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    arms are overrated  
    under the sea!!!!  
    that is actually the point of hanging and then it strangles you and kills you +8
    I am always a little late  
    it doesn't say I die. Flying, pretty colors, and being naked!!!  
    how big is the feild and shoes  
    with a camera or nerf gun or water gun or bubble gun  
    doesn't say you have to die. Also, great veiw  
    i hate carbonation and its bad for you  
    i dont believe that there is a hell, only heaven  
    Ipads can do the same thing as an Ipod but much more and are just bigger, which isn't really a problem bc you are more likely to lose and ipod since it is smaller. no real hard thinking here  
    How is this really a question? SPONGEBOB RULES OVER ALL TV SHOWS!!!!!!!!!!!!  
    don't know, don't care  
    cars was good but toy story was FREAKING AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!  
    never seen a bugs life and finding nemo was AWESOME, so yeah.  
    i agree and disagree bc being popular means you know alot of people and maybe, after school ends, they could help you in life and you still know them and are most likely friends with them so yeah. Also, you could be 2ND most popular AND smartest (1st).  
    i'll save the trip until I'm 21 then, for my 21st birthday, take a weeklong trip. It never says by when you have to take the trip  
    girl!!! +1
    haha, I didn't do anything  
    you're 9, not 13, so why are you watching PG13?????  
    in a world where there are no problems, there would be no argument on who is ruler, we shall all live in perfect harmony and equallity  
    both are horrible but chocolate is love, Chocolate is beauty, chocolate is life  
    no one showed up to my funeral, I didn't care, i was having fun with my other dead buddies  
    with romeo and juliet, they don't die at the same time but rather juliet pretends to die, but then romeo really dies (bc he kills himself) and then juliet kills herself too when she wakes up and finds romeo is really dead  
    it has changed since when i wrote that but I still choose the same thing. Let them be free!!!  
    it never said how long they would be ugly  
    so real question: beautiful beaches and landmarks or ebola and hot, dry, and ugly  
    like if you like to secretly eat tubs of ice cream while no one is at home. :)  
    MARY POPPINS. Also, then I could fly!!!!!!  
    i live in california so middle class is pretty high  
    u have to pay taxes, insurance, food, and whatever u have to pay for the house, plus anything else needed to live. see how much money you have after doing that for the rest of your life and see if you made the correct descision  
    two words: Take-out  
    idk who Ms.Sirois is. I think a kid in some random school thinks everyone knows who all the teachers are in every school.  
    it never says how poor. if u live in a super rich community then you could be only moderatly rich and that could count as poor  
    so no fun but no one could see ur farts (most of the time) or fun where you an just pretend ur fart is you blowing bubbles underwater  
    like if you like to secretly eat tubs of ice cream while ur home alone  
    i would be 1 second late (it never stated how late you were, it only said "a little")  
    exactly my thoughts  
    small wedges  
    i'm 10 and don't really need a bra yet but it is nice  
    than why does it say u voted for obese  
    *casts random harry potter spell  
    sooo real question: no wifi or technology with hard life where you have to do everything manually or awesome technology filled place where life is easy and you get great wifi  
    what if the ghost is friendly and you go insanly awesome  
    it never said how much it bit. it could have been one of those little sharks that only eat dead skin.  
    it never said how ugly you were  
    i like each one equally but i only have wayfarers so i only wear wayfarers but i would like some aviators  
    because cookie monster is da bomb!!!!!!!!!  
    fruit is das good!!! besides, who says you have to only eat fruit, you could also eat meat since the question never says you can't  
    being famous means that everyone is constanly following you around, trying to be your girl/boyfriend, kill you, or just touch you. you r surrounded with cameras whenever you take a step or do something.  
    i have been to both and switzerland is better. TOBLERONE!!!  
    PRETTY STARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
    shoot, i thought it said 10,000 for the first option  
    at least u aren't late  
    windows 8  
    like if you like to shove spoons up ur butt!!!  
    fame comes with fortune  
    skinny so i can look hot in a bikini  
    what if ONE of those gifts is a royal feast!?!??!  
    dogs and cats are people too!!!  
    me either  
    do you want to build a snowman?  
    They are the same thing but talent means ur super good at it  
    the girl in the picture looks really weird  
    don't know; don't care *this is just a stupid question for fun  
    I haven't seen Quantum of solace but i have seen skyfall and know that it is good  
    eat only the chocolate and leave a small layer of chocolate around the mayo so you don't have to eat the mayo, only the chocolate.  
    CANONBALL!!!!! (and yes, i do know that they are talking about the camera company canon.)  
    Like this comment if you like to shove spoons up your butt  
    a horrible relationship is still a relationship  
    soooo... he kills bowls of cereal??? So frightening!!!(says sarcasticaly)  
    eine cliene knack mussik  
    NOM NOM NOM NOM!!!!  
    you can hold the first one wayyyy easier  
    Cubs are cute baby animals, socks are just dirty stinky feet covers +1
    i don't drink!!  
    look at the username!!!  
    bad driving can be fixed in a car  
    pre-school or kindergarten you don't have to do anything but crafts and fun and they count as school technecally  
    danish!! or spanish!! GOOGLE TRANSLATE!!  
    they are cartoon characters from books or a show or movie or something  
    people are able to express themselves and be more free. let kids be kids because in adulthood, you will most likley have to wear a suit or fancy skirt everyday for work.  
    it is now 201 people who like putting spoons up their butt  
    ur friends hate him, not you  
    what if you have all the money in the world???  
    i don't drive yet!!  
    fancy suits!!!  
    i am beautiful!!  
    think about when u r traveling and you packed a bunch  
    TWILIGHT RULES!!!!!!  
    that cow in the picture has a bottom row of teeth!!!  
    monkeys are weird  
    humans are animals!!!!  
    tell me also  
    sooo glad there's a skip button!!!  
    each family would only get $0.01!!! do the math people!!  
    i could just get them on my ears and no where else  
    SHOOT!! i picked the wrong one!! I would have said: "I am still a kid so i still am growing"  
    it never said you had to be ugly if you chose smart!!  
    they never said i couldn't bring anyone i wanted!!  
    they never said i couldn't bring anyone i wanted  
    It's 33% now!!!!  
