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My parents aren't traditional at all so I have no idea. 16 hours ago +1
yeah you did but it's also because you ate so much melon 23 hours ago  
nope you're the watermelon eating jigga 23 hours ago  
minus 4 23 hours ago +2
My bf tried to convince me to let him to it because he's too lazy to get a real job 23 hours ago +1
thats creepy 23 hours ago  
yeet 23 hours ago +1
yeet 23 hours ago +1
0 23 hours ago  
https://i.imgur.com/n2hXFJq.png done that will be 83 dollars 23 hours ago  
i was talking about chupa 23 hours ago  
both nice 23 hours ago  
i can do that for you 23 hours ago  
I like the background 23 hours ago  
die 23 hours ago  
Easier to be hidden 23 hours ago  
yes i told my brother his favorite bassist died lol 23 hours ago  
idk 23 hours ago  
I don't remember seeing it 23 hours ago  
Idk 23 hours ago  
idfk 23 hours ago  
I hate Indians 23 hours ago  
I actually like it a lot more than I expected when it first came out 23 hours ago  
ee er 23 hours ago  
yeet 23 hours ago  
It'd be funny but I'm pretty sure you're an actual racist so it's not 23 hours ago  
cooler hair 23 hours ago  
GAY 23 hours ago  
GAY 23 hours ago  
Sure 23 hours ago +1
More useful 23 hours ago +1
better 23 hours ago +1
please 23 hours ago +1
haha epic 23 hours ago +1
JUSTICE FOR PLUTO 23 hours ago +2
hotter name 23 hours ago +1
yea 23 hours ago +1
mood 23 hours ago +2
A s creepy to me 23 hours ago +1
it looks cute 23 hours ago  
yeet 23 hours ago  
if you turned them on you'd probably learn proper grammar 23 hours ago  
i get distracted by them but i always turn them on anyway 1 day ago  
sodium or flashrex 1 day ago  
i bet your 2 inch punisher is rock hard and throbbing looking at these pictures 1 day ago +3
You're a nigger stfu 1 day ago +1
If you think an anime character looks better than an actual human you have very poor judgement and taste. 1 day ago +1
I only met one grandparent once and that was years ago. Not sure if she knows how to use one or not 1 day ago  
they look like men 1 day ago +1
i have a lot of good memes on there 1 day ago  
6 inch or larger, B is smaller than 6 inch. Really both might have worked 1 day ago  
No 1 day ago  
whatever faggot 1 day ago +1
ew 3 days ago  
it's for faggots 3 days ago +1
cease 3 days ago +2
yes they are 3 days ago +1
obviously 3 days ago  
Always have been 3 days ago  
6 is fine, no larger though 3 days ago  
I'd rather date an actual man that doesn't look like a faggot 3 days ago +6
A Pagan Sagan 6 days ago  
Hates the Jews 6 days ago  
Edgy as f*** 6 days ago  
Retarded ass faggot 6 days ago +1
more epic gamer 6 days ago  
yes 1 week ago  
yeet 1 week ago  
duh 1 week ago  
nop 1 week ago  
Good point. But the question isn't "is Johnny Depp a mentally handicapped celebrity?" It's asking if he'd be a good joker or not. 1 week ago  
Not even Joaquin Phoenix? 1 week ago  
How so? 1 week ago  
cooler 2 weeks ago  
easy 3 weeks ago  
thank 3 weeks ago  
LMAO 3 weeks ago  
literall 3 weeks ago  
that's so swee. you're my best friend to 3 weeks ago  
love yo 3 weeks ago  
im sorr 3 weeks ago  
cooler 3 weeks ago  
wha 3 weeks ago  
welcom 3 weeks ago  
Yeah, and then they keep doing it even after you compliment them' "I genuinely hate myself I'm not asking for compliments..." like fck off 3 weeks ago  
cheer up kid 3 weeks ago  
(: 3 weeks ago  
i was jokin 3 weeks ago  
yes 3 weeks ago  
B is the real thor 3 weeks ago  
i bet u dont even have an ex 3 weeks ago  
