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I`m Lexiuis.......so yeah

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Lovin the glitter! It`s like "YOU DID SOMETHING AWESOME!" Every time you go somewhere 5 years ago  
Gahhh so creepy! 5 years ago  
I`m an atheist so..... 5 years ago  
JUst to say, poor and loved would be better cause If I was rich, I would have her boobs and that would be weird 5 years ago  
I panicked! Either way I would love my boyfriend 5 years ago  
I`d love them either way....if I was married 5 years ago  
Do it as in plat fetch! ^-^ 5 years ago  
I`d just hide behind a rock or a hole.... 5 years ago  
Louis is with Eleanor! I don`t cheat and Harry is pretty cool too 5 years ago  
Joe, you`ve went downhill. Sorry and Justin I guess is okkay 5 years ago +1
Zayn`s about to marry Perrie! That would be cheating and I couldn`t do that to Perrie or Zayn. And Harry is a pretty cool dude 5 years ago  
They have awesome food 5 years ago  
Plato was the student of Socrates and taught Aristotle, so he must have greater knowledge 5 years ago  
Birds existed with the dinosaurs so chickens could be a mixed species of bird 5 years ago  
Uh what? 5 years ago  
I`m an atheist so.... 5 years ago  
Both creepy as hell 5 years ago  
Sleeping with my mom would just be plain weird and I`m a girl so... 5 years ago  
First, there`s a thing called DUCT TAPE 5 years ago  
IDK Who those people are! 5 years ago  
Never, cause it would ruin the experience you would have 5 years ago  
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