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I only rap Caucasianally

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I made 2 sfm posters for my first time and I wanted to see what people thought of them :3 (Links in desc) btw imgur fucked up the quality so they look slightly grainier Steamed mans or Take off ya ugandans 9 months ago 36 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Whoever deleted my question is a bitch, 1v1 me irl Thicc carlton or memed hams 9 months ago 37 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Who would win in a fight to the death? One Punch Man or Captain Falcon 9 months ago 61 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Me and my friend just released v.0.2.5 of our little indie game (MechaLite), it's a very early game and it's sorta bad but we worked really hard on it, i'd appreciate if you played it and gave us some feedback :) (Link in description) Oke b0i or Back jew 9 months ago 40 votes 15 comments 0 likes
If you have any experiance with pixel art and you are good enough to follow instruction and are interested in helping make a game send me a PM and show me your work Thicc-xel art or steamed hams 10 months ago 33 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Ok seriously it's getting kind of stupid, can you guys leave FatGirls account alone, it's not that funny at this point k den or neigh 10 months ago 56 votes 22 comments 0 likes
Who is worse Adolph Hitler or TheFlyingFatGirl (wtf is this name) 10 months ago 69 votes 14 comments 0 likes
Who would win in a fight to the death? (pretty obvious but whatever) Stan pines (twin) or Rick sanchez 10 months ago 70 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Would you rather try to Teach a blind person what colors look like or Teach a deaf person what a fart sounds like 10 months ago 65 votes 3 comments 0 likes
Do you think it's stupid that store and business employees etc. can walk outside and smoke a cigarette but they can't walk outside and smoke a joint? Comment or Thicc 10 months ago 53 votes 20 comments 0 likes
Are you one of those D*ck-heads that when crossing the street takes their sweet sweet time or do you hurry your ass across the street I get my ass across the street or I walk as slow as humanly possible 10 months ago 74 votes 14 comments 0 likes
Does not liking animals make me a bad person? I don't think they should all die or something I just am not all "OOH LOOK AT THE CUTE LITTLE PUPPY!!!" when i see a small puppy and let them jump on me and lick my face, i don't even acknowledge them...*DON'T GET TRIGGERED IT IS A LEGITIMATE QUESTION* Comment or :3 10 months ago 40 votes 29 comments 0 likes
Which cereal is better Count chocula or Frankenberry 10 months ago 51 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Which is worse? Prescribed medication or Marijuana 10 months ago 66 votes 15 comments 0 likes
Which do you think is worse? Hookah or Ciggarettes 10 months ago 59 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Better candy {TOURNAMENT} Round 4 Nerds or Dots 10 months ago 55 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Since I already got the name for my game (The Fairly Oblivious, Yet Focused Game) I figured since you all were helpful I could ask for some more suggestions, (btw if you get picked you get early access if the game is made), What are some details (mushrooms, skulls etc) i should add into the game? Comment or Thicc 10 months ago 28 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Better candy {TOURNAMENT} Round 3 m&m's or Skittles 10 months ago 63 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Did you know that duck aren't supposed to eat bread? It is actually horrible for them... Wow, thanks for the knowledge, from now on if I to to feed a duck I won't feed it bread :D or Comment 11 months ago 75 votes 28 comments 0 likes
Better candy {TOURNAMENT} Round 2 Tootsie pops or Blow-pops 11 months ago 81 votes 9 comments 0 likes
I'm making a 2d fantasy pixel game and I can't come up with a name, it's sort of comedic but serious, you must collect all of the sword gems and defeat the overlord, any name ideas? Comment or Ur mom ghey 11 months ago 55 votes 34 comments 0 likes
Better candy {TOURNAMENT} Round 1 Swedish Fish (Personal Favorite) or Hot Tamales (One of my most hated candies) 11 months ago 73 votes 17 comments 0 likes