Go for it bro 3 weeks ago  
yes 3 weeks ago  
yes 3 weeks ago  
duh 3 weeks ago  
The bully: ilovefreedom, popular kid: gtc, and i'd be friends with no one bcuz i hate u all 3 weeks ago +1
I honestly hate when people don't like their looks and complain about it all the time to everyone. It's the most exhausting thing in the world 3 weeks ago  
lmao 3 weeks ago  
17 3 weeks ago  
I'll check later and I'll subscribe too (: 3 weeks ago +1
kys 3 weeks ago  
Obviously 3 weeks ago  
More useful 3 weeks ago  
All religion is bad 3 weeks ago  
epic 3 weeks ago  
Well duh 3 weeks ago  
Looks hot 3 weeks ago  
Less emo and more dominant :weary: 3 weeks ago  
We barely get snow here either. Been over ten years now. That's climate change for you. 4 weeks ago  
oh no im so scared 4 weeks ago  
damn that's pretty cool 4 weeks ago  
YES 4 weeks ago  
Better for enviroment 4 weeks ago  
Greta supports this message 4 weeks ago  
I'm not lazy 4 weeks ago  
What about hot chocolate? 4 weeks ago  
Only hot chocolate. I hate tea and I really hate coffee 4 weeks ago +1
Misclick. It's materialism, and it's retarded 4 weeks ago  
No 4 weeks ago  
thanks god I hate you 4 weeks ago  
Like a 6. I'm pretty mean so 4 weeks ago  
call the cops 4 weeks ago  
duh 4 weeks ago  
I hate carrots 4 weeks ago  
I'd rather not have a dog 4 weeks ago +1
I hate my home 4 weeks ago  
f*** u 4 weeks ago +1
stfu schizo 4 weeks ago  
Never A 4 weeks ago +1
oh no misclick 4 weeks ago  
Haven't seen B but I enjoyed A from what I saw 4 weeks ago  
A is retarded 4 weeks ago +1
Found it around this time five years ago then made an account in April 4 weeks ago  
I joke about everything and everyone. No one is safe. 4 weeks ago +1
Not usually 4 weeks ago  
If I can do miracles then I'd be able to do B 4 weeks ago  
Friends and the office. Those shows are the best 4 weeks ago  
wtf is B 4 weeks ago +1
hells yeah 4 weeks ago  
Not that I can remember 4 weeks ago  
f*** u 4 weeks ago  
looked bad 4 weeks ago  
idk 4 weeks ago  
didnt see it 4 weeks ago  
Teal 1 month ago  
God this song is so nostalgic 1 month ago  
Gordon Ramsay. B is pretty good too 1 month ago  
He's the ugliest creature to ever exist and he needs to be put down 1 month ago +4
yes 1 month ago  
yes 1 month ago  
A is retarded 1 month ago  
The only logical way to spend a day 1 month ago  
He is vert left wing. However, I'd rather have him as a president than any other candidate running right now. 1 month ago  
because they smell bad 1 month ago  
I love dairy queen 1 month ago  
Yayyy 1 month ago  
Ye 1 month ago  
nigg 1 month ago  
ok 1 month ago  
I don't want a pet. Never will. My boyfriend tried to break up with me because of it lmao 1 month ago  
A is like saying alittle 1 month ago +5
Ok elitist 1 month ago  
What freedom said 1 month ago  
I hate both 1 month ago  
A: being fat B: tranny 1 month ago  
delusional 1 month ago +1
Don't listen to either but I respect them 1 month ago +1
I have extremely disturbing dreams 1 month ago +1
Better purpose 1 month ago  
I hate ice age baby 1 month ago  
oragami 1 month ago +1
omg 1 month ago +1
It's sad that people feel like they aren't enough and never will be and just resort to suicide. There's a lot of reasons people kill themselves, but sometimes they're rapists or murderers who don't want to face their consequences. I have no pity for those people 1 month ago +1
Yes 1 month ago  
Raise taxes, especially on the rich. Use those taxes for college and medicare, not that hard 1 month ago +3
