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Population one in my excuse for a bedroom

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Obama's last name is Joe Mama or Care 5 days ago 54 votes 12 comments 0 likes
What's gayer? Anime or An actual gay person 5 days ago 66 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Do You Like This Poem I Wrote? Yes or No 1 week ago 37 votes 16 comments 0 likes
If you all vote for me as America's next president I will give you free ice cream *VOTES* or *VOTES BUT IN B* 3 weeks ago 42 votes 16 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be A gay trap or A trapped gay 2 months ago 79 votes 22 comments 0 likes
Better song lyric? The birds all died and the trees caught fire and the government, it called us crazy. We built a big world, then we watched it all burn cause the television made us lazy or The babies all cry as the scientists try but the politicians keep on screaming 2 months ago 47 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Do you think I should have gotten the $2? (read desc.) Yes or No 2 months ago 40 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Have the ability to warp at will in any Universe you want, even fictional ones or alternate timelines of ours. or Get to live in any fictional realm of your choosing and develop any relevant powers or abilities. 161 votes 213 comments 1 like
Would you rather Gain the ability to heal anyone on the Earth of anything including death. But you become religious or Have all the technology you want, but you can't have wi-fi and you become religious. 165 votes 139 comments 1 like
Would you rather Have the ability to read and control peoples minds or Gain very powerful and exact Telekinetic powers. 88,657 votes 648 comments 3 likes
Would you rather Have the ability to swap genders whenever you want or Have the ability to change your age whenever you want 239,530 votes 1,405 comments 18 likes
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KoreanJesus has posted the following comments:

Ok boomer 21 hours ago  
duh 21 hours ago  
0 21 hours ago +1
you are gay 3 days ago  
bruh 3 days ago  
aw mann 5 days ago  
Neither of these. I think you need some social interaction from people in real life 5 days ago  
send me fat 5 days ago  
i hope they die 5 days ago  
vibe chek 5 days ago  
Obama Joe Mama 5 days ago  
It's Joe mama 5 days ago  
mood 5 days ago  
i did 5 days ago +1
thats what i do to ur mom 5 days ago +1
gay 5 days ago  
accept my steam request uwu, it's glucose 5 days ago  
omg claude i missed u 5 days ago  
yuh 5 days ago  
what supersaiyanfag said 5 days ago  
mood 5 days ago  
yeet 5 days ago  
gay 5 days ago  
You have become my favorite user 5 days ago +1
Already do B and I hate it. I work with cool people but a lot of customers are entitled old people who think they're better than me because they have a "real job" 5 days ago  
Hell yeah 5 days ago  
Hot 5 days ago  
ok virgin 5 days ago +1
yeet 5 days ago +1
Hell yeah 5 days ago +1
lmaooo 5 days ago +1
A was aliens 5 days ago +2
Can I help? 5 days ago +1
ghay 5 days ago  
lmao 5 days ago +1
yeet 5 days ago  
I've been here almost 5 oh no virgin alert 5 days ago +1
yeets 5 days ago  
gay 6 days ago +2
duh 6 days ago +1
Good question 6 days ago +1
shut up loser you aren't cool 6 days ago  
Thank you guest from Washington, United States 1 week ago  
I think about it all the time 1 week ago  
Don't do it man, it ain't worth it. Make an account and DM me so we can talk, alright? 1 week ago  
So was mine tf 1 week ago  
my gucci pants are covered in poo ): 1 week ago +1
Done https://docs.google.com/document/d/1z0kp2pVqSfzvQFHBkEpkFC2j58oETjy79wkPRaC9KDs/edit?usp=sharing 1 week ago  
It's a fat, hot, steamy, sloppy, wet heap of sh*t 1 week ago +1
it's soo bad 1 week ago +1
i dont wanna come 1 week ago  
Says the one telling a dead website they're a muff muncher 1 week ago +1
Faggot lol 1 week ago +1
omg 1 week ago  
