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yiiikes 2 days ago  
I buy CD's considering Artists don't get much money from Spotify. Plus, I've been starting a collection (: 3 days ago  
I love csgo 3 days ago  
like a 2 3 days ago  
You really do 4 days ago +2
On my stomach when I was around 10 4 days ago  
wtf 4 days ago  
thank you!!! 5 days ago  
yuh 1 week ago  
Somehow less bad 1 week ago  
I prefer ice cream over Krispy Kreme donuts 1 week ago  
I'll make their face bloody and bruised again 1 week ago +1
no 1 week ago  
we share a bday :D 1 week ago  
As in I get to cure cancer 1 week ago  
Duh 1 week ago  
Epic 1 week ago  
My favorite 1 week ago  
Separate the art from the artist. 1 week ago  
Amazing spiderman series was ass 1 week ago  
90 1 week ago  
nice! happy early birthday man 2 weeks ago +1
.-. 2 weeks ago +4
Happy early birthday. How old you turning? 2 weeks ago +1
May 21st. About to be 18 (: 2 weeks ago +1
good man 2 weeks ago  
I hate both 2 weeks ago +1
Gay pop 2 weeks ago +5
B would be horrible 2 weeks ago +1
It does :o 2 weeks ago +1
A is gross 2 weeks ago  
SOunds fun 2 weeks ago  
Less people involved 2 weeks ago +1
S C O O T 2 weeks ago  
If I stop counting at 17 hopefully that means I die at 17 2 weeks ago +1
Aw sad finger ): 2 weeks ago +1
Yeah all the time 2 weeks ago  
They're both good looking 2 weeks ago  
): 2 weeks ago +1
Kriispy Kreame only has good glazed donuts. All their other donuts are sh*t. 2 weeks ago +2
that makes them gay 2 weeks ago  
yeet 2 weeks ago  
yes 2 weeks ago  
ok 2 weeks ago  
same ): 2 weeks ago +1
Idk. With it being kept from me as a kid and being told that it makes you stupid I kinda never was able to grow an interest in it. So I kinda just hate it because I don't understand it 2 weeks ago  
My parents kept it away from me as a child so I was never able to get into it ): 3 weeks ago  
cool 3 weeks ago +1
Yeet 3 weeks ago +1
ok 3 weeks ago +1
epic' 3 weeks ago +1
epic 3 weeks ago +1
Well they did eventually find out 3 weeks ago  
ew 3 weeks ago  
no 3 weeks ago  
die 3 weeks ago  
Ula brita 3 weeks ago +1
Feigi 3 weeks ago  
More useful 3 weeks ago  
I like his flow and his music way better than Uzi. Uzi is pretty good as well. Just nowhere near as good as X lol 3 weeks ago +1
cuz u made them 3 weeks ago  
yes stfu 3 weeks ago +1
stfu 3 weeks ago +1
hot 3 weeks ago  
stfu 3 weeks ago +1
stfu 3 weeks ago +1
stfu 3 weeks ago  
stfu 3 weeks ago +1
Yup lol 3 weeks ago +1
Way more useful 3 weeks ago  
I hate people that hate guests that hate gingers 3 weeks ago +3
This is a fact 3 weeks ago  
This has actually happened before and I picked it up LMAO 3 weeks ago  
yes 3 weeks ago +1
they are 3 weeks ago  
it's called Aprils fools because it's in April... 3 weeks ago +2
they are gay 3 weeks ago  
js 3 weeks ago  
daamn 3 weeks ago  
yes 3 weeks ago  
only when u make questions about it 3 weeks ago +1
not that one 3 weeks ago  
what's ur offer 3 weeks ago +1
yeet 3 weeks ago +1
I love Tom Macdonald 3 weeks ago  
cool 3 weeks ago +1
Cool question 3 weeks ago +1
ciik 3 weeks ago  
I'm actually watching Naruto now and I think Kakashi is pretty cool. IDk who B is 3 weeks ago +1
ok 3 weeks ago +1
It's their life dude. Unless it's a septum piercing, i'd rip it out. They aren't a bull 3 weeks ago +1
stop ur making me cry 3 weeks ago +1
This is true 3 weeks ago  
Duh 3 weeks ago  
Yeet 3 weeks ago  
a 3 weeks ago  
epic 3 weeks ago  