Who would win in a fight to the death? Thor or Wonder Woman 11 months ago 97 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Whenever i hold my breath for over 2 seconds a blackout and sometimes fall to the floor, should i be worried? (I know this isn't yahoo but they weren't answering) Yes (comment) "optional" or Nah 11 months ago 45 votes 3 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have Telekinesis but you lose your ability to hear and speak or The power of flight but you lose your ability to taste and feel 11 months ago 57 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Ignite 100 human babies and watch them cry and burn or Euthanize 1 rabid dog 11 months ago 62 votes 21 comments 0 likes
If you could exterminate 1 entire group of people (Men, Women, Gays,Blacks that sort of thing) Which would it be? Comment or I'm a kind individual that doesn't condone genocide. 11 months ago 53 votes 19 comments 0 likes

LordFuckwad has posted the following comments:

I do suck with lighting but i'm trying to improve, thanks for the feedback 9 months ago  
...oke den 9 months ago  
tough but B is less rapey XD 9 months ago  
oof 9 months ago  
Too scared of ghosts T-T 9 months ago  
anyone that just lets their child cross the street when they are 6 or under and they are with them is very irresponsible, i see parents all the time just stare ahead and let their small child wonder off and i feel like i should do something because they could get kid-napped and i want to kick their parents in the nuts 9 months ago  
hm...odd 9 months ago  
happens to much 9 months ago +1
mmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhh 9 months ago  
I knew everyone would choose A because of the pic XD 9 months ago  
XD 9 months ago  
Did you draw your own profile picture? if so good job 9 months ago  
i'm not saying I can decide but you still don't say you want anyone to die, you just don't 9 months ago  
MY CATCHPHRASE! NOOO! 9 months ago  
...nice 9 months ago  
You probably won't die because you "can" eat raw meat but fruits would just taste better, I guess i might switch my answer because A would actually be pretty cool 9 months ago  
Wow, what a coincidence that he has the exact same name XD 9 months ago  
B sounds like a gay porno 9 months ago  
Hope you ace it man 9 months ago +2
A is kind of featurless 9 months ago  
My heat resistance is good since I live in a f*cking desert but i just get really irritated when i'm hot, Cold sucks really bad though and I cannot tolerate it at all, and what would be the point of swimming in the sun? 9 months ago  
just because someone looks good doesn't really mean they are a good partner, that's something most guys fail to understand when they try to marry a woman for her looks 9 months ago +2
Already pretty strong and fast and i have good stamina, but I really like the flash and the faster you are the harder you hit 9 months ago +1
Bush ghey, Bush did 9/111111111 9 months ago +1
That doesn't really warrant saying something so horrible about your own parents 9 months ago  
I would ask what her parent did and if it was dumb like not let her have a boyfriend or something I would share my story and tell her to cherish the time she has with them, (probably won't get through to an annoying whit girl though) 9 months ago  
I don't even like america, yeah we have stuff or whatever but I was never into american history or politics because it's all drama and bullsh*t, I knew the pledge of allegiance but only when I went to school and that's because I had to, most of the time I just mumbled random words but they never taught the national anthem (I only went to public school for the second grade) 9 months ago  
Is that the yee dinosaur? 9 months ago +1
These images make me want to die, also you've almost been here a whole year...I pity your soul 9 months ago  
A = ghey and i haven't heard of B 9 months ago  
More like humans, they eat fruit and stuff, you can't eat raw ass meat, think about it 9 months ago  
Who cares what some game of thrones character has to say 9 months ago  
I'd just make a bunch of weird ass spells that are overly-sexual 9 months ago  
Can't eat raw fish and survive freezing weather, but you can climb some trees and eat some leaves and do what giraffes do 9 months ago  
Just noticed you profile pic is hatchetman, nice 9 months ago +1
Well who cares what they think, they steal our money and air 9 months ago +1
hmm, i guess you're right, but what would be the point of breathing in space, we have rockets and sh*t for that, maybe B wouldn't be more useful but it would be more of a cool superpower 9 months ago  
