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.-. HAIII ^-^

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    I would never want to live forever!  
    I just realized the flags are really similar XD  
    BROFIST! +1
    green apples are sweeter and red pples are more juicy  
    if I dated Justin I would be called a lesbian  
    lol im eating juicy fruit right now ironic XD  
    you alreay have wealth if your famous so YEAH!  
    I like being a girl  
    who the freak would not want a Pikachu!?!??!  
    who would you rather play video games with xD  
    I pick this one cuz I could prove everyone wrong and then they would be like oh that was right I cant make a come back so HAH  
    whats wrong with singing in the mirror?!?!  
    well I don't have a ex so  
    lol I would punch both of them until they bleed!  
    well I tink this is a lose lose situation because its like die or die??  
    im a girl soooo but if I had a guy walk out on me I would kick his ass!!  
    ive never seen any of those movies  
    i'd give him half the money I get SO WE CAN BOTH WBE RICH TOGETHER YYEYYYY xD  
    neither but I had to pick one to see the most % and the comments!  
    dad some kids are bullying me at school -next day- all those kids are dead xD  
    they never say your love can be rich ;)  
    if your friends don't like your love then their not your friends FORGET THEM AND FIND BETTER FRIENDs!  
    LOL 50 50 again! xD  
    LOL 50 50 I hate harry tho .-.  
    I would never ever cheat one someone... ever!  
    I fudgeing hate hary styles nah I hate 1d but I felt like I needed to pick one to yeah... T^T  
    ya know it could be jelly shaped as a fish! yeh that made so sence! woo hoo!  
    never said it could be gummy worms!  
    ive never peed in a pool is that weird?  
    aye what if its a regular toy like a robot or a Barbie doll or something not a sex toy!  
    what if that persons toes were clean because they just took a bath huh never said that!  
    I love being a girl so much ^-^  
    oh noes I picked the wrong one cuz even if you are a girl and have no weiner you have to do it in your vagina!!! NUUUUU  
    omfg who would pick blue waffle -vomits- btw blue waffle is not a blue waffle google it T^T  
    ive seen two girls one cup with my sister... and ive never seen human cectipede yet everytime I bring it up my sister is like DONT SAY THAT WORD so im guessing human cectipede is worse  
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