ago  
A fly?! 8 months ago  
I’m a girl 8 months ago  
Cheating 8 months ago  
I live in England 8 months ago  
I’d take them to the paradise island 8 months ago  
No adoption 8 months ago  
I have a phone but other than that ex ecsactly the same 8 months ago  
IDK what either is 8 months ago  
No periods 8 months ago  
A good teacher INCLUDES being nice 8 months ago  
I wouldn’t be in the alían (E.T.C) envisions 8 months ago  
I’m fat ☹️ 8 months ago  
WTH 8 months ago  
I LOVE hermione but she didn’t save them in all books only like 5 8 months ago  
I’m not a boy 8 months ago  
I am 10 8 months ago  
WTH is this?! 8 months ago  
Don’t wanna go to hell 8 months ago  
Something called sign language 8 months ago  
Baby isn’t THAT bad 8 months ago  
My best friend’s BD is same day as mine 8 months ago  
Oh rly u ever seen a REAL lion? 8 months ago  
(.)(.) duh 8 months ago  
My friends would stay quiet or I have no friends 8 months ago  
It’s exactly the same thing 8 months ago 8 months ago  
There is something called a bath... 8 months ago  
I can’t drive 8 months ago  
Oí raisist/sexist 8 months ago  
I thought u were 9 8 months ago  
No. You are scared of dying. Being a zombie means ur dead. Zombies kill. 8 months ago  
1 vs 100 8 months ago  
61% lightsaber??!! 8 months ago +1
I already da hottest 8 months ago  
If you lived longer u would have to watch everyone u love die. 8 months ago  
Emma Watson 8 months ago  
I thought u were 9?! 8 months ago  
You can’t avoid it sry 8 months ago  
I don’t have a partner and I have never had one 8 months ago  
I’d be cheating 8 months ago  
I am a girl 8 months ago  
I AM a kid 8 months ago  
I’m already a ninja 8 months ago  
Me too!!! 8 months ago  
Who else saw Star Trek and immediately clicked the other 8 months ago  
They would EVENTUALLY get dry 8 months ago  
Knowledge can be power but it could also be like a machine gun with infinity bullets and won’t stop 8 months ago  
Then I would leave 8 months ago  
Says who 8 months ago  
Any1 else see Justin Bieber and immediately click the other? 8 months ago  
I’d wish I had the ability to think of stuff and it would come true. I’d then ask for 8 (on its side) wishes. Afterwards I’d think of 1000 quadrillion 8 months ago  
In THIS picture. (And in SOME others...) 8 months ago  
I’m already a ninja... 8 months ago  
My dreams are really dirty... 8 months ago  
*queston tough this was* 8 months ago  
You take a gun with 1 bullet in, spin the barrel and shoot 8 months ago  
Stole my line 8 months ago  
U know being a zombie probably doesn’t hurt 8 months ago  
1 vs 100... I’m not a baby hater this was literally the hardest decision EVER 8 months ago  
I am from Fùcking Africa 8 months ago  
Then give them to the African families 8 months ago  
Reported 8 months ago  
Is it possible to like something more than 1ce? 8 months ago  
I’m already the hottest person 8 months ago  
Mainly cos my favouritest person is Emma Watson,!! 8 months ago  
My life long dream... 8 months ago  
Cos I can say “accio moneyl 8 months ago  
Except for the 90% of the world that hates you 8 months ago  
I would hate having a partner who LOVED Trump... 8 months ago  
I would hope every body was a away and happy... 8 months ago  
You can’t really use the internet that much without a phone... 8 months ago  
So I can say “ sorry guys I can’t hang out Tuesday but any time before is fine.” 8 months ago  
Me too bra 8 months ago  
Then I’d be Luke sywalka 8 months ago  
I don’t get this 8 months ago  
Idk what any of those are so meh... 8 months ago  
Because then I’ll do it for a bit, then retire and be richhhhhhhhh 8 months ago  
Idk who either is 8 months ago  

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