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    Pitbulls are stupid and ugly and dumb. Pikachu, I could train you to get the neighbors dog off of my lawn! He keeps getting in there! They keep letting there stupid pitbull roam around the neighborhood!  
    I like llamas.  
    im a kid that loves anything with computers. i got a apple watch, 4 iphones: iphone 3GS, Iphone 6s, Iphone 4s, Iphone 5c (default phone). I had 4 laptops in my life, all windows, but i'm only 11. with 4 laptops i had in my life. I also have 5 tablets: Digiland cheap tablet, different brand cheap tablet, Samsung good-quality tablet, and a kindle fire. Btw, i am using my brand new HP elitebook laptop i just got today. Computers are my favorite thing  
    i would get dizzy and scared if its really fast. but if its just immediately spawning in another place, i would not have to go through scary speeds.  
    People that are rich but everybody hates them are just bragger think'in they're cool but there not. If I get loved, but I don't have money, I can work somewhere high paying double with my lover at work with me.  
    Cause I always know if i loved it, I can work more time for more pay! :]  
    I think it would be more warm and cozy in an elevator. I know I can't jump off and go home, but its okay. I always carry my iphone with me so i could playy ggames on it  
    i can be hatsune miku! dye it blue  
    cancer needs a stop sign here.  
    ugly cars, but hey, it gets you somewhere!  
    SO EASY. who wants to die? nonbrained people.  
    killing is really wrong.  
    Animal lives matter.  
    pokemon is cute. ;)  
    obama is the best person ever!  
    russian dashcam vids  
    justin beiber can be annoying to me sometimes '_'  
    :D puppies omg ^_^  
    i feel so sorry for these two places.  
    iphones, but android for tablets (i use phones mostly) +1
    relationships possibly make you more popular, and having a friend is a very good thing.  
    well everyone has different tastebuds, mine chooses pudding.  
    einstein is like google search  
    better yummy and safe then disgusting and sorry  
    i luv boats. but with planes, i have to deal with the plugged ears.  
    just tryna be nice ;)  
    i use windows to look outside my bedroom.  
    i love places near russia  
    im small myself  
    dogs are cuter, but fat people with health issues are almost a disaster. Even if its wet dogs, i love dogs :3  
    idk these countries. i just randomized my choice. ._.  
    italy is home of pizza and supercars like ferrari and stuff  
    i was born to use everything computerized.  
    idk lol it seems more exciting for kids (im a kid)  
    lol i can always wear a hoodie or a cover or cap. I can also use realistic fake hair (if i can find one)  
    im totally not a hunter. TOTALLY NOT.  
    green i feel like is more sweeter and fizzy.  
    im kinda a scaredy cat to the dark, so i like day.  
    color is more bright and sunny. it can express stuff more.  
    really easy. if you are a daredevil (unlike me), you would choose the other. +1
    teeth is very important, but I think hair helps me show off my style.  
    perfume possibly makes my mouth smell better =P  
    i feel like mercedes are more luxury, though they are more expensive i feel like.  
    pepsi is sweeter, i think.  
    social is better than silent.  
    internet is my life ;)  
    yeah but viruses...  
    time to get a job. +1
    With cause, i would know what to prevent, instead of worrying and guessing what will happen on that day, and the nightmares before... not a good night's sleep.  
    cmon. money might be everything, but love is too. I like standard stuff, not complex stuff. and ten million dollars... i might just donate it all. i stick to simple and social stuff. Also with money, people can tell ur rich so they are more likely to rob/steal your money. With love... it can be recovered without a big police issue. With Money... the police have to search for the criminal and attempt to get your money back. Simple.  
    its a pretty obvious answer... heating is not supported in tent, hardly any space in tent, etc. If something bad is going on outside (like a bear roaming the city or rioting) you would be save indoors. and thats my reasoning.  
    I heard that some police are more likely to pull over a black or red car, and also because they are usually colors used by criminals. White is the bright side, Black is the bad side. (srry im bad at rhyming :P  
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