ShadowQueer was Queer all along!! 1 week ago  
Mood 1 week ago  
Duh 1 week ago  
132 idk why it wasn't taking greenland or iceland 1 week ago  
NO 1 week ago  
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_W7KaAtYquo 1 week ago +1
Merica 1 week ago +1
Nah nah' 1 week ago  
YSSESE 1 week ago  
B reminds me of that persian cat 1 week ago  
He's hot 1 week ago  
gae 1 week ago  
Cuz she's a libtard 1 week ago  
Obviously 1 week ago  
ok 1 week ago +1
Heil 1 week ago  
yay 1 week ago +1
hot 1 week ago +1
https://i.ytimg.com/vi/MsPqvmh8bKU/hqdefault.jpg now give me likes 1 week ago +1
bruh 1 week ago +2
Duh 1 week ago +1
xd 1 week ago +1
mm 1 week ago +1
gae 1 week ago +1
cant get addicted if i never clicked it 1 week ago +1
nasty 1 week ago +1
u cheated on the election and u know it 1 week ago +2
Too young 1 week ago +1
It's depressing 1 week ago +1
Love both but X has more songs I enjoy 1 week ago +1
lol 1 week ago  
add me 1 week ago  
you? 1 week ago  
duh 1 week ago  
Always do 1 week ago  
no 1 week ago +1
duh 1 week ago +1
So i can speak to the mexicans in my country 1 week ago +2
A is a virgin 1 week ago +1
duh 1 week ago +1
ok 2 weeks ago  
I'm loyal to Sodium 2 weeks ago  
This site isn't active enough to have 87 votes. 2 weeks ago  
My uterus gets moist for Hitler 2 weeks ago  
Haven't played much of either 2 weeks ago  
omg 2 weeks ago  
jesus 2 weeks ago  
I think both are good. I didn't read until after I voted like a dumbass but I choose B because it's important to save the planet 2 weeks ago  
Frisk wants me 2 weeks ago  
Palm to palm 2 weeks ago  
no 2 weeks ago +1
ikr 2 weeks ago +1
what satan said 2 weeks ago  
LMAO 2 weeks ago +1
rigged 2 weeks ago +1
no 2 weeks ago  
thank u 2 weeks ago  
yes 2 weeks ago  
I do too, however you have to search my old alias Mindlesspie, a lot of things come up 3 weeks ago  
it's private 3 weeks ago  
VoTE FOR ME 3 weeks ago  
Proof you voted 3 weeks ago +1
Proof you voted sir 3 weeks ago  
I'm sorry, it's making it easier for me to win in the long run doe 3 weeks ago  
if this does not work i will use my alts to rig the votes 3 weeks ago +2
B gay 3 weeks ago +1
duh 3 weeks ago  
If I'm B I will be twig 3 weeks ago  
ye 3 weeks ago  
I drink this thing called milk 3 weeks ago  
ok nerd 3 weeks ago  
B ghay 3 weeks ago  
moves like jaguar 3 weeks ago  
B is too Muslim 3 weeks ago +2
A is too poor 3 weeks ago +1
All hail the igloo king 3 weeks ago  
Excuse me sir 3 weeks ago  
Obviously 3 weeks ago +1
Build the wall! 3 weeks ago +1
the best 3 weeks ago +1
retard 3 weeks ago  
hitler 3 weeks ago +1
I think about not thinking 3 weeks ago  
contacting my poop dealer brb 3 weeks ago +2
duh? 3 weeks ago +1
oop wrong answer frick I meant a 4 weeks ago  
yeah it's not very accurate though 4 weeks ago +4
Perfect 4 weeks ago  
Not at all. Yet I do it all the time 4 weeks ago  
I love that 4 weeks ago +1
it's really not 4 weeks ago  
it's a me 4 weeks ago +1
you don't have to be straight to find either attractive. I'm a straight female but find I lot of girls to be beautiful 4 weeks ago +1
who's b 4 weeks ago  
cool 4 weeks ago +1
lol 4 weeks ago  
neither 4 weeks ago +1
Cooler 4 weeks ago +1
yuh 4 weeks ago  
yuh 4 weeks ago  
duh 4 weeks ago  
nice 4 weeks ago +1
More important 4 weeks ago +1
epic 1 month ago  
Nah 1 month ago  
men who piss and sh*t are gods 1 month ago +1
duh 1 month ago +1
who tf does A 1 month ago  
nice 1 month ago +1
epic 1 month ago  
yuh 1 month ago  
Aww, no it won't. You're beautiful 1 month ago  
Samsung is a better phone overall 1 month ago +2
A is how mass shootings happen 1 month ago +1
im a girl 1 month ago  
epic 1 month ago  
ion know 1 month ago  
ok 1 month ago  
Hell yeah 1 month ago  
yes 1 month ago  
15 1 month ago  
Not yet, but I have lost my e virginity ): 1 month ago  
i have woman pp 1 month ago  
I work at dairy queen and there's a dunkin donuts next door. This would be perfect 1 month ago  
Clinical psychologist or marine biologist 1 month ago  