looks cool 3 weeks ago  
idk man im sowwy 3 weeks ago  
seems cool 3 weeks ago  
I actually haven't seen the matrix 3 weeks ago  
play csgo even after i die lets get it 3 weeks ago +1
yeah fck dogs 3 weeks ago +1
Duh 3 weeks ago +1
I'm outside more than I'm in the ocean 3 weeks ago +1
I already am lol 3 weeks ago +1
I love salt and vinegar 3 weeks ago  
cum 3 weeks ago +1
yes i do, can't run it though on my crappy laptop 3 weeks ago  
csgo is free now btw 3 weeks ago  
I would but I don't have a ps4 ;-; 3 weeks ago  
cool my name is glucose just so u know who added you, you play csgo? 3 weeks ago  
gimmie ur steam man 3 weeks ago +2
except you, i love u 4 weeks ago  
lmao 4 weeks ago  
me 4 weeks ago  
I would indeed 1 month ago  
I am female lol, it's just a joke 1 month ago  
LMAO 1 month ago  
I like to put hot sauce on these ones lol 1 month ago  
I hate B 1 month ago  
Yeet 1 month ago  
Yeet 1 month ago  
I spent $100+ to get it for my dad & brother for Christmas...wasn't worth it 1 month ago  
Hells yea 1 month ago  
Yellow m&m ugly af 1 month ago  
sure 1 month ago  
Awe..I hate dogs 1 month ago  
i love peanut flavor omg my pp hard 1 month ago  
thanks babe 1 month ago  
cooler cover lol 1 month ago  
I WANT OLD CHAT BACK ): 1 month ago  
I can actually run pretty fast. but I have underdeveloped lungs so I can't run for very long without feeling like I am going to die 1 month ago  
gay 1 month ago  
ok 1 month ago  
epic 1 month ago  
idk lol 1 month ago  
wait misclick i love dr phil m and m omg 1 month ago  
Wait this is actually sad wtf 1 month ago +2
It'll help my family out, plus I want a gaming PC and a new guitar lol 1 month ago  
xd 1 month ago  
tldr 1 month ago  
idk xd 1 month ago  
Haven't seen it 1 month ago  
Havent seen it, actually 1 month ago  
idk lol 1 month ago  
Plastic. It's always there and it'll help save the planet 1 month ago  
My parents are crazy when it comes to that, I'd most likely be thrown out. So of course I'd lie 1 month ago  
Sarah Palin is insane lol 1 month ago  
I aint gay 1 month ago  
It's beautiful 1 month ago  
MM 1 month ago  
I hate fruit soda, especially orange. YUCK 1 month ago  
Im both LOL 1 month ago  
the best 1 month ago +1
8. 1 month ago  
too lazy bub sowwy 1 month ago  
It's the right thing to do 1 month ago +1
y 1 month ago  
I am admin but I will not help 1 month ago  
I don't use dishwashers anyway 1 month ago +2
You aren't black, you're scottish 1 month ago +2
they're black 1 month ago  
Cancer runs in my family. I'm very likely to get it at some point. B will happen eventually 1 month ago +1
And? 1 month ago  
Less black 1 month ago +1
ew black people 1 month ago +1
Mexicans are nasty 1 month ago  
kill jews 1 month ago  
ok 1 month ago  
suyre 1 month ago  
epic 1 month ago  
Both are very epic 1 month ago  
I used to but they've dragged it on way too much and it just got so boring, 1 month ago +1
My parents aren't traditional at all so I have no idea. 1 month ago +1
yeah you did but it's also because you ate so much melon 1 month ago  
nope you're the watermelon eating jigga 1 month ago  
My bf tried to convince me to let him to it because he's too lazy to get a real job 1 month ago +2
thats creepy 1 month ago  
yeet 1 month ago +1
yeet 1 month ago +1
0 1 month ago  
https://i.imgur.com/n2hXFJq.png done that will be 83 dollars 1 month ago  
i was talking about chupa 1 month ago  
both nice 1 month ago  
