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    nobody is going to read that whole thing  
    1D is actually tolerable! XD  
    you fuqqing disgraaaace!!  
    Ik thats an awful law D;  
    Life from now on just got 3% better after reading this lol  
    I'm german so...  
    English? -_-  
    trololololollololololololoololol +1
    NO! My chihuahua has won a dog competition for the cutest dog!  
    A man was struck 3 times in a row by lightning and lived o.o +5
    Papa hitler! :3 +82
    Some people...  
    I would never eat my doggie! and what is "friends" :o  
    All babies are  
    Nike~ +5
    *Brofist* +3
    Option 2 is ugly +4
    I'm the second person.* +2
    Its peanutbutter jelly time! +3
    This is our world already :P  
    A bottle :o  
    These results are sad... a lot of people are going to hell +2
    I'm claustrophobic +1
    Lasts longer +1
    I puke when I chew spearmint D:  
    BMW are worth more  
    Minecraft +1
    7% :L  
    Poison his food :3  
    Walgreens is everywere less of a drive :P  
    Its not asking what you would rather see in :L +1
    What about my parents ? :3  
    Geeks play games nerd are smart  
    Two words... Amanda Todd ;C  
    I'm a girl and I TOTALLY choose games  
    I'm a girl and what if I was a lesbian? :P  
    I hate brownie batter but I LOVEEE COOKIE DOUGH  
    Wrong answer .... :L  
    Its proven that sharks even starving have a 5% chance of attacking ;)  
    I'm christian but I say that you should have a choice +1
    I wanna be a vampire FK edward  
    What kind of question is this? XD  
    I would make america a better place D;  
    What significant other? XD  
    I'm German/American soo yeah ;3  
    Men don't have to deal with blood pooring from their "Private spots" Or have to deal with being raped or being called a slut or being pregnant... :L  
    Lambo b*tches  
    People who vote cats are 40 year old ugly single woman  
    Black what? :P  
    Google = More money!  
    Little dogs = Tiny little poops Big dogs = Giant a$$ craps  
    UGH I clicked the wrong one Rebecca I can stand but justin...  
    Snow = NO SCHOOL!!!  
    Kuledud3 = Pirate  
    fire what? :P  
    Beat the sh!t outa him :3  
    That hair is AWFUL  
    I don't even have a phone  
    SWAG = Secretly We Are Gay :3  
    Nudity is part of life  
    Minecraft you can play solo or online :O  
    If you could fly its basically the same as teleportation  
    What if I don't have $100? :o  
    op op op op opa gangnam style!  
    I have had a dream like that :O  
    At least you get a laugh out of it  
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