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    13% of the world's population is about to die *calls Thanos* 11 months ago  
    What if they like that sort of thing? 11 months ago  
    Not if you're just as confident 11 months ago  
    Already got a crush around 10 years older and my dad's 11 years older than my stepmom. No one cares about age after you turn 19 11 months ago  
    Not all blondes! That's like saying all men are complete douche bags! 11 months ago  
    Am I seriously the only one who's parents humiliate them more and worse than my own friends? 11 months ago  
    Boyfriend is a billionaire 11 months ago  
    10,000,000 what? Kitten pikachus? Yes 11 months ago  
    Just get back together 11 months ago  
    Make new friends 11 months ago  
    Because I'm a girl I like to feel shorter... idk maybe it's just me 11 months ago  
    My significant other will always be my closest friend 11 months ago  
    It doesn't say ugly, I'm just not as pretty as models and I can live with that 11 months ago  
    Probably the smartest comment I've seen on this website. 11 months ago  
    Squirrelflight or Ashfur for my fellow Warriors fans out there ;) 11 months ago  
    same amount of money is going to those families either way 11 months ago  
    infinite years to become the richest person on the planet after the others die off. 11 months ago  
    Just because you're smart doesn't mean you can't be at least decently hot. 11 months ago  
    Being famous and friends with other famous people 11 months ago  
    If you're pissed off, just float around in the clouds for a little bit before coming back down to earth, or just fly to Neverland and never grow up 11 months ago  
    I would never be late anywhere ever again. 11 months ago  
    What if I want to be normal for once in my life? 11 months ago  
    I plan on eloping just so my family doesn't have to be there cause it's cheaper and I'm not made of money. 11 months ago  
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