oh no not that, first i'm not white, second my hair has tighter curls, and it's isn't that big. Can't find any reference images because my hair is weird 9 months ago  
Regrets 9 months ago  
B then A, crazy Christians would take it as a sign from god and start killing non-believers and taking sh*t over 9 months ago +1
Reminiscing about being alive, (only 15) 9 months ago  
A's only good use is space but what would be the point, the pressure would blow up your head so it doesn't matter, with B you could explore sea's without limited oxygen. 9 months ago +1
no because you cant breathe with water 9 months ago  
Neither would look good on me, I have big poofy hair and I mostly just wear a semi-fro 9 months ago  
It's still quite obviously a joke 9 months ago +1
True, This guy had 3 cleft palate babies but still won't just stop having kids even though it's obvious either his sperm or his wife's ovaries are defective and these diseases may get even worse like down syndrome or other mis-shapen body parts, I don't even want to know what will happen if they have twins 9 months ago  
True, though last time I had non chain tacos they shell's weren't cooked and the meat wasn't seasoned at all, it was awful XD I can make better tacos myself (I make some damn good tacos) 9 months ago  
only if you're stupid and keep just inhaling you'd die, but a smart person shouldn't do something like that, i get your point though 9 months ago  
Well good, but not here XD 9 months ago  
British rage 9 months ago  
Most people keep their down-syndrome babies for sympathy believe it or not 9 months ago  
Neither, taco places are crap 9 months ago  
The pic in B is so stupid omg XD It takes a looooooot if weed (aprox 800 joints or 1 pound) to get close to an overdose 9 months ago  
Oh god no, My older Brother would watch A all the time and learn the moves and words and we just call him gay all the time now XD 9 months ago  
A I guess was meh but I grew up on B (even though now I realize it's pretty terrible) 9 months ago  
I would understand why he wouldn't tell me, but I would try to make his last few months better than an average day 9 months ago +2
same 9 months ago  
almost always mexicans for me 9 months ago  
Mostly just old people but I don't mind because they're excused 9 months ago  
I always hold the door for everybody because I was just raised to do it, but sometimes I go in to deep and the flood gates open and everybody starts rushing in and who I was with is already inside and if i just stop holding the door I feel like a dlck so I just have to wait it out and pray to god that I find who I was with inside 9 months ago  
The sequel looks dumb, I hate when animated movies import kids on the internet into the movie because I hate spoiled little sh*ts and they always portray them like that (which for the most part is true) and I hate being reminded that a lot of the kids in our country are spoiled privileged a$$holes...But the first one was pretty good :3 9 months ago +2
Classic 9 months ago  
People don't understand that Global Warming is cause by Jews taking all of our money and air, here's the logic, the Jews take our money, money is made of trees, the more money the Jews take the more money we need to give them more money so we are using all of the trees, we need air but they are taking the trees, no trees no air...ok thats not global warming but you get it...(this is a joke btw) 9 months ago +2
B then A 9 months ago  
Both probably 9 months ago  
God I hope it isn't, once they do we'll be slowly replaced by arnold schwarzenigger 9 months ago +1
True, corrupt politicians and people that are pussys and don't want to stand up for sh*t 9 months ago +2
oke 9 months ago +1
oof 9 months ago  
I doon't lika da p0ssi 9 months ago  
...was it you... 9 months ago +1
I don't watch 2 of those but opm is actually really good, have you even watched it? 9 months ago  
HOW THO? 9 months ago  
I don't watch WWE but B started off with nothing, living in his car and working at a golds gym, but he started training and wrestling at a smaller version of the WWE and just got noticed 9 months ago  
When I went to school I never ever pooped in the stalls, I never even poop in public, who would it's weird? 9 months ago +2
*keeps on scrolling* 9 months ago +3
Oh sh*t misclick 9 months ago  
How to hide both 2018 guide: Burp through your nose and I don't really want to explain the fart one but just google it or watch that nigahiga tutorial 9 months ago  
I want to die.....:/ 9 months ago +1
