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Would you rather Hardly sleep? or Whenever you sleep, always have nightmares? 3 years ago 72 votes 6 comments 0 likes

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neither 3 years ago  
What's the difference? 3 years ago  
I can pick who's life, so I can pick some rich, spoiled kid, plus, after I live someone else's life, I can go right back to my own the next day! 3 years ago  
Screw that, I would rather feel pain, on the emotional level, cuz 1, I already feel like that sometimes, 2, I would be great at summoning fake tears! 3 years ago  
I've seen the video before. It's cool. 3 years ago  
Well I don't sleep with pockets on... 3 years ago  
I would rather get a new computer. 3 years ago  
....What's the difference? 3 years ago  
I would rather die. Unless I'm one of the '5 friends who'll die to save you' 3 years ago  
Sorry innocent person 3 years ago  
I... I love cats, but I can't kill the polar bear, I just can't! 3 years ago  
Screw my favorite people! 3 years ago  
Now... I would have to kill my whole family... Couldn't I kill myself first? 3 years ago  
I DONT CARE ABOUT SPORTS! (Dont hate on me) 3 years ago +1
Well I wouldn't want my child to die before me. I would rather die before him and be all like "Remember me, my son, but I... am not your father..." What, did you think I was going to say mother?! 3 years ago  
Well everyone else who picked immortality would be alive through that as well, so you wouldn't be alone 3 years ago  
Idc much about sports. (Don't hate on me haters) 3 years ago  
I'm afraid of heights but I would rather feel like I'm flying than falling down the side of a mountain. 3 years ago  
I'm already shy and geeky 3 years ago  
'If I could fly, then I would know. What life looks like, from up above and down, below....' 3 years ago  
Old animal- yuck! 3 years ago  
I WILL NOT BE EATEN ALIVE! Besides, just my opinion, I don't believe in heaven. 3 years ago  
I would say those words, and they would probably be something along the lines of "These are the last words before I die" 3 years ago  
I could do anything I want that's life threatening! 3 years ago  
One night in prison, besides, I can't be a prison b*tch, I'm a girl 3 years ago  
I would rather not die slowly, knowing my life was going... I would rather just die in a second. 3 years ago  
NO 3 years ago  
I would probably be dead right after the apocalypse, even if I woke up. There would be lots of radiation and little to no food. 3 years ago  
The gas chamber would make you feel like you're suffocating, I would rather have 1 or 2 quick bursts of pain than feel that 3 years ago  
GOD, MORBID! 3 years ago  
If I know how I die, I would try to do everything I can to avoid it. It would still happen. If I know the time I die, however, I can be all like, "Hey! Watch me die in 5... 4.... 3... 2... 1..." *dies* 3 years ago  
Lower gas prices! I'm only a kid but I know that that would be useful! 3 years ago  
I'm a girl.... 3 years ago  
I could care less about the secrets of the universe. It would make my head hurt. 3 years ago  
Screw knowledge, I'm already smart this way. 3 years ago  
I could shoplift without people knowing it was me. That would be cool, but I would have a constant feeling of guilt. 3 years ago  
I've kinda ignored all my schoolwork for the past 3 years, and I used to be so good at it.... IF I remember about my last life I would fix that. 3 years ago  
Homemade stuff is cozier than anything store bought. 3 years ago  
Ok, before I finished the first sentence, I got bored. 3 years ago  
Crud, I picked Harry Potter before I read the description. Basically if you pick Harry Potter you do nothing. You'd be sorted into Hufflepuff, then, I guess 3 years ago  
I dont really get all lovesick. I just think I would rather live alone. 3 years ago  
I don't like dancing. 3 years ago  
The problems I have are A: School, B: Work, and finally C: School Work 3 years ago  
I don't want to go into the future because by then we might all be dead. 3 years ago  
I don't want anyone at my funeral because I don't want anyone to find where I hid the money. 3 years ago  
So... You would pick no internet, instead of no cell phone, and you didn't even think that your cell phone wouldn't have any connection to the internet? 3 years ago  
I don't think I could live without chocolate 3 years ago  
I just think Apple is faster than Windows. 3 years ago  
Tetris is now an app, so why do I need to buy it? 3 years ago  
I love the Fire-Types. 3 years ago  
I think it's a play on Siri, but I'm not sure. 3 years ago  
I just picked the better looking one. 3 years ago  
I don't want either... So I'll have a NintendoCube! Its 2 in 1 for twice the fun! I'd never use it though. 3 years ago  
I can always buy a new one, it doesn't say you can't watch TV ever again. 3 years ago  
I'd just get an iPad because Apple has apps I can't download on my kindle. I really want those apps. 3 years ago  
50/50, thats not something you see every vote. 3 years ago  
I might lose my 2 friends, but I can always make new ones! On the computer! Or just play the computer. I win either way. Except losing the computer. 3 years ago  
Not cool guys. I've played Call of Duty, and besides, that's not how you spell Battlefield. 3 years ago  
Macintosh? Never heard of it. 3 years ago  
When I voted... 11% of the voters wanted a blackberry? I just picked iPhone because I've never heard of a blackberry. 3 years ago  
I really don't know the difference, as I dont want a phone. 3 years ago  
After awhile, you'd realize that they're always nightmares and know to ignore them. 3 years ago  
I just want to live in a world where I dont have to do any real work 3 years ago  
I dont believe in god, man. I just don't want to have to go to school. 3 years ago  
I really don't care for a cell phone, I'd only ever get called by my overly protective mom. 3 years ago  
I'd feel horrible but find out a way to get rid of it in my mind 3 years ago  
I could just do 1 problem every 10-15 minutes, you know. 3 years ago +1
I was gonna type that :( 3 years ago  
I'm a girl, so I don't have a girlfriend, so I only have my friend! 3 years ago +2
I'd always side with the bad guys in a game I play, so screw it. Also seems cooler and stronger. 3 years ago  
Why would I become a brain? That would suck. Also, about the 20 people that would come with, screw that. I can do this alone. As soon as I get the hang of the whole survival thing. You know. 3 years ago  
I like my grandma, I do, but not that much... 3 years ago  
What if I could be BOTH?!?!?! I just picked being smart because I don't really care that much about popularity. 3 years ago  
If you're underwater and run out of oxygen, then swim to the surface as fast as you can, duh! Besides, that's why people have oxygen tanks. 3 years ago  
I don't think I could live without books! 3 years ago  
I love playing in snow!+ No school! (Or work) 3 years ago  
Being stuck in an elevator for 5 hours..... Imagine smelling your own farts for 5 hours... 3 years ago  
I have one real person I hang out with anymore, and she's my cousin.... Goodbye friends, hello Internet! 3 years ago  

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