I am voting for him 1 month ago +2
lmao reminds me of that one bit Elyse from funhaus did as keira knightley 1 month ago  
idk 1 month ago  
Tiswbrfgfdu TRASh 1 month ago  
*sad up theme plays* 1 month ago  
u mean 0 1 month ago  
duh 1 month ago  
yay 1 month ago  
idk 1 month ago  
nvm, Summers here are like 120° and it burns 1 month ago +1
sure 1 month ago  
Yay 1 month ago  
duh 1 month ago  
yay 1 month ago  
B is gross 1 month ago +1
I'd love you no matter what 1 month ago  
Never, baby. I love you 1 month ago  
Pretty obvious 1 month ago  
ily 1 month ago +2
duh 1 month ago  
Can't hear your surroundings 1 month ago  
Yup. Not flawlessly though. I do struggle with arm workouts 1 month ago  
yeet 1 month ago  
aw i'm sorry lmao. You don't look gay to me 1 month ago  
ok boomer 1 month ago +1
Nah 1 month ago  
I agree with his views. I think he should be our president 1 month ago +1
lol no 1 month ago +1
oh 1 month ago  
Oh that's neat 1 month ago  
I like theme songs 1 month ago  
Yuh 1 month ago  
I hate everything that has to do with Apple 1 month ago  
already in it 1 month ago  
Well duh 1 month ago  
I'm not a retard 1 month ago  
hi 1 month ago  
ok 1 month ago  
Yeah they should. You sure as hell aren't doing anything to change that. 1 month ago +2
Kill yourself 1 month ago  
k 1 month ago  
lol good i hope it's you irl too 1 month ago  
Who is it? 1 month ago  
You 1 month ago  
I hate A 1 month ago  
I'd hate to get blown up 1 month ago  
Wow bro that's crazy. But like...no one asked 1 month ago  
duhh 1 month ago  
I hate getting sick. It only happens twice a year, but I hate it. 1 month ago  
Yay 1 month ago  
ok retard 1 month ago  
yeet 1 month ago  
It's ok 1 month ago  
Yes pleaseee 1 month ago  
yeeet 1 month ago  
who tf does B 1 month ago  
It really is 1 month ago  
Yes please 1 month ago  
wtf is in the pic in B 1 month ago  
I like music 1 month ago  
easy 1 month ago  
lol 1 month ago  
Less drug addicts...hopefully 1 month ago  
fun 1 month ago  
B is weird 1 month ago  
Yeah A is just stupid 1 month ago  
both ass 1 month ago  
cum face 1 month ago  
cum face 1 month ago  
cum face 1 month ago  
makes me hard 1 month ago  
hot 1 month ago  
I'd exercise more then 1 month ago +1
duh 1 month ago  
ahhhh ya 1 month ago  
Monster is gross, I like the taste of Red Bull, though 1 month ago  
idk either 1 month ago  
fun 1 month ago  
idc 1 month ago  
yuh 1 month ago  
Cooler 1 month ago  
what about nascar 1 month ago  
skinny 1 month ago  
Brown eyes, brown hair, tan skin. 5'2. 1 month ago  
thicc 1 month ago  
nah she looks like a tweaker 1 month ago  
thicc 1 month ago +1
both gross 1 month ago  
Original, please homepage, Alex 1 month ago  
wait what 1 month ago +1
donkeh 1 month ago +1
Just ball it up lol 1 month ago  
Yuh, like 10 1 month ago  
You didn't come from the nutsack of Jesus Christ. He ain't your father. But whatever helps you sleep at night. 1 month ago +1
Epic 1 month ago  
hot 1 month ago  
gross 1 month ago  
B is just annoying 1 month ago  
yeet 1 month ago  
Doesn't rain often here 1 month ago  
Less likely to die 1 month ago  
k 1 month ago  
yeah I doubt it. But whatever helps you sleep at night, buddy 1 month ago  
Yayyy 1 month ago  
More useful 1 month ago  
Oh yeh 1 month ago  
I love you 1 month ago  
Either last night or this morning. Can't really remember tbh lol 1 month ago  
gross 1 month ago  
I don't want the coronavirus 1 month ago  