why would you 1 month ago  
he's annoying 1 month ago  
duh 1 month ago  
yuh 1 month ago  
ebic 1 month ago  
nice pfp 1 month ago  
when the horse rides you 1 month ago +2
Add me 1 month ago  
I don't cry around people 1 month ago  
mmm 1 month ago  
epic 1 month ago  
alexw sexually assualted me as a young lassie 1 month ago  
hugh hugh hugh 1 month ago  
ommg 1 month ago  
3's look cooler 1 month ago  
I feel more comfortable home alone than when there's people here 1 month ago +1
in a giant cheese ball 1 month ago  
sure 1 month ago  
A is overrated tbh 1 month ago  
duh 1 month ago  
epic 1 month ago  
gotta watch that porn 1 month ago  
we don't care what you look like, you're still a lummox 1 month ago +2
anyone but B 1 month ago  
i ate the first poptart 1 month ago  
sorry 1 month ago  
aight 1 month ago +1
already am 1 month ago  
It's called mother nature for a reason my guy 1 month ago +3
It's real. It's an ice cream bar. I've tried it before, very good. You might be able to find it in some stores 1 month ago  
Both are different so you can't really compare. Oreo with Chips Ahoy would be better or Ritz with Saltines 1 month ago +1
Depends on the explanation but most likely yes 1 month ago  
ikr 1 month ago  
Yeah :/ you need like 1k views per video and need to release a certain amount of videos in a month 1 month ago  
No. I have joined networks which I thought could help me make money, but since I didn't reach requirements they dropped me after a few months. I made about 10 or so bucks off of YouTube, but was never able to claim it because you need to reach $100 before you could do so, and now I never will be able to because of their new monitziation rules, I am far from what they require, and will most likely never have a successful YouTube career, so I basically gave up. 1 month ago  
Shyness is fear 1 month ago  
stonks 1 month ago  
i followed 1 month ago +1
name? 1 month ago  
ok 1 month ago +1
happy birthday, just fail the test lol 1 month ago +1
epiiic 1 month ago +1
cuz u ghay 1 month ago  
Yup :/ 1 month ago  
I'm not too liberal though, like SJW's. I hate every thing about SJW's. I'm more libertarian 1 month ago +2
because you act like a virgin 1 month ago  
Only because I'm not allowed to date 1 month ago  
fax 1 month ago  
ok 1 month ago  
n0t 1 month ago  
hot 1 month ago +1
yuh 1 month ago +1
yess 1 month ago +1
yes i'm underweight ): 1 month ago  
hot 1 month ago  
neither 1 month ago +1
ged 1 month ago  
yuh 1 month ago  
It makes sense 1 month ago  
yuh 1 month ago  
not surprised 1 month ago  
never had one 1 month ago  
of course 1 month ago  
yes 1 month ago  
You can use it and not post pics of yourself lol 1 month ago +1
add me: glucosegarbage 1 month ago +1
yeet 1 month ago  
yes 1 month ago  
B;s food is trasg 1 month ago  
Love this movie 1 month ago +1
happy for you guys, hope it will be like this for me one day too 1 month ago +1
asshat 2 months ago  
For sure 2 months ago  
As much as I wish for both, it wouldn't be great for anyone 2 months ago +1
duh 2 months ago +1
already have 2 months ago  
he thic 2 months ago  
yee 2 months ago +1
die 2 months ago +1
hey scotty 2 months ago +1
baguette 2 months ago  
different 2 months ago  
obviously, he can double the attack, which is epic 2 months ago  
extremely retarded 2 months ago  
lmao 2 months ago +1
i love both but molasses is fluffier 2 months ago +1
Analog clocks are cool too 2 months ago  
sure 2 months ago +1
saw ed, clicked ed 2 months ago +1
mmm 2 months ago  
fax 2 months ago +1
lol 2 months ago +1
Cooler 2 months ago +1
yuh 2 months ago  
not black 2 months ago +1
REEE 2 months ago +1
Yeah I have tons of homework, getting it done now though 2 months ago  
loser 2 months ago +1
Nothing wrong with that, if they get pissy that's their fault 2 months ago  
screw everyone else 2 months ago +2
I love it 2 months ago  
ghay 2 months ago +2
ew 2 months ago  
Always 2 months ago  
I'm in one, dating a white boi 2 months ago +1
