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    Fk you hillbilly 3 years ago  
    Aids patients can live a normal life with treatment today, cancer all the way. 3 years ago  
    Kill yourself 3 years ago  
    Doubt that shlt faggot 3 years ago  
    Well seeing as i already live in new jersey 3 years ago  
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    Lol family guy 3 years ago  
    Seeing as I'm a boy 3 years ago  
    Kesha drinks her on piss you know 3 years ago  
    I know what it is but I'm not murdering my fking family 3 years ago  
    c a n c e r 3 years ago  
    No they don't. 3 years ago  
    Who the fak uses linux 3 years ago  
    Autism 3 years ago  
    I don't like this question 3 years ago  
    Proves all Texans are autistic 3 years ago  
    Funnyjunk because there are only 2 genders 3 years ago  

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