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call me minty,that is not my real name though.
i am a 12 year old girl. i am from india. my date of birth is 9th july 2007. i am brutally honest, sarcastic, sometimes funny,.my favorite animal is Arctic fox. my favourite colour is pinkish red and lavender. i like people who are like me and respect people who are different from them.i hate people who bully others for no reason, people who discriminate others,girls who are dramatic just to seem girly ,or long story short,people who are chickens and don't express themselves for popularity.

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Which do you prefer lilac or mint green 5 months ago 64 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Would you rather eat this or eat this 5 months ago 71 votes 12 comments 0 likes

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hunny bees. we wont have food if they died out girl! 4 months ago  
i am a realist but still hopeful because... my hope is logical 4 months ago  
it is jist selfish to say that the massive universe is all ours.... 4 months ago  
dont you know about physics and shut? 4 months ago  
misclick. but i will donate half the money i get from b for space research. (if only it is really gonna happen...) 4 months ago  
hell yea 4 months ago  
glad youll get a gerat JOD XD 4 months ago  
you will die from the first stab duh! 4 months ago  
vegans don't eat ANYTHING that comes from an 4 months ago  
no! it is rice. 4 months ago  
make everyone CRY 5 months ago  
green is pretty 5 months ago  
already have A 5 months ago  
because there are many pessimists here 5 months ago  
why you name a girl Justin??????? 5 months ago  
you have no right to touch earth 5 months ago  
get raped 5 months ago  
yes, you are right! 5 months ago  
ugh get a life... 5 months ago  
you can rule only what you know about 5 months ago  
who imagines a sad life??!! 5 months ago  
I wish to get a house and a job and yes, I should be more than 18yo so turn 24 5 months ago  
overpopulation 5 months ago  
I guess you are hot... 5 months ago  
who r you 2 tell me whether I should remember Stephen Hawking or not?? 5 months ago  
so all that matters in the world is flipping with your crush??? wtf?? 5 months ago  
ppl who choose a or b how the flipping heck r u going to even live if u don't have oxygen 5 months ago +1
not true, we can just flipping report them to the police 5 months ago  
if you are homeless what's the point of living? whoever that love their significant other won't choose b because will u want your love to starve with you? true love is when all u want is the happiness of a person and not Only to be with them just flipping understand 5 months ago  
if you are homeless what's the point of living? whoever that love their significant other won't choose b because will u want your love to starve with you? true love is when all u want is the happiness of a person and not Only to be with them 5 months ago  
a dead one 5 months ago  
then why tf should i get it? 5 months ago  
why would they name a girl justin?~ 5 months ago  
i already dont stink even if i did not bath for a month. yes i once did not bath for a month because i was so sick and it was winter. 5 months ago  
what if i said.... i am not rich 5 months ago  
selfieeee 5 months ago  
i dont have a partner 5 months ago  
12 5 months ago  
cuz.... who knows whut the future holds 5 months ago  
if everyone is unique, then every1 is equal 5 months ago  
i do both 5 months ago  
waaaay cool 5 months ago  
rumpelstiltskin 5 months ago  
rumpelstiltskin 5 months ago  
Catherine 5 months ago  
they already do 5 months ago  
who even wants a nickname 5 months ago  
i hate my name soooooOoooooooooooomuch 5 months ago  
eye love u 5 months ago  
Jacqueline 5 months ago  
the treatment is waay expensive than 300000$. so, i should tape up smoking and they will give me the money for the medicine for a month.?. dumb 5 months ago  
it never said i have to die. i wont be stupid enough to not bring enough oxygen 4 climbing mount everest. and if i had to lose it halfway, i will just get back down. 5 months ago  
tell her that the lesser she eats the fatter she becomes 5 months ago  
so what if i don't have sons ? why not girls 5 months ago  
wear a tight ponytail or bun and loose it. 5 months ago  
like i am going to live in the car 5 months ago  
give mah munny 5 months ago  
bcoz i am indian and living in india right now. this account shows the wrong location 5 months ago  
bragging rights 5 months ago  
one can only be biologically immortal which means you will not die of old age or disease . so you have to make sure you are not getting killed by someone. being completely immortal is not possible on our universe 5 months ago  
