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Would you rather... Poison Ivy or Harley Quinn 4 years ago 447 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Would you rather kiss your crush (not boyfriend/girlfriend) in public or kiss your best friend in private - same gender and cant be in relationship 4 years ago 130 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Cats (wild and tamed) or Dogs (wild and tamed) 4 years ago 88 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Paris or NY 4 years ago 86 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Kick a wall with a toothpick under you big toe nail or Have 1000 papercuts and jump in a pool of lemon juice 4 years ago 68 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Would you rather wear Sneakers or Heels 4 years ago 97 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Would you rather swim in a pool of period blood or cum 4 years ago 170 votes 24 comments 0 likes

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It says NOT boyfriend or gitlfriend 4 years ago  
By the way it does say below the question if you read it that kick it with the same foot and front on. 4 years ago  
Soz I had 2 do cats. Tigers r ma bae xD 4 years ago  
Tiny holes like 1 mm squared 4 years ago  
Wow, if that was my daughter then she is a sexy beast 4 years ago  
Niether? 4 years ago  
Zayn ma bae Louis is 2nd best but still love you bae! 4 years ago  
wear it once... for how ling? 4 years ago  
i read them 2 4 years ago  
it said FOR LIFE with the flees u suckas. I would kill baby kittens. 4 years ago  
rule the world for ten years when i'm 100 then kill myself on my 110th bday 4 years ago  
Maybe it was a peepee as in urination not penis. Dumbasses. 4 years ago  
I'm 13 and there r so many hot guys out there. I can't wait to see some of their dicks 4 years ago  
Because i don't have a mom I have a mum. NZ all the way b*tches! 4 years ago  
One innocent die instead of many. 4 years ago  
My home is my hometow. Auckland is pretty big. 4 years ago  
couldnt choose a friend 4 years ago  
i don't wanna go soicide. 4 years ago  
I don't want him to suffer. :'( 4 years ago  
Emma Watson 4 years ago  
i would still be able to eat anything else! 4 years ago  
haha... Hitler's good. withoout him the population would be throuh the roof. 4 years ago  
kill it when it grows up 4 years ago  
Powers=resurrection, ability to give people superpowers, give and have unlimited wishes. 4 years ago  
play for 2 secs 4 years ago  
centipede for 2 secs lol 4 years ago  
CLICKED THE WRONG ONE!!!!!! AAAHHHH!!!!! 4 years ago  
OMG BOTH TORTURE! 4 years ago  
Yoshi 4 years ago  
Chicken WING... key word wing... the 2nd one is a wing, and the first is not so much! 4 years ago  
5 hrs aof hw a day for 2 days 4 years ago  
already is legal lol 4 years ago +1
I want both 4 years ago  
horrible relationship then break up. 4 years ago  
have sex for longer 4 years ago  
water gun 4 years ago  
So hot tits 4 years ago  
wedhie from ma 2 yr old brother... lol 4 years ago  
i would turn lesbian for her sex 4 years ago  
your family are part of ur social life 4 years ago  
Gargamel 4 years ago  
Population!!! 4 years ago  
im a girl... either way I don't like eating cucumbers, i just like blowjobs! 4 years ago  
didn't say how long 4 years ago  
u can't control anorexia... obesiry is ur own fault 4 years ago  
Touch it's tooth... Oh mummy the shark bit me! 4 years ago  
COOKIE MONSTER 4 years ago  
Harry Potter is a sexy sh*t 4 years ago  
Never said you couldn't save both! 4 years ago  
Wii is easier 2 control, Xbox is for nerds. 4 years ago  
just steal more money or get it given 2 y 4 years ago  
i like the picture better 4 years ago  
The hat fic haha (wattpad) 4 years ago +1
she git bigger tits. 4 years ago  
miley's tits r smaller but shes hotter and better at it. 4 years ago  
how would you get changed? 4 years ago  
stilen from my mum and given back 2 hours later 4 years ago  
you would no how to do it better wen u grow up if u start now. 4 years ago  
all babies r cute anyways (: 4 years ago  
She is so sexy. Man, and I'm a straight female. And 13. Wow. 4 years ago  
hated for 2 secs 4 years ago  
smell nicer 4 years ago +1
im not gunna look after that child! 4 years ago  
u would be chosen what suits you best. 4 years ago  
