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    If biten my tongue  
    Im poor  
    My relationship who said they can take over?  
    i will be remembered  
    Very much money :3  
    Heres the thing Harry is ugly AF and Louis sounds like a girl..... i would rather go with someone ugly  
    Zayn is not gay so i picked him  
    Im a girl but i like Katy  
    Im a girl  
    im a girl and i wanna be rich  
    Im cringing  
    I drink sweat everyday REKT  
    I will eat none  
    im a kid  
    I dont know  
    im not gay but i had no option I HATE BLUE WAFFLES they're disgusting the way they look just makes me wanna barf  
    1 day is fine  
    Im a girl  
    Sounds Fun  
    Peter Griffin  
    Im a girl but idk  
    im a girl  
    I dont want to look weird looking like crap  
    It would be painful but i hate Mayo  
    i love football *soccer* its so fun to watch  
    Basketball is for Sweggy people  
    Who df are they?  
    Ronaldo is Better than Messi  
    i can learn sigh language  
    Idk who they are  
    Reading Helps  
    I wanna live my life the way i am  
    Camping!!!!! +1
    Harry Potter Of course!  
    Money Wont help you find love  
    World where Hitler and Donald Trump never existed  
    To see how ugly i will look in the future  
    My wedding i might have a private one  
    Just buy AT&T or SPRINT  
    Help the children  
    Im about to wreck you guys.. You can pay for AT&T or SPRINT for WiFi REKT  
    you can pay for AT&T or SPRINT -Rekt by a player  
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