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Would you rather be Ugly and Popular or Or hot but a nerd 7 years ago 45,502 votes 273 comments 2 likes
Would you rather have... Foxtel or Blue-ray 7 years ago 1,255 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Have Magic powers or Or Have the ability to fly 7 years ago 1,964 votes 38 comments 0 likes

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You can die from aids 7 years ago  
None 7 years ago  
Ummm neither 7 years ago  
Both r hot 7 years ago  
I dont sit on the seat is sit above it 7 years ago  
Right know im living with 11 people in my house my stupid cousins came from overseas and dont have a house when i saw them the first word the came out of my mouth was "rent a hotel" 7 years ago  
Bash em later 7 years ago +1
Both r drug dealers 7 years ago  
Bathing is gross u sit in your own dirtn but showers takes away everything 7 years ago  
' 7 years ago +1
Wrong pic 7 years ago  
Suuuupermaaaan! he flies and hes cooler 7 years ago +1
So i can squash the people i hate 7 years ago +4
Both r what ugly b*tches do 7 years ago +1
Ive seen ugly houses with cool cars really the car doesn't make the house look cooler 7 years ago +1
Lets face it the guy from terminmater is hotter 7 years ago  
And duncana guilt is when u feel really bad for doing something 7 years ago  
If it was murder then no if throwing rocks at cars and stealing license plates then yes 7 years ago  
I thought Zelda was a boy 7 years ago +3
At least my mouth smells good 7 years ago +1
Clicked on the wrong pic 7 years ago  
Been there have never done that 7 years ago  
How cann u be poor but happy 7 years ago +1
Isn't that the same picture 7 years ago +1
Simple steal all the money and put it in a bag and run away and find a new bf 7 years ago +3
Why are they all asions 7 years ago +3
At least the baby is intellegent 7 years ago  
I( just had a lot of ice cream and im sick of it ive been eating it for the past 5 days 7 years ago  
If i ever made out with my dad ill kill myself 7 years ago  
Sue the hairdresser or plastic surgen dahh 7 years ago  
I cant live without both its just so addictive 7 years ago  
I clicked on the wrong pic i want to be smart 7 years ago +4
call the cops [if nosy or noisy 7 years ago +3
What idiots, you go on google to go to facebook 7 years ago +2
Fat isnt smart 7 years ago  
Aliens r cooler 7 years ago  
I have 3 older sisters i will risk my life for there lives 7 years ago +1
Niether there both gourges 7 years ago  
Its a cat i dont care if it hates me by the way i hate them 7 years ago  
Niether 7 years ago  
if i find ouyt katy perry is mean i would kick her ass but if shes kind i love her 7 years ago  
hair is annoying wigs r better 7 years ago  
both i love xmas 7 years ago  
At least i have company 7 years ago +2
F*** THAT SHIT! 7 years ago +2
i clicked nthbebwrong 7 years ago  
showers r annoying 7 years ago  
I really want to be a boy 7 years ago +1
Niether 7 years ago  
Big ones 7 years ago +1
I love animals people who abuse any animals r BITCHES!! 7 years ago +8
None 7 years ago  
Niether 7 years ago  
Love monkeys :] 7 years ago  
clicked on the wrong pic 7 years ago  
Firefox sux 7 years ago +2
Hermoine Granger is f****** 10x hotter than bella 7 years ago +3
Stupid thing i pressed skip and it pressed on immortal 7 years ago  
Give me the gun ill kill those afgans 7 years ago +1
Im addicted 2 the beach 7 years ago  
Children r annoying men work and have money 7 years ago  
Im a girl 7 years ago  
Citys better 7 years ago  
Whats the difference idiots 7 years ago  
I want true love my husband can figure out the money besides rich people r mean 7 years ago  
Flying is way cooler 7 years ago +1
Even though harry potter is sort of geeky i love the movies 7 years ago  
What is a peepee 7 years ago +1
MJ is better 7 years ago +1
Who said i vant murder my family pictures 7 years ago  
At lest im not teased 7 years ago  
Clicked on the wrong image i want a hot guy 7 years ago  
20 bucks what the hell is that gonna do 7 years ago  
I have no idea 7 years ago  
I LOVE FAMILY GUY 7 years ago +2
Niether 7 years ago  
Do u know how many people suffer 7 years ago  
Love macs 7 years ago +2
I only have 3 older sisters i would risk my life for all 3 7 years ago +1
I would rather be abducted by aliens terorists rape 7 years ago  
Doctors save lives 7 years ago  
I want to be on a non stop party beach i clicked on the wrong pic 7 years ago  
I f***** hate rebbeca black 7 years ago +2
Love confident guys 7 years ago +1
Im a girl but if i was a boy a blonde 7 years ago  
I dont even know what a Gynecologist is 7 years ago  
I hate kittens 7 years ago  
Sunglasses r hot 7 years ago  
At least its my way 7 years ago +2
Clicked don the wrong pic 7 years ago  
A bloody mansion and invite people over 7 years ago +2
I love animals and i want to know what "oooh ooh ah ah" or "RAAR" means 7 years ago +2
I wouldn't kill any of them there ALL GORGES i clicked on the wrong pic 7 years ago  
Geeks r cuter nerds r just weird 7 years ago  
My PJ's r cumfy :) 7 years ago +1
Sluts r gay 7 years ago  
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