wear the bicycle helmet - barbies one and keep it in ur pocket. 4 years ago  
Miley is a sexy beast. I'm a girl. 4 years ago  
get the plastic surgery undone 4 years ago  
be grounded. internet here i come! 4 years ago  
for 2 secs 4 years ago  
10 seconds 4 years ago  
Thanks instead of thankyou 4 years ago  
gum&mouthwash 4 years ago  
deal drugs for 10 minutes 4 years ago  
aids for 1 second 4 years ago  
Already is legan 4 years ago  
2 seconds 4 years ago  
im 13 4 years ago  
Uh... the pic of mehan... uh haha... im a girl tho... omg that picture... 4 years ago  
It never said that you couldnt get along with your parents aswell haha 4 years ago  
live alone for 2 secinds lol shame pplz 4 years ago  
im 13 4 years ago  
the president might be your favourite celebrity? 4 years ago  
Which is beside the fact that there is no such thing as Justin Beaver 4 years ago  
Because the elevator is empty 4 years ago  
I wouldnt have kids, i would have babies instrad! Voila! 4 years ago  
football sux 4 years ago  
smoke for 2 secinds lol HAHA SHAME ON YOUR UNDIES! 4 years ago  
always gossipped in a good way! Ha! 4 years ago  
i talk allday long evday anyways lol 4 years ago  
society encludes ur family. 4 years ago  
i don't work 4 years ago  
I'm 13 aswell... lol 4 years ago  
Easy life... I would just run away and have freedom 4 years ago  
Fake picture lol 4 years ago  
Get money for being smart coz u can memorise evthing and be famous. 4 years ago  
Coca Cola owns sprite and everything lol yeah I could buy Starbucks with that sh*t money 4 years ago  
I'm Batman. Love you too! 4 years ago  
Be deaf for 2 seconds 4 years ago  
I AM white as snow 4 years ago +1
Have no friends for 1 second 4 years ago  
Never said for how long. 4 years ago  
who said wat part of him is ugly? he mingt have a freckle on his butt and that's wat makes him considerably ugly... 4 years ago  
Get other people 2 do ur work 4 u 4 years ago  
2 litres is nothing. But potatoes 4 life! 4 years ago  
Who's Steve Jobs? 4 years ago  
The picture's nicer 4 years ago  
Wow. If you had all the money in the world people would be dying all around you. So sad. Wait, no. I would give them my money! Yay! 4 years ago  
Our population needs 2 stop. 4 years ago  
Less risk of dying/crashing 4 years ago  
FLYING FOX TIME! YAY! ...wait, wat did it say about "no equiptment" lol who cares. Zipline it. 4 years ago  
Cheaper 4 years ago  
Buried... I would bury my hand then take it out and algds. Burned would hurt either way. 4 years ago  
I'm blondE mums red. Being blondE is awesome. 4 years ago  
Depends what meal. Subway is better though anyways. 4 years ago  
Then give another gift later that IS good. 4 years ago  
Being smart earns you money. Being rich you could hire people to do everything. Your life would just be awesome. 4 years ago  
Love you france 4 years ago  
It's horrible being a female is a sexist world. Ask a black person I bet they don't care about racism 2 much! I got HEAPS of black friends and we r algds! 4 years ago  
Nutella is disgusting. Cereal (I nearly wrote serial haha) is only Weet-Bix or Light&Tasty muesli 4 me. 4 years ago  
Get married to who you love and live at you parents, but it doesn't matter if your parents live with you 4 years ago  
dont got no keys 4 years ago  
I would feel special 4 years ago  
Already had both 4 years ago  
Sweatshop haha. Don't u mean sweEtshop? Haha. 4 years ago  
The vision could help u see the FUTURE 4 years ago  
Never said u would die 4 years ago  
Short could be 100 yrs 4 years ago  
I'm inn advanced yet I'm a sh*t reader. 4 years ago  
what the hell are those? 4 years ago  
Always pee in shower lol 4 years ago  
Girl doing the kicking... wow that's good sh*t 4 years ago  
Be sick for 2 seconds 4 years ago  
I don't give a sh*t about my enemy! 4 years ago  
That picture is eww 4 years ago  
Im a skinny sh*t 4 years ago  
Earn heaps then have a family 4 years ago  
get 2 no each other then have sex 4 years ago  
Give up computer for 1 sec 4 years ago  
My dream was being with my true love... 4 years ago  
Whats wrong with baths? 4 years ago  
Who said how long 2 drive 4? It could be in a dream 4 all u no... 4 years ago  
Cancel school coz my dreams r 2 long, so watching them would take up school time! 4 years ago  

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