Jew's kille- I mean Fire's Father 9 months ago +1
oof, i hope i come back 9 months ago  
Only answer if you've watched or read opm...please 9 months ago  
Kill em with concentration ca-I mean Kill 'em with kindness 9 months ago  
Jelly is more chunky and jello like, jam is more broken up and loose 9 months ago  
The heart of hitler, strange, jk. Worldly heart, The first question is dumb, how does wanting to watch movies with a cat have to do with how nice you are? 9 months ago +1
Wonder Woman was god-awful, her fighting sucked, it was all bracelet blocks and shield blocks, the plot sucked too 9 months ago  
A has has the speed, strength and resilience to lay a smackdown on B imo, also everyone that picks B 1v1 me irl 9 months ago  
What you say is true sir 9 months ago +1
oh oke, where am I? XD (Just because I havent kept up with the last few questions) 9 months ago  
fawl-con, PAWNCH! 9 months ago  
question, did I die? 9 months ago  
A if they were a dude 9 months ago  
I'm clumsy enough at my current height, I don't want to fall on an orphanage or something 9 months ago  
I don't want either to die, I want people to stop killing each other over them, some guy called his dog stupid for getting stuck on a fence, he turned his back and his long time friend shot him in the back of the head, it's cruel how people treat each other over animals, it makes me sick. 9 months ago +1
ghey b0i 9 months ago +1
cause it ghey 9 months ago  
fick dich J├╝din Schwuchtel, BRENNEN ALLE JUDEN! 9 months ago  
...ghey 9 months ago  
B is funny, Napoleon: Let me explore Egypt. Egyptians: No. Napoleon: *conquers country* 9 months ago  
I don't think all cops should be killed or something, they just need to go to prison for random and unjustified killings and stuff 9 months ago +1
How are they there? XD 9 months ago  
5/10, only rhcp , guns 'n' roses and ac/dc aren't crap, queen is good too 9 months ago  
If any of my kids boy or girl had sex I would have to whoop some ass 9 months ago +1
Ew 9 months ago  
Cool, hope it was better than an average day 9 months ago  
T-T 9 months ago  
I'd want to keep working if I was rich because losing that money would be a fear to me XD 9 months ago  
A would be awful, B is a fvcking superpower 9 months ago +2
Ants are grade A+ assh*les, I was just minding my own business in my bed and 2 bit my f*cking balls a bunch of times and I didn't know what they were because I didn't have my glasses on! So f*ck them 9 months ago +1
Deaf people are pretty quiet and I can just write down what I want to say so whateves 9 months ago +1
My name is Alowishus Devadander Abercrombie (points if you know what thats from, don't google it you have to just know) 9 months ago  
wot? 9 months ago  
Turtles are better...triggered 9 months ago  
Lasagna is super unimaginative and half the time tastes like crap...But that looks pretty damn good 9 months ago  
A is super easy and I tie my shoes so they don't come undone, B is super useful and can't be done without a lot of work and inconvenience 9 months ago  
I don't really want a dog, it's to much money and work for something unnecessary, but if I got one it would probably just be a husky or pit bull or something 9 months ago  
I dream of jew's burning....so accurate 9 months ago  
god no 9 months ago  
You deserve rape XD 9 months ago  
But they don't have to know our language, it's bull, they put the Spanish culture to shame, and Mexicans don't even speak Spanish correctly, they slur it and speak slower, so they won't understand us talking in real Spanish anyways 9 months ago +1
I love turtles, they are lazy and slow.....like me ._. 9 months ago  
I'd rather work for my money than just receive it 9 months ago  
Musta for president 2020 9 months ago  
The only spicy food I like is hot cheetos XD 9 months ago  
Civil war was pretty boring and black panther seemed like total dog-sh*t, and the trailers seem meh, so yeah, not expecting too much 9 months ago  
wonder woman sucks imo 9 months ago  
freedom for president 9 months ago  
"Van of peace"....beautiful 9 months ago  
I don't give a f*ck, i sleep and like 1am or so 9 months ago  
Lets fvck some guests up 9 months ago  
Same 9 months ago  
Not into black girls....or girls 9 months ago  
Both 9 months ago  
My god, you're right! *gunshot* 9 months ago  
I know i'm not a general but i would hold up a damn shield and kill some dirty guests 9 months ago  
Same, though i'm not at all a car lover 9 months ago  
Thats a damn superpower 9 months ago  