only kim jong un will ban abortion. and overpopulation is a thing. 5 months ago +1
i meant adult... freedom matters . i don't enjoy being controlled 5 months ago  
that is a fox not a wolf 5 months ago  
60%are using glasses or contacts and 40% are using hearing aids or offence. 5 months ago  
a is already happening they marry pizza , and stuff. 5 months ago  
a is already happening they marry pizza , and stuff 5 months ago  
atleast i have a job 5 months ago  
it is bad for them to be fat . what if they got heart attack 5 months ago  
girl 5 months ago  
nobody has a true love. we should make someone that so i chose to travel the world. and (If a person I love force me to stay at my home, this is not my true love and I never be happy with). (this is reposted) 5 months ago  
i will be rich 5 months ago  
i don't even want a family 5 months ago  
who are you to tell me not to adopt it is against human rights 5 months ago  
we should wear clothes in the desert because sweat keeps us cool and clothes prevent sweat from evaporation 5 months ago  
adopt a child 5 months ago  
whatever that's just cake 5 months ago  
it is would you rather NOT eat cake or ice cream 5 months ago  
mint 5 months ago  
11 year old 5 months ago  
*eats cake mix* doctor: you are diagnosed with salmonella and e coli 5 months ago  
that's vanilla not white 5 months ago  
red velvet is basically red colored vanilla cake 5 months ago  
Oreo sucks 5 months ago  
i wish i can be short 5 months ago  
what if thats your money and the theif bribed the police. think 5 months ago  
prank time 5 months ago  
guest from texas you should have just skipped the question 5 months ago  
bye bye discrimination 5 months ago  
ppl whoever chose heaven are selfish i love earth And we should be grateful for all we have 5 months ago  
agreed 5 months ago  
so they don't marry for the sake of money 5 months ago  
cant choose but purple the shade is in my username 5 months ago  
green 5 months ago  
darksh.t stfu 5 months ago  
what white is a shade what is the difference between color and shade 5 months ago  
that is not dark side call it far side of the moon because all the sides of moon get sunlight 5 months ago  
lavender and mint green 5 months ago  
how to find if the one who is turning the lights on and off if it is a ghost the light switch must be also sliding between on and off 5 months ago  
i dont have puppy 5 months ago  
or noy 5 months ago  
or work somewhere as a servant 5 months ago  
id be like what secret i dont have any secrets shut up and mind your business 5 months ago  
then what are friends for 5 months ago  
independence and freedom 5 months ago  
i h8 my pet dog 5 months ago  
i am already b 5 months ago  
i am a girl and my enemy is also a girl 5 months ago  
B is bcoz of some hormonal disorders so it aint their fault 5 months ago  
too much 5 months ago  
atheist and they have no idea 5 months ago  
guest from california me too 5 months ago  
way better than insulting the person who is talking. we didnt do any thing to you christians believe in yourself :) 5 months ago  
but i found it before death 5 months ago +1
gopakkuSNR true 5 months ago  
if adam and eve had kids so do the kids marry their brother or sister . how could this happen 5 months ago  
i wish no one ever heard of god or stuff like that 5 months ago  
trashie same 5 months ago  
b is correct no matter what 5 months ago  
my choice too talcumpowder 5 months ago  
random1234 most atheists respect other opinions while You disrespect others , people who believe in a kind god? did your god ask you to be rude to people for religion 5 months ago  
neither is possible cuz neither of them ever existed 5 months ago  
a is impossible cuz god holds grudges with people who dont pray 2 him 5 months ago  
it is trash but they can think what they want but THEY will discriminate us . we dont do that 5 months ago  
it is hard to do something for stuff that do not exist 5 months ago  
talcum powder you are correct 5 months ago  
why choose b when you already know the truth. let stories be stories 5 months ago  
madisonf i reported you . you are against human rights 5 months ago  
the quote in b is so true 5 months ago  
which god would put you in h..l for simply not praying or begging tbh . guest from maine you just cant call smart people stupid because you are stupid. many people who pray to god still die brutally . so shut up and enjoy the quiz 5 months ago  
probably the best world 5 months ago  
emeraldprincess i agree 5 months ago  
god doesnt exist 5 months ago  
id just leave the place and i dont have friends why would i go to the place in the first place 5 months ago  
id just leave no matter what 5 months ago  

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