You're a loser if you would suck face with a cartoon character 2 months ago  
lmao 2 months ago +2
sure 2 months ago  
ur missin out 2 months ago  
more money 2 months ago  
mood 2 months ago +1
u arent wrong 2 months ago +1
omg i knew heath ledger wasn't dead 2 months ago +1
also, be careful on putting a pic of you on this site, someone took mine and made multiple accounts commenting dumb sh*t 2 months ago +1
heath legend is that you? 2 months ago +1
i do it a lot 2 months ago  
booow 2 months ago  
sweet home alabama 2 months ago  
if you don't believe me just ask my kids 2 months ago  
makes me whet 2 months ago +1
hot 2 months ago +1
duh 2 months ago +1
omg ur lesbian? i thought you were american 2 months ago +1
only one i've seen is seven deadly sins, pretty good, gotta finish season 1 2 months ago  
minecraft 2 months ago +1
sounds fun 2 months ago  
h 2 months ago +1
niba got four eyes 2 months ago +1
basically spiderman or batman 2 months ago +3
got that gucci on my body now she tryna pipe me woo 2 months ago +1
h 2 months ago +1
only anime ive seen, watching it with my boyfriend. still on season 1 2 months ago +1
both, my brother is a naturally talented artist,i could be too if i took the time 2 months ago  
yours are literally "what girl is cuter". I think I have the upper hand 2 months ago +4
what's wrong with dwarfs 2 months ago  
Most likely 2 months ago +1
yes and no, mostly no 2 months ago  
More interesting 2 months ago  
Get a license 2 months ago  
and kick the gun out the nibbas hand 2 months ago +1
u cray cray 2 months ago +1
Just because something is rare doesn't mean it can't happen 2 months ago  
Obviously 2 months ago +1
stfu only i can bully her 2 months ago +2
and the pain of labor, not looking forward to that 2 months ago  
You only have to pay it if you aren't married or divorced, and sometimes women have to pay it too. But even if you aren't married or divorced, then you won't have to pay it. It's hard to really explain but just because a woman has a baby with a guy who doesn't want it, it's not always the case that he needs to, it's really a court decision 2 months ago  
that and i'm just scared i won't be a good parent 2 months ago  
epic 2 months ago  
i ain't no furry 2 months ago  
pretty eyes 2 months ago  
sure? 2 months ago +1
wtf are u a furry or something smh 2 months ago +1
uranus 2 months ago  
obviously 2 months ago +1
can you please stop 2 months ago  
now i can finally achieve cock and ball torture 2 months ago  
fax 2 months ago +1
anything better than a 2 months ago +1
both dweebs 2 months ago  
It's not if he forces his semen in you, my aunt got pregnant from rape and couldn't abort it because it was illegal. 2 months ago  
k 2 months ago +1
not gonna show a on youtube 2 months ago +1
sad 2 months ago  
already know both 2 months ago  
duh? 2 months ago  
the new minecraft update has bees 2 months ago  
I am a terrible singer 2 months ago  
he quirky 2 months ago  
hot 2 months ago  
duh 2 months ago  
they can wipe my nose with their sleeve for all I care 2 months ago  
omg 2 months ago  
mood 2 months ago  
Facebook under 100 instagram over 100 and youtube over 1000 2 months ago  
It's called rape. 2 months ago  
Well the woman didn't ask to get pregnant 2 months ago  
ikr 2 months ago  
my llama in minecraft is named Quasimodo 2 months ago  
show the pp 2 months ago  
of course 2 months ago  
I smile a lot but when I don't the customers are like "smile" and it pisses me off 2 months ago  
im not even a liberal if youre gonna steal someone's pictures and say sh*t like this at least say it about someone who actually believes these things 2 months ago  
I hate Mexicans, actually 2 months ago  
my boyfriend is litterally white. 2 months ago  
in high school 2 months ago  
they tell me at my job 2 months ago +1
never A 2 months ago  
anyone who doesn't love chicken nuggets can go die in a hole 2 months ago  