k 1 month ago  
"SaLtYpAnTs" 1 month ago  
Depends. I'm nice to most people but when people piss me off I'm doing whatever I can in my power to get my revenge. No matter how small it is. 1 month ago  
k 1 month ago  
Free food dude, hell yeah 1 month ago  
Xbox is gay 1 month ago  
ok 1 month ago  
Normal people 1 month ago  
yeet 1 month ago  
both disgusting 1 month ago  
Wtf is B 1 month ago  
Interesting way to name tic tac toe 1 month ago +1
A is boring 1 month ago  
both gay 1 month ago  
uwu 1 month ago  
I don't go outside much. 1 month ago  
All the time. I'd even have dreams I was at work. Not supposed to be asleep on the job, so my brain would wake myself up at 2am ): 1 month ago +1
yeet 1 month ago  
both gay 1 month ago  
It's an ugly dog 1 month ago +1
Alex is a cunt 1 month ago +1
I'd kms if A were to ever happen to me 1 month ago  
no 1 month ago  
Don't really wanna die 1 month ago  
Not sure 1 month ago  
It's who I'm voting for anyway 1 month ago  
A is a pedophile 1 month ago  
I hate every human living in South Dakota rn 1 month ago  
I don't like girls 1 month ago  
I chicken nuggies often, so this would be a nice surprise. 1 month ago  
You're moronic 1 month ago  
Yus 1 month ago  
Yeah and that's normal 1 month ago +1
ur rly skinny doe 1 month ago  
I try but I'm poor 1 month ago  
Anorexic is a mental disorder, not necessarily a body type. But ye 1 month ago  
ew ur young, and my bday is two days after yours 1 month ago  
Depends on the person tbh 1 month ago +2
lol 1 month ago  
look it up 1 month ago  
actually no, I really need to gain weight cuz I'm like 94 lbs and 5'2 1 month ago  
pcmr 1 month ago +2
i said no loopholes 1 month ago  
Ahh, that was you? Thank you so much. Why don't you apply for employment here at Toez Inc. 1 month ago +1
2002. I turn 18 in May 1 month ago +1
ok boomer 1 month ago  
Don't support Trump or most of his beliefs but I'm not really that engulfed in politics so tbh I'm indifferent 1 month ago  
I'm the CEO of toes 1 month ago  
LMAO 1 month ago  
Gross 1 month ago  
omg i almost puked 1 month ago  
I like my home 1 month ago  
you're my new favorite user 1 month ago +2
wings 1 month ago +1
I love fries, but I wouldn't be able to do A 1 month ago  
I love chicken nuggets 1 month ago  
Original hamburgers on almost every fast food menu really only consist of ketchup mustard and pickles. Just how I like my burger. Kinda wish it had cheese though 1 month ago +1
I used to work with a furry. She was actually pretty chill but some of the furry stuff was a little cringe. Talented at drawing nonetheless 1 month ago  
Interesting 1 month ago  
I really do, I'm a few pounds underweight 1 month ago  
Much more useful, I care about the environment, and like asthomasa said, humans will most likely be extinct. 1 month ago  
You need to cease 1 month ago +1
It was a good movie, I enjoyed the book more though 1 month ago  
idk 1 month ago  
More useful 1 month ago +1
For sure 1 month ago  
neither? 1 month ago +1
Programming seems fun 1 month ago  
both are trash 1 month ago  
And I...am Iron Man 1 month ago  
ye 1 month ago  
I need more weight 1 month ago  
I love both 1 month ago  
time to do jumping jacks 1 month ago +1
yeet 1 month ago  
Somewhat 1 month ago +1
It's only fair 1 month ago +2
I hate iPhones. I'll get an 11 max just to sell it buy an actually good phone that isn't copy paste. 2 months ago +1
excuses 2 months ago  
yeet 2 months ago  
ye 2 months ago  
