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    Coke used to be made with cocaine, I think we have a winner.  
    Atleast everyone's not crazy  
    Halloween is a Christian holiday. And most Christians capitalize the word Christianity.  
    No you'd spend all your money on cigs  
    I am the damn president lol  
    Good looks  
    Atleast people don't roll my up and snort coke  
    I'd want to forget  
    I'd wish I had things that got me mney  
    The future is what scares me the most  
    Atleast I'd get to the store  
    No 9-11 no war, the Holcaust changed history in many great ways. We have so much information. Tragic sorry.  
    I don't wanna know what my dog has to say  
    I am ugly  
    So pride vs honor  
    I like my random dreams  
    Titles, labels , meh  
    Start my own damn buisness  
    Atleast there cognitive  
    Too damn old  
    Ill make sure to haunt them +1
    The author comment is gay  
    Ill take my 90%  
    Dream vacation with someone  
    Playing minecraft outside  
    I'm buying another one  
    ... Bound to have my soul anyways  
    Video game party ?  
    Skype. +3
    I use all my GB.  
    I can find a way to carry around my 360 - challenge accepted  
    Linux = cheap crap +2
    Hotmail sucks  
    No Brainer +2
    Obviously someone needs help  
    This question  
    My laptop one cause I don't waste money.  
    I can't answer this without knowing wether or not they make those games for GameCube, but I love supermario sunshine  
    Times up b*tch +1
    Someone said Twitter didn't have mindless stuff on it?  
    .. Don't do this to me  
    On that new shid.  
    Skip. I hate them both  
    It needs to fit in my damn pocket +2
    I'm disgusted by this question and will promptly never go to a public pool again +1
    Atleast I know where the f*er is  
    The older you get.. The worse it gts  
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