It's funny because I asked for your script just so I could blacklist him. I unblocked now but I'll probably do it again 2 months ago +1
idc im not british 2 months ago  
it's pretty funny doe 2 months ago +1
Never A 2 months ago  
Gross 2 months ago +1
ok just dont do sodium cuz wife 2 months ago  
He's a cunt so probably not so well 2 months ago +1
Had one this morning 2 months ago  
Personally for me I just find it funny, but there are boundaries sometimes 2 months ago +2
In possibility #569,142, Ant Man aims for the wrong anus, instead of entering Thanos', he enters captain marvels, played by extreme feminist Brie Larson. Her last words were "that's sexual assault you sexist pig". Scott (Ant-Man), played by famous actor Paul Rudd, expands. Brie's organs explode and she dies. 2 months ago +3
I play guitar but I'm not that great at it so at least this will help with that 2 months ago +1
u have no culture go crash a plane into a building or something 2 months ago +1
first time i agree with you 2 months ago  
I'm happy 2 months ago +1
probably because we're married now but we're still better than A 2 months ago +1
we are the best 2 months ago  
lies smh 2 months ago +1
on ur question like a week ago niba 2 months ago +1
I understand them more 2 months ago  
Nah 2 months ago  
h 2 months ago  
sure 2 months ago  
Maybe it'll make me more attractive 2 months ago +1
Of course 2 months ago  
A is a lil b*tch 2 months ago  
either way I'm dead 2 months ago  
Winter 2 months ago  
Tiger epic pet 2 months ago  
"i DoN't LiStEn To RaP" 2 months ago +1
Schism by Tool 2 months ago  
duh 2 months ago  
cute 2 months ago  
mood 2 months ago  
lmao 2 months ago  
My dad and brother eat extremely loud 2 months ago  
congratulations 2 months ago  
not cringy 2 months ago +1
no one cares 2 months ago  
B is like rap metal 2 months ago  
imagine thinking toilet humor is funny 2 months ago  
its in studies but ok 2 months ago +1
Sadly, no 2 months ago  
Women and men can have anxiety, it's not just a woman thing, women, however, have it more. But not everyone does. 2 months ago +1
been here 4 years, you've been here 8 days. Get a life loser 2 months ago +2
I don't even like minorities 2 months ago  
I'm getting alex to ban you 2 months ago +2
u got me 2 months ago  
and im a girl numb nuts 2 months ago  
no 2 months ago  
stfu retard 2 months ago  
well then you're a dumbass 2 months ago  
everyone knows my name 2 months ago  
when we all fall ashleep where do we go 2 months ago  
Who tf does B 2 months ago  
Love this 2 months ago  
Hell yea 2 months ago +1
Reduce, reuse, recycle 2 months ago  
Trump 2 months ago  
A is scotland and B is flordia 2 months ago  
Still didn't do anything to serve customers, no one even bought cakes yesterday smh 2 months ago  
beautiful 2 months ago  
ok 2 months ago  
why? i work hard and she does nothing 2 months ago  
More minty 2 months ago  
Duh *bad guy melody plays* 2 months ago +3
The coworker that got more always splits it evenly, I know the manager gave me one because she doesn't like me and I told my boss 2 months ago +1
stop using gay quotes, josh 2 months ago  
i remember, it's josh 2 months ago  
i forgot ur real name 2 months ago  
stop using gay quotes, jrob 2 months ago  
and that's a fact 2 months ago  
gay 2 months ago  
heat makes me depresso 2 months ago +1
and that's a fact 2 months ago  
epic 2 months ago  
I don't want to know the future 2 months ago  
jimmy neutron 2 months ago  
ur bf ugly lol 2 months ago +1
This is becoming way too much of an issue and it's mostly because of black people 2 months ago +4
and what does that have to do with u being 15? don't be such a dumbass, lauren, i know ur better than this 2 months ago  
We have a lease 2 months ago  
Too busy 2 months ago  
yuh 2 months ago  
2spooky4me 2 months ago +1
Absolutely. I'm starting to think it's a racial issue at this point. 2 months ago +5
nah 2 months ago  
lol 2 months ago  
same 2 months ago  
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