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This is just Weird.

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    that's why I'm only friends with hot people  
    I'm a girl sooo  
    moms are weak dads will kill me  
    in most scary movies scary people like Jason come out and get you lol  
    how is golf even a sport  
    gold is boring as crap  
    that's soooooo hardddddd NEITHER  
    Leonardo dicarpio  
    breath out your mouth  
    the food like watermelon supplies juice and drinks have nothing so bye bye you dead  
    ewww I picked the wrong one  
    I would push someone off LOL  
    can it be a lot late  
    BOTH he is my celebrity crush expecially on titanic I cried  
    explosive diarrhea would come at the wrong time like the middle of a silent test in front of everyone  
    it said ok looks like ugly looks  
    penguins and polar bears are life  
    go invisible and listen to others conversation  
    be invisible and skip class LOL  
    walk on your crush taking a shower LOL  
    I'm only 5'3  
    I would rather get a texted cuz it would be so funny  
    ill give it away but not all of it  
    that is SOO HARDDDD  
    I kill my self if I was with that guy ugly black dude LOL  
    OMG that was hard as crap but yeah I chose prison break  
    I chose Staline because Staline killed his own people  
    breaking bad ALL DAY  
    only child gets more stuff  
    you atheist need to stop worrying about us who do believe in God cuz then you would have a problem if we judged you all that matters is you'll see when you die rather your right or wrong  
    if you live in a nice house but bad place you would probs get robbed  
    if you speak in rhymes its like singing  
    I already have 5 hours of homeowrk  
    puberty sooooo BOY  
    I don't want to run out of gas in the middle of the rode at night in the middle of NOWHERE  
    Johann Sebastian bach just looks really scary and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart looks like a stalker you wake up and he will just there watching you sleep  
    ewwwww neither  
    there the same thing LOL same prices same looks same stuff just same everything  
    that's just gross if its your mom LOL  
    just use your phone or ipad LOL  
    don't judge we were all different as you guys are atheist and believe in that I'm a Cristian and believe what I want what makes a different what you think I don't care bout you reilgion so don't worry about me  
    the notebook made me cry like crap! I have a question, why did they not put jack and rose from titanic on there?  
    mo money  
    if you kill hitler you might alter the future LOL  
    me if I team up with the serial killer and keep it secret does that count?  
    who tf chose a blackberry'  
    I already loud and obnoxious +1
    I'm not ashamed of my body although it is weird  
    I bet some one the people who picked mitt Romney are racist and don't like barack Obama because he black its not about the race its about the debate  
    I'm already both of those  
    I love my best friend but I'm not going to prison LOL sometimes you have to move on  
    I'm already the youngest but the older one has more responsibilty  
    well I'm a girl  
    don't everyone gossip because some people don't even know when they are gossiping  
    in my opinions its weird when girls date younger are smaller boys than them  
    I already have the right one  
    I'm scared of both lol but plane is faster  
    I will kill myself before that ugly boy touches me LOL  
    she cant help it  
    I tried becoming a vegetarian but I failed and ate meat and did not even realize I was eating it  
    my friends will give me money  
    I'm scared of water expecially the deep scary creature ocean  
    bring my date to a party lol  
    if its ever dream then I will fall in love with the person then?  
    you can watch tv on the computer like Netflix or hulu or youtube lol  
    if I'm blind I might die from accidently walking into a street  
    GTA V  
    usually when I work in a group I tell them to move cuz I want everything to be perfect lol  
    I don't want to go to chine because they don't allow certain social medias you have to go to school all the time and they put kids to work  
    thumbs up if you live in the USA although I done with the usa I lived here since I was born and I want something new  
    if you live forever you will still be alive while all your loved ones are gone  
    I only picked bush cuz he cuter lol  
    wolves are cute  
    no one will tell m what to do  
    YASSS cuz I'm done with the united states  
    hunger games is bae but I would probably be the first one dead off something stupid like accidently falling over a rock and causing myself to have a coma  
    if I knew it all I could find the cure to cancer  
    don't inventors make more money than plain old leaders?  
    LOL right!  
    its a shame that they put kids to work like that  
    when everyone sits down I'm always standing lol  
    I like buffets pay like 24.00 dollars to get in then just eat all the food you want lol  
    if you a kid you have rules like you cant go outside or you can drive if you are an adult you can go hand with your friends anytime without them nagging  
    both are my worst fears. Titanic crashes into an ice burg and sinks in cold water while a plane catches in to flames and you can crash  
    that means you are a gold digger if you chose a rich douchebag  
    I don't care how rich you are, expecially if your ugly I have to kick you to the curve  
    I hope its my left arm cuz i'm stuck if I don't have my right arm I wont be able to write  
    I have experienced having a nice hot teacher but sucks at learning  
    Donald trump better not be predident  
    who dosent pee in shower?  
    I die happy  
    if I can see it in my future in the present I can try not to make those privotal moments come true  
    I'm already popular whats more to it?  
    I don't get books lol  
    if you are not weird you are normal and if you normal there is nothing unique about you sooo that's why I chose weird  
    ill be sad when Obama stops being president I just hope Donald trump don't get chosen or I'm moving courtries  
    like converse have always been popula  
    well I mean the old clothes are starting to get popular now again  
    I would have my worst enemy fart in front of her crush LOL  
    google is more famous anyways  
    I blurt everything anyways sooooo yh  
    if it snows, no school  
    I can brag LOL  
    its not what my family likes it what I like  
    In heaven its like better than earth and you can get whatever you want, basically living large and wealthy  
    Freddy Krueger appears in my dreams and kills me D:  
    at least in prison you get food  
    both are emberrsing  
    the bigger the better  
    I'm already a happy moron LOL  
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