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    Movies theathers got shot up cos of the dark knight 6 years ago +4
    I picked the wrong one 6 years ago  
    Neither 6 years ago +2
    In case of rape 6 years ago +6
    Get a bunch of money 6 years ago +3
    Idk these ppl 6 years ago +1
    Fck bush . Stupid ass took down the towers to become president second term 6 years ago  
    Im girl 6 years ago +1
    Im 14 6 years ago  
    Slient fats 6 years ago  
    Ima girl 6 years ago  
    I dont have to eat the whole thing 6 years ago  
    Ima girl 6 years ago  
    Id brush my teetg 6 years ago  
    Small razor blades ? 6 years ago  
    Id clean the toothbrush 6 years ago  
    I love my mother (: 6 years ago  
    A clean bath tub 6 years ago  
    I dont have a sister 6 years ago  
    Ima girl 6 years ago  
    My dad doesnt have a vagina 6 years ago  
    Clean toes 6 years ago  
    Id move my tounge 6 years ago  
    Im bisexual (; 6 years ago  
    Ima girl (: 6 years ago  
    At least id know its really chocolate pudding 6 years ago  
    Ima girl 6 years ago  
    Duhhhhhhhhhhhh 6 years ago  
    Get replacement teeth ;D 6 years ago  
    Nasty ass blue waffle = NO NO 6 years ago  
    Hairless :D 6 years ago  
    Get synetic skin 6 years ago  
    Of courseeeee 6 years ago  
    Awkward bt i do it 6 years ago  
    No teeth (-8 6 years ago  
    At least in SAW id still have a chance to survive 6 years ago  
    #No Periodsssss 6 years ago  
    #WheelChair time 6 years ago  
    I could wear gloves (-8 6 years ago  
    O.o 6 years ago  
    You cant get pregnant from DRINKING sperm , what ever you drink or eat goes thru your digestive system ._. 6 years ago  
    Damn , ._. 6 years ago  
    Both are #AWFUL . Bt i would rather have my grandma go down on me , cos at least id be enjoying it 6 years ago  
    I could travel & stay in contact with people 6 years ago  
    I would never go back in time , i have one life & the way its lived is the way its meant to be 6 years ago  
    Best friend = great couples 6 years ago  
    Duhhhh 6 years ago  
    Im scared of clowns 0.o 6 years ago  
    The star of a losing team , because i could always turn that team out & step up our game . 6 years ago  
    #HARDone 6 years ago  
    God, all yall need Jesus #RealTalk 6 years ago  

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