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F*** off 2 days ago  
No profile views for u 2 days ago  
No profile views for u 2 days ago  
Ye 2 days ago  
One more time and the answer will be yes 2 days ago  
For sure, however, the gamer girl community is growing 2 days ago  
mmm 2 days ago  
Oh my 2 days ago  
prove it 2 days ago  
misclick, idk who u are 3 days ago  
Racism is skin color, not where you're born 3 days ago  
me already 3 days ago  
Muslim is a religion, not a race. Dude in B is still black 3 days ago  
u heard me 3 days ago  
no, i love cum 3 days ago +2
B is even worse cause hes black 4 days ago  
gay 4 days ago  
I have a good relationship with them so yes 4 days ago  
Same 4 days ago  
Yuh 4 days ago  
I like the colors 4 days ago  
More red 4 days ago  
Ye 4 days ago  
Yeet 4 days ago  
Who doesn't 4 days ago  
ok 4 days ago  
Great movie 4 days ago  
gross 4 days ago  
I was attacked so I have a huge fear of them and I try to avoid them as much as possible. 4 days ago  
I never said I hated dogs 5 days ago  
my fav 5 days ago +1
I was attacked by two dogs when I was little 5 days ago  
I don't have a dog, thankfully 5 days ago  
Imma shoot em 6 days ago  
ha, n00b 6 days ago  
omg 6 days ago +1
For sure 6 days ago  
omg hash ily 6 days ago  
I hate both 1 week ago +2
6. 1 week ago  
8 1 week ago  
Mindlesspie...boy do I miss that name ): 1 week ago +4
She is succsessful but her looks and her singing voice are above average, but not by much. She's praised highly as if she's some God which can go to her head, and it did. 1 week ago  
Beyonce has a massive ego 1 week ago  
Beyonce is overrated in terms of looks and singing. Rihanna is too, but she's not praised like she's some kind of Queen 1 week ago  
And how will us going to war with Iran save our planet, exactly? 1 week ago  
If we go to war with Iran we're all fricked 1 week ago  
guacamole nigga penis 1 week ago +1
same as my answer before 1 week ago  
I haven't seen any star wars movies, but I've seen every harry potter movie and read the books so this is an easy choice 1 week ago  
omg ur back 1 week ago  
ricardo jews 1 week ago  
I have been wanting to for so long I'm just always really busy ))): 1 week ago  
I like my personal space 1 week ago  
talking bout the niger in b 1 week ago  
Don't need to list them since you already did it for me, thanks bub 1 week ago +1
u do 1 week ago  
Anyone who chooses drums has a smooth brain 1 week ago  
What's your reason to do A? 1 week ago  
I like my birthday. I'd probably choose to be born in Scotland 1 week ago  
they are fun 1 week ago  
just google a picture of superman you troglodyte 1 week ago  
yes 1 week ago  
Haven't even seen the heath ledger joker ): 1 week ago +1
usually 1 week ago  
why tf would I do B? 1 week ago +1
yeet 1 week ago +1
That's be so epic 1 week ago  
username checks out 1 week ago  
it gets up to 120 here so i'd die if i did B (: 1 week ago  
yay 1 week ago +1
ok "tydee" 1 week ago  
imagine just chilling with the boys in Vietnam when the trees start talking 1 week ago  
for obvious reasons 1 week ago  
why u always use this niger 1 week ago  
vegetal 1 week ago  
I have this one right now so I'm just used to it 1 week ago  
I say car mul 1 week ago  
same xd 1 week ago  
no 2 weeks ago +2
same lmao 2 weeks ago  
only nerds do a 2 weeks ago  
hi 3 weeks ago  
He wins all of them, while he's a good user I think it's about time someone else wins one of these. 3 weeks ago +5
she's beautiful. Only guests will choose A 3 weeks ago  
he's arrogant 3 weeks ago  
ew pepsi 3 weeks ago  
yes 3 weeks ago  
fax 3 weeks ago +1
si senor 3 weeks ago  
alright the two sh*ttiest waters are out of the way lets have some fun now 3 weeks ago  
i love both and i would eat both all the time so this question is irrelevant, try harder next time, kid 3 weeks ago  
yes it does 3 weeks ago  
Every user competition I always get put up against Jedi which keeps me from getting any further. I would have won but nooo 3 weeks ago  
B is too dummy for me 3 weeks ago  
the hero we deserve 3 weeks ago  
ye 3 weeks ago  
I hate B 3 weeks ago  
shes 8 bro chill 3 weeks ago +1
duh 3 weeks ago  
B sucks bro ): 3 weeks ago +1
anigay lol 3 weeks ago  
b*tch im a cow 3 weeks ago  
all guests deserve to be murdered and i stand by that 3 weeks ago +1
My favorite user of all time 3 weeks ago  
wrong button ))))): 3 weeks ago  
ree 3 weeks ago  
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