i can do that for you 1 month ago  
I like the background 1 month ago  
die 1 month ago  
Easier to be hidden 1 month ago  
yes i told my brother his favorite bassist died lol 1 month ago  
idk 1 month ago  
I don't remember seeing it 1 month ago  
Idk 1 month ago  
idfk 1 month ago  
I hate Indians 1 month ago  
I actually like it a lot more than I expected when it first came out 1 month ago  
ee er 1 month ago  
yeet 1 month ago  
It'd be funny but I'm pretty sure you're an actual racist so it's not 1 month ago  
cooler hair 1 month ago  
GAY 1 month ago  
GAY 1 month ago  
Sure 1 month ago +1
More useful 1 month ago +1
better 1 month ago +1
haha epic 1 month ago +1
JUSTICE FOR PLUTO 1 month ago +2
hotter name 1 month ago +1
yea 1 month ago +1
mood 1 month ago +2
A s creepy to me 1 month ago +1
it looks cute 1 month ago  
yeet 1 month ago  
if you turned them on you'd probably learn proper grammar 1 month ago +1
i get distracted by them but i always turn them on anyway 1 month ago  
sodium or flashrex 1 month ago  
You're a nigger stfu 1 month ago +1
If you think an anime character looks better than an actual human you have very poor judgement and taste. 1 month ago +1
I only met one grandparent once and that was years ago. Not sure if she knows how to use one or not 1 month ago  
they look like men 1 month ago +1
i have a lot of good memes on there 1 month ago  
6 inch or larger, B is smaller than 6 inch. Really both might have worked 1 month ago  
No 1 month ago  
whatever faggot 1 month ago +1
ew 1 month ago  
it's for faggots 1 month ago +1
cease 1 month ago +3
yes they are 1 month ago +2
Always have been 1 month ago  
6 is fine, no larger though 1 month ago  
I'd rather date an actual man that doesn't look like a faggot 1 month ago +7
A Pagan Sagan 1 month ago  
Hates the Jews 1 month ago  
Edgy as f*** 1 month ago  
Retarded ass faggot 1 month ago +1
more epic gamer 1 month ago  
yes 2 months ago +1
yeet 2 months ago  
duh 2 months ago  
nop 2 months ago  
Good point. But the question isn't "is Johnny Depp a mentally handicapped celebrity?" It's asking if he'd be a good joker or not. 2 months ago  
Not even Joaquin Phoenix? 2 months ago  
How so? 2 months ago  
cooler 2 months ago  
easy 2 months ago  
thank 2 months ago  
LMAO 2 months ago  
literall 2 months ago  
that's so swee. you're my best friend to 2 months ago  
love yo 2 months ago  
im sorr 2 months ago  
cooler 2 months ago  
wha 2 months ago  
welcom 2 months ago  
Yeah, and then they keep doing it even after you compliment them' "I genuinely hate myself I'm not asking for compliments..." like fck off 2 months ago  
cheer up kid 2 months ago  
(: 2 months ago  
i was jokin 2 months ago  
yes 2 months ago  
B is the real thor 2 months ago  
i bet u dont even have an ex 2 months ago  
Go for it bro 2 months ago  
yes 2 months ago  
yes 2 months ago  
duh 2 months ago  
The bully: ilovefreedom, popular kid: gtc, and i'd be friends with no one bcuz i hate u all 2 months ago +1
I honestly hate when people don't like their looks and complain about it all the time to everyone. It's the most exhausting thing in the world 2 months ago  
lmao 2 months ago  
17 2 months ago  
I'll check later and I'll subscribe too (: 2 months ago +1
kys 2 months ago  
Obviously 2 months ago  
More useful 2 months ago  
All religion is bad 2 months ago  
epic 2 months ago  
Well duh 2 months ago  
Looks hot 2 months ago  
Less emo and more dominant :weary: 2 months ago  
