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I am a girl who loves unique people but hates people who hate unique people.

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Would you rather Live a short but happy life or Live a short but sad life 1 month ago 105 votes 14 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Die by burning or Die by drowning 1 month ago 160 votes 9 comments 0 likes

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OOF! 1 month ago  
If I knew the date of my death, I'd be terrified of every day that passes. On that day, death could just hit me and I don't know how! But if I knew the cause, I'd try to avoid that thing as long as I can. 1 month ago  
Well, a car could run you over 1 month ago  
Gold digger :P 1 month ago  
I can already read people's minds. YEAH, SUNSET SHIMMER! MIND-READING IS EASY, NOT MAGIC!! 1 month ago  
XD I live in the same place as you, but I chose a store bought costume. XDDD 1 month ago  
They did it on purpose cuz it's the name of the website 1 month ago  
God I should've done that 1 month ago  
I don't get it...if I can die from disease, then I can die! 1 month ago  
Me 1 month ago  
I'm 1 month ago  
XD 1 month ago  
:D 1 month ago  
I know I'm weird, but I'd choose option A because it's quicker. :) 1 month ago +1
Yeah, but still you'll be sad when you die 1 month ago +1
Huh? 1 month ago  
I hate Justin Bieber so like yeah 1 month ago  
I am incredibly disappointed with the people who chose option B, and I just can't imagine how someone could actually think that way. You should be ashamed of yourself. 1 month ago +4
F*ck u 1 month ago  
Sierra mist ripoff 1 month ago  
Why should boys skip? Support LGBT ppl! 1 month ago  
yes 1 month ago  
No, I totally agree with you 1 month ago  
not even gonna vote 1 month ago  
This question was asked by a philosopher. Ms-Crimson didn't invent it 1 month ago  
*x's out tab" Also why is Option A's picture a dog? 1 month ago  
Lel me too 1 month ago  
IKR! 1 month ago  
racist jerk 1 month ago  
UM! 1 month ago  
LMFAO 1 month ago  
I'm sorry 1 month ago  
No 1 month ago  
wtf is linux 1 month ago  
I am an only child 1 month ago +1
How can you be friend-zoned if your crush doesn't know you exist? And I don't have a crush anyway 1 month ago  
PEPSI OVER COKE 1 month ago  
that's mean 1 month ago  
what is opera 1 month ago  
I hate Justin Bieber with a passion so... 1 month ago  
I'm 12 so 1 month ago  
can't spell 1 month ago  
4% are retards 1 month ago  
probs 1 month ago  
WHAT IS THIS QUESTION?! 1 month ago  
ohoho count me in 1 month ago  
Ok who wrote this? 1 month ago  
yes 1 month ago  
hate makeup 1 month ago  
Best wy to put it 1 month ago  
I love going to the dentist actually 1 month ago  
Stfu ppl who think it's weird that people older than 30 are going on this site 1 month ago  
rude 1 month ago  
Yahoo is good too, but still 1 month ago  
The person who wrote this is either a 3-year-old or a mentally ill teenager who is trolling. 1 month ago  
Good one 1 month ago  
um 1 month ago  
The person who wrote this is five 1 month ago  
What exactly is viddy?? 1 month ago  
This is like saying, "would you rather be depressed or be happy?" 1 month ago  
You mean preschooler 1 month ago  
Nice avatar 1 month ago  
Admittedly, this question doesn't make sense 1 month ago +1
...I hate sports 1 month ago  
F the people who picked right, you will go to hell when you die 1 month ago  
Umm 1 month ago  
Too* 1 month ago +1
No one 1 month ago  
No it's not you monster 1 month ago  
I don't give a sh if my son is gay! LGBT forever! 1 month ago +1
I am lazier than your cat 1 month ago  
... 1 month ago  
The movies are great and all, BUT THEY WOULDN'T EXIST WITHOUT THE FRICKING BOOKS!! 1 month ago  
:( 1 month ago  
2020 1 month ago  
I'm a gold digger...oh no 1 month ago  
I don't care what anyone thinks 1 month ago  
So hard 1 month ago  
Hmm, I've gotten used to it 1 month ago  
Wow I feel guilty for choosing left after seeing 81% chose right 1 month ago  
No. American girls are really nice 1 month ago  
What type of a question is this?? XD 1 month ago  
Ugh neither 1 month ago  
I already have a vast vocal range 1 month ago  
Not necessarily 1 month ago  
If I'm rich I can become famous 1 month ago  
WhO wOuLD dO tHaT?! 1 month ago  
Same 1 month ago  
Freedom 1 month ago  
My life is too boring. I need a little more excitement. >:) 1 month ago  
I get to create new life!! 1 month ago  
I barely had any great moments in my life 1 month ago  
That is exactly what I was thinking 1 month ago  
I'll get to stay home 1 month ago  
What type of a question is that? I mean, who doesn't pee in the shower? 1 month ago  
Girl... 1 month ago  
I hate the popular kids, but I still wanna be popular so bad! 1 month ago  
ME TOO 1 month ago  
Exactly 1 month ago  
It's just 100 bucks! 1 month ago  
No, that is not a nice thing to say. I don't have a religion and I'm happy that way. 1 month ago  
I barely ever get lucid dreams. :( 1 month ago  
The environment is more important than animals. Besides, we are saving animals if we save the environment. 1 month ago  
SAME 1 month ago  
Yeah 1 month ago  
I hate baby so so so much 1 month ago  
I'm already short and thin 1 month ago  
I care more about knowledge than being able to move properly 1 month ago  
I'd change the weight of my schoolbag 1 month ago  
IKR! 1 month ago  
I just don't understand how someone could actually think that way. 1 month ago  

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