    You can get a song stuck in ur head  
    I don't drink!!!  
    then why did u choose to always say everthing on ur mind???  
    it never said how long I had to work  
    BACON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *sizzle, sizzle*  
    An Olypian just shows off, an inventor makes it so u can be even lazier  
    if I forgot anything I wanted, I could just only choose to forget bad things and remember everything else. This would be photographic memory, but you could control it.  
    What kind of question is this? 24% of people are stupid  
    Yeah... It did  
    I already do this (I wear different clothes each day!!!)  
    I don't drive  
    I would be soooo bad at football, during games they would have me sit and watch the entire time. Then I would be rich!!!!  
    I would just shave it all off  
    I LOVE SOCCER!!!!  
    If u stay in an awesome hotel, LA can be awesome. Otherwise, it is just really really hot  
    I am only so the person would be 0 yrs old!!!  
    they have candy at halloween parties (unless it is not a good partie  
    USA RULES!!!!!! But I wish it would snow more in my area  
    that IS so cute  
    I would die at the exact same time, so then no one would be all lonley and sad +85
    I can live with american junk food and I have my mom to cook for me  
    i would just get a bunch of free vanilla teas all the time and patries and all things yummy. FOR FREEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! (:  
    yes they are  
    u could just hook up extra things to ur computer to be able to play console games too  
    I dont want alot of responsibility  
    It depends on how small the waves are  
    working in a groupmeans less work for me  
    I am really good at archery  
    I would just never unpack and move alot  
    it is now 49-51  
    If I knew it all, I could use that knowledge (with tutoring or something) and make money off that  
    it is at least something  
    I LOVE NUTELLA!!!!!!  
    my friends would all know and then I woulnd't have to tell them awkwardly.  
    I would hate bugee jumping  
    when u r talking, u can't send emojis!!  
    Christmas spirit lasts for a lot of weeks before and after, while u b-day spirit lasts for 1 day before and after  
    i would get the plane out of the way of the people and then evacuate  
    i would just get rid of my computer virus  
    I AM 10 right now!!! Suckas!!!  
    no one can see u in the dark and if someone does ask, u can just say ur friend is in the bathroom or was getting more popcorn  
    my friends would still love me, just not my love  
    let people be free!!! +1
    i could still live my life and if I were in a coma I would be way behind and miss so many things  
    I love snow because it is always sunny here  
    I could drive to an awesome resturaunt and tell them to get me food whenever I want it  
    on a ski lift, u might freeze to death, while on an elevator, you have music at least. Plus I would bring a bunch of stuff with me so I wouldn't get bored  
    I would explore my extraordinary place and only come home every once in a while. You can also make ur home awesome  
    Firefox is dumb and always crashes. It is so STUPID!! +1
    Ninjas are awesome!!  
    I like myself  
    Our music is AWESOME!!!  
    it depends on what heaven is like  
    Incogonitio rules!!!  
    I would wish for 986475673774365743674367463756874312 more wishes on my first wish... then I would wish for expensive things that I could sell for money  
    then ur weird  
    dogs r at least cuter than fat men  
    What if my dream is to not have any chance of sudden death??? HMMM?!??! Didn't think of THAT did you!??!?  
    Happiness is better than miserableness  
    Music can be a language  
    Failing videos r just people hurting themselves.  
    Baby is a sort of ok song!!!  
    me too. maybe my kids will be my love  
    u can power chug milk but you have to chew the cheese and keep it in ur mouth longer  
    I am 10 but when I do start working, I imagine that this will be my choice  
    I haven't seen either of them or read harry potter... but I am reading twilight  
    I am reading the twilight series and haven't read harry potter so of course I will go wil bella! I haven't gotten very far on the first book and you only get yellow eyes when you r a vampire... so does bella get bitten or something?!?!? Spoiler!!!  
    The cow has a bottom row of teeth!!!!  
    What if my dream is to stay with my true love? HMMM?!?!? Didn't think of that did u?!? Oh... U did. :(  
    Talking like Yoda makes you seem smart and intelligent and wise, evenif u r not really  
    DUH!!! Baby penguins are WAY cuter than a baby monkey!!!  
    If u r overdressed, everyone will just be impressed by u  
    Yeah... I guess ur right  
    ME TOO!!!!!  
    If u can fly then u can see the world and transport urself.  
    Itunes u can only listen to, while starbucks u can consume the food/drink (eating and drinking is part of survival... DUH!!!!).  
    Zombies spread zombie disease, while ww3 spreads sickness diseasesand you can get killed by guns and stuff. I would think you would want to die quickly with a gun or something if you had a really bad/ painful disease (sickness). +1
    How about NOOO!!!!!  
    Exactly. Plus, $1,000,000 is more than 100,000. Duh!!!  
    Yeah, me too  
    If I receive ! billion dollars, I would just donate a buch of it  
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