We barely get snow here either. Been over ten years now. That's climate change for you. 2 months ago  
oh no im so scared 2 months ago  
damn that's pretty cool 2 months ago  
YES 2 months ago  
Better for enviroment 2 months ago  
Greta supports this message 2 months ago  
I'm not lazy 2 months ago  
What about hot chocolate? 2 months ago  
Only hot chocolate. I hate tea and I really hate coffee 2 months ago +1
Misclick. It's materialism, and it's retarded 2 months ago  
No 2 months ago  
thanks god I hate you 2 months ago  
Like a 6. I'm pretty mean so 2 months ago  
call the cops 2 months ago  
duh 2 months ago  
I hate carrots 2 months ago  
I'd rather not have a dog 2 months ago +1
I hate my home 2 months ago  
f*** u 2 months ago +1
stfu schizo 2 months ago  
Never A 2 months ago +1
Haven't seen B but I enjoyed A from what I saw 2 months ago  
A is retarded 2 months ago +1
Found it around this time five years ago then made an account in April 2 months ago  
I joke about everything and everyone. No one is safe. 2 months ago +1
Not usually 2 months ago  
If I can do miracles then I'd be able to do B 2 months ago  
Friends and the office. Those shows are the best 2 months ago  
wtf is B 2 months ago +1
hells yeah 2 months ago  
Not that I can remember 2 months ago  
f*** u 2 months ago  
looked bad 2 months ago  
idk 2 months ago  
didnt see it 2 months ago  
Teal 2 months ago  
God this song is so nostalgic 2 months ago  
Gordon Ramsay. B is pretty good too 2 months ago  
He's the ugliest creature to ever exist and he needs to be put down 2 months ago +4
yes 2 months ago  
yes 2 months ago  
A is retarded 2 months ago  
The only logical way to spend a day 2 months ago  
He is vert left wing. However, I'd rather have him as a president than any other candidate running right now. 3 months ago  
because they smell bad 3 months ago  
I love dairy queen 3 months ago  
Yayyy 3 months ago  
Ye 3 months ago  
nigg 3 months ago  
ok 3 months ago  
I don't want a pet. Never will. My boyfriend tried to break up with me because of it lmao 3 months ago  
A is like saying alittle 3 months ago +5
Ok elitist 3 months ago  
What freedom said 3 months ago  
I hate both 3 months ago  
A: being fat B: tranny 3 months ago  
delusional 3 months ago +1
Don't listen to either but I respect them 3 months ago +1
I have extremely disturbing dreams 3 months ago +1
Better purpose 3 months ago  
I hate ice age baby 3 months ago  
oragami 3 months ago +1
omg 3 months ago +1
It's sad that people feel like they aren't enough and never will be and just resort to suicide. There's a lot of reasons people kill themselves, but sometimes they're rapists or murderers who don't want to face their consequences. I have no pity for those people 3 months ago +1
Yes 3 months ago  
Raise taxes, especially on the rich. Use those taxes for college and medicare, not that hard 3 months ago +3
I am voting for him 3 months ago +2
lmao reminds me of that one bit Elyse from funhaus did as keira knightley 3 months ago  
idk 3 months ago  
Tiswbrfgfdu TRASh 3 months ago  
*sad up theme plays* 3 months ago  
u mean 0 3 months ago  
duh 3 months ago  
yay 3 months ago  
idk 3 months ago  
nvm, Summers here are like 120° and it burns 3 months ago +1
sure 3 months ago  
Yay 3 months ago  
duh 3 months ago  
yay 3 months ago  
B is gross 3 months ago +1
I'd love you no matter what 3 months ago  
Never, baby. I love you 3 months ago  