I'ma take this as my major in college but I kinda don't want to because every human that goes to college nowadays does.. 2 months ago +1
yeet 2 months ago  
tasty 2 months ago +1
Rowley always pissed me off 2 months ago +1
spoylighiiiight mooonliiiight 2 months ago +1
ur gross 2 months ago  
Time for eternal boners for every man on earth 2 months ago +1
Yeet 2 months ago +1
Duh? 2 months ago +2
flex 2 months ago +1
It's the most epic flex 2 months ago +1
Cooler 2 months ago +2
I lose a lot of stuff 2 months ago  
Does anything count as humans? 2 months ago +1
gross 2 months ago  
Cooler 2 months ago +1
shut the hell up you taint licking god lover 2 months ago  
GAY 2 months ago +1
That would be cool 2 months ago +1
you ain't wrong 2 months ago +1
Hell yeah 2 months ago +1
A is boring 2 months ago +1
One of my favorite shows 2 months ago +1
I loved it and a few years back I had really bad sushi with eel sauce, it tasted terrible. Couldn't eat it since until a couple days ago I finally tried it again. Was really good 2 months ago  
Hell yeah 2 months ago +1
Yuhh 2 months ago +1
A is too gay for me 2 months ago +1
Duh? 2 months ago +1
Why tf would I want to do B? 2 months ago +1
Doesn't risk you or anyone else's life 2 months ago +1
I love target 2 months ago  
Then sell them 2 months ago  
Hotter 2 months ago  
Cooler 2 months ago  
I hate both 2 months ago  
How is this question going to have loopholes? 2 months ago +3
wet wipes 2 months ago  
I hope so 2 months ago  
hi 2 months ago  
Cooler 2 months ago  
Ok "am_depressed", why don't you go hang yourself with the noose that's in your picture 2 months ago  
cringe 2 months ago  
what's the point of ripping your face off if you're just gonna wear it again? 2 months ago +3
dont make it so long then smh 2 months ago  
I like the colors 2 months ago  
it's ok u need that money to buy ur crack 2 months ago  
Yuh 2 months ago  
It's sad, but death happens. I'm more depressed 3 kids died in the crash with him 2 months ago  
Only time I heard someone use A was in a song 2 months ago  
yeet 2 months ago  
go away tranny no one likes you 2 months ago  
Both are extremely unappealing imo 2 months ago  
tl;dr 2 months ago  
Yeet 2 months ago +2
yay 2 months ago  
ok crackhead101 2 months ago  
Epic 2 months ago  
either* 2 months ago  
I've heard good things about both 2 months ago  
I'd be rich 2 months ago +1
hot 2 months ago  
Maze runner is fun you should read them 2 months ago  
wtf is shoney's 2 months ago  
what cat said 2 months ago  
ok 2 months ago  
N word pass 2 months ago  
Prettier 2 months ago  
Cooler, flies are nasty 2 months ago  
Pepsi ends racism 2 months ago +1
ok 2 months ago  
ok 2 months ago  
yeet 2 months ago  
You all suck anyway 2 months ago +1
I chose teleportation so I'll teleport to Satans house, grab him, and teleport him to you 2 months ago  
yeet 2 months ago +1
KOBE 2 months ago  
I get over it quicker 2 months ago  
A is gross 2 months ago  
cancer that is cured in a month 2 months ago  
ikd haven't played either 2 months ago  
yeet 2 months ago +1
less anime 2 months ago  
cooler 2 months ago  
ok 2 months ago  
idk 2 months ago  
yeet 2 months ago  
Only pussies do A 2 months ago +3
o yea 2 months ago  
More useful 2 months ago  
emo teen 2 months ago +1
Lmao, sounds about right 2 months ago +1
lol 2 months ago +1
So scary that it's on fire 2 months ago +2
duh 2 months ago +2
then kill it 2 months ago +1
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