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    Gonna get downvoted to hell, but: heil  
    Either way, everyone loses.  
    You survive, barely, as a vegetable, until the date upon which you pass away quietly.  
    Yes, because when you have access to massive treasure trove of knowledge about magic, Wi-Fi's going to be a major concern. Just use magic to live a life of fame and wealth. Become the world's greatest magician.  
    Dis goy roight here, dis goy gits eet.  
    This post gave me: Acne ADD ADHD AIDs Allergies Alzheimers Altitude sickness ALS Ass worms´╗┐ Asthma Autism Blood clot Bone Marrow Disease Brain Cancer Breast cancer Cancer Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Cardiac Arrest Colon Cancer Common Cold Diabetes (type 2) Down syndrome Dyslexia Ear Infection Ebola Epilepsy Flu Gonorrhea Gum Disease H1N1 Hay Fever Heart Attack Heart Disease Heart failure Heartburn Hepatitis C Herpes HIV Hypothermia Joint Pain Kidney failure Lung cancer Lyme disease Malaria Migraine Nausea Osteoporosis Pharyngitis Polio Prostate cancer Psoriasis Schizophrenia Skin cancer Smallpox STDs Stroke Tape worms Terminal cancer Testicular cancer Throat cancer Tumors Ulcers West Nile Virus Yellow fever  
    Rather what? I'm staying neutral till I know.  
    No blood= easier death  
    Skill is learned, but you're born with talent.  
    Depends on which one. Some are cannibals. (Not being racist, it's true, some are cannibals.)  
    I'm like fruitcake. I never spoil  
    Both have female protaginists  
    This is a question of religion. Athiest= egg Religious= chicken +1
    This game is called "Survive the gunfire!"  
    You would be immortal because you'd have no body.  
    boys are easier to deal with.  
    14% are communist bastards.  
    64% have class  
    Aristotle thought that arrows were propelled by air filling the gap behind them. Never stopped to question how the gap came to be.  
    my dream is too be the best at everything including being rich  
    neither. incest is wrong.  
    I'm ok with emotional, but greedy is too much  
    b is useless for me, cause i would learn the same thing about everyone  
    depends on the game  
    neither. i would probably crash at high speeds  
    I can go camping ay time  
    most hunger is caused by war  
    Kind and smart seem pretty hot to me  
    smart=rich=girl of your choice  
    I always teach myself everything anyway  
    If reading is boring... STOP READING TWILIGHT!!!!  
    A virus would mess up my computer. A cold would give me more time to play on the compter.  
    I would be killed  
    I have book smarts. Would be nice to have street smarts.  
    Katniss seems a little too... emotionless for me.  
    Facebook is a sellout  
    How do I answer this without being chauvinist? If i pick the guy, It's like i'm saying women can't do it right. If I pick the woman, i'm being a pervert  
    Popular and awesome are not always synonyms  
    A game is a movie where your a character. Case closed. +1
    Depends on whether it's the real or fake kind of pirate and ninja. Fake= pirate cause jack sparrow real= ninja cause real pirates rape and murder  
    Assuming you're free, you could just make your way nrth.  
    Already deleted it  
    People keep saying not killing Hitler would be bad, But when you think about it, the U.N. was formed on the basis of "Never again." we wouldn't be nearly as close to world peace if it wasn't for the holocaust. And with 5 great innovative, imaginitive people, we could improve the world even more.  
    Everyone who says they would understand, read the description  
    In order to rule, you must know what you are ruling in the first place. Infinite power is knowledge. Besides, you can learn everything the is to know.  
    Ninjas exist. Wizards never have. Case closed.  
    Twilight fan:Hmmm... sparkling vampires and shirtless werewolves, or a magical adventure that has has dementors, voldemort, and a war with more than the fifty people fighting in twilight's conclusion?  
    If i knew the time, I would be shaking in my boots with fear. But if I knew the cause, i would feel comfortable knowing what to expect.  
    50\50 lol  
    Why use Wi-Fi when you can do almost anything with magic? +1
    All of our problems are self made, so if everyone obeys me, I wont let them create their problems  
    Technichally, most of california and nevada(including vegas) are in deserts  
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