ily 3 months ago +2
duh 3 months ago  
Can't hear your surroundings 3 months ago  
Yup. Not flawlessly though. I do struggle with arm workouts 3 months ago  
yeet 3 months ago  
aw i'm sorry lmao. You don't look gay to me 3 months ago  
ok boomer 3 months ago +1
Nah 3 months ago  
I agree with his views. I think he should be our president 3 months ago +1
lol no 3 months ago +1
oh 3 months ago  
Oh that's neat 3 months ago  
I like theme songs 3 months ago  
Yuh 3 months ago  
I hate everything that has to do with Apple 3 months ago  
already in it 3 months ago  
Well duh 3 months ago  
I'm not a retard 3 months ago  
hi 3 months ago  
ok 3 months ago  
Yeah they should. You sure as hell aren't doing anything to change that. 3 months ago +2
Kill yourself 3 months ago  
k 3 months ago  
lol good i hope it's you irl too 3 months ago  
Who is it? 3 months ago  
You 3 months ago  
I hate A 3 months ago  
I'd hate to get blown up 3 months ago  
Wow bro that's crazy. But like...no one asked 3 months ago  
duhh 3 months ago  
I hate getting sick. It only happens twice a year, but I hate it. 3 months ago  
Yay 3 months ago  
ok retard 3 months ago  
yeet 3 months ago  
It's ok 3 months ago  
Yes pleaseee 3 months ago  
yeeet 3 months ago  
who tf does B 3 months ago  
It really is 3 months ago  
Yes please 3 months ago  
wtf is in the pic in B 3 months ago  
I like music 3 months ago  
easy 3 months ago  
lol 3 months ago  
Less drug addicts...hopefully 3 months ago  
fun 3 months ago  
B is weird 3 months ago  
Yeah A is just stupid 3 months ago  
both ass 3 months ago  
cum face 3 months ago  
cum face 3 months ago  
cum face 3 months ago  
makes me hard 3 months ago  
hot 3 months ago  
I'd exercise more then 3 months ago +1
duh 3 months ago +1
ahhhh ya 3 months ago  
Monster is gross, I like the taste of Red Bull, though 3 months ago  
idk either 3 months ago  
fun 3 months ago  
idc 3 months ago  
yuh 3 months ago  
Cooler 3 months ago  
what about nascar 3 months ago +1
skinny 3 months ago  
Brown eyes, brown hair, tan skin. 5'2. 3 months ago  
thicc 3 months ago  
nah she looks like a tweaker 3 months ago  
thicc 3 months ago +1
both gross 3 months ago  
Original, please homepage, Alex 3 months ago  
wait what 3 months ago +1
donkeh 3 months ago +1
Just ball it up lol 3 months ago  
Yuh, like 10 3 months ago  
You didn't come from the nutsack of Jesus Christ. He ain't your father. But whatever helps you sleep at night. 3 months ago +1
Epic 3 months ago  
hot 3 months ago  
gross 3 months ago  
B is just annoying 3 months ago  
yeet 3 months ago  
Doesn't rain often here 3 months ago  
Less likely to die 3 months ago  
k 3 months ago  
yeah I doubt it. But whatever helps you sleep at night, buddy 3 months ago  
Yayyy 3 months ago  
More useful 3 months ago  
Oh yeh 3 months ago  
I love you 3 months ago  
Either last night or this morning. Can't really remember tbh lol 3 months ago  
gross 3 months ago  
I don't want the coronavirus 3 months ago  
k 3 months ago  
"SaLtYpAnTs" 3 months ago  
Depends. I'm nice to most people but when people piss me off I'm doing whatever I can in my power to get my revenge. No matter how small it is. 3 months ago  
k 3 months ago  
Free food dude, hell yeah 3 months ago +1
Xbox is gay 3 months ago  
ok 3 months ago  
Normal people 3 months ago  
yeet 3 months ago  
both disgusting 3 months ago  
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