I find vaginas disgusting and i just don't understand why anyone would want their penis inside of one but what ever floats your boat I say. I guess if i had to I would hold back the tears XD 9 months ago  
A isn't bi, it's just a rumor 9 months ago  
deadpool was one of a kind, that's what give's it it's awesome and hard to hate nature 9 months ago  
A seems to kinky for me 9 months ago  
Both were pretty awful, me and my sis saw A and i was joking and doing the heart thing on myself and she was freaking out...she's dumb 9 months ago  
yep, but he speaks english really well too 9 months ago  
indeed 9 months ago  
wot? 9 months ago  
usman's comment XD 9 months ago  
even if i hate an episode i usually stick around anyways so don't worry :P 9 months ago  
*insert joke about random user's ass here* 9 months ago  
would if i had my drawing pad :/ 9 months ago  
Texas has cities?!?!..the more you know 9 months ago  
They said they don't want to die in the hospital, so i can just dump their ass outside and walk back inside.....(jk i'll try to help them don't get triggered) 9 months ago  
My sister is my best friend and i'm over-protective of her 9 months ago  
smh 9 months ago  
is A maui? 9 months ago  
idfk 9 months ago  
yeah he's (in) france but he's from romania 9 months ago  
Still it's a retarded plot 9 months ago  
Why does the pic in A assume thats how parents raise their kids XD, i get made fun of a lot and picked on by my dad so no i wouldn't 9 months ago  
XD 9 months ago  
I've had my teddy bear for most of my life (I know i'm wayy to old for it but...f*ck you), if he could talk that would be amazing....i have no friends 9 months ago  
A is the reason i'm trying to do animation, i wish animation didn't take so long or he would be able to post more vids 9 months ago  
We took inspiration from mostly overwatch, borderlands and other futuristic games like those 9 months ago  
If I had a kid they would be adopted or born by a surrogate but based on how kids are idk if i want them, but depends on if my view changes. (it probably will) 9 months ago  
what? 9 months ago  
B's name is pretty funny but they seem super emo 9 months ago  
On B i thought that was her boob showing o-0 9 months ago  
Only if the don't involve pics of anime girls eating burgers 9 months ago +1
Our next door neighbor is a total weirdo and our others we don't talk to much, but there's an old Chinese lady across the street whose really nice and we talk to sometimes. 9 months ago  
what....is this? 9 months ago  
dammit misclick 9 months ago  
Both are retarded, A kills each other and B does the same thing but they do it with gangs and drugs so i guess B is worse 9 months ago  
Why did they make B a movie? 9 months ago  
*calls you gay* 9 months ago  
Korea will steal all of our dogs and make kebabs out of them, but at least we'll have our garlic bread 9 months ago  
I'd be kirby, he's an amoeba :3 9 months ago  
*beats alexw's cheeks* 9 months ago  
30 dollars XD 9 months ago +1
i'll try em out and see if i like them 9 months ago  
ew, Every kid I see where i live has B as a haircut, it's annoying af 9 months ago  
Guys wear B waaaaaaay to much, it's dumb 10 months ago  
Me? I meant it like killing babies is stupid not that it's better than killing a dog, i'd rather just kill a dog, and don't talk to me like that you're a guest XD 10 months ago  
oof 10 months ago  
oof, then B, open casket i guess 10 months ago  
I know this is kinds of a personal question, but for years i've always wondered why you were sooooo, depressed/alienated i guess 10 months ago  
I saw how long this was and said to myself "yep, elisae made that question" XD 10 months ago +2
some may disagree but little caesars is heaven 10 months ago +2
Pappuh johns all day b0i 10 months ago  
B are disgusting, that actually get germs ON your hands! Also, what the fvck is up with all the sanitizers saying "99.9%!" 10 months ago  
a) Possibly live but with a destroyed body. b) f*cking die. Hmmmmm 10 months ago  
I don't want to kill anyone XD 10 months ago  
I saw a video that sped lord farquaad's name being sped up from Shrek over and over, and it sounded like "Lord F*ckwad" and i thought it would make a funny username so that's my steam and discord name except those are "LordF*ckwadKingOfFarFarAway" :P 10 months ago  
Damn, misclick XD 10 months ago  
So i've heard XD 10 months ago  
Hm, i guess you're right, well it's a damn good anime in that case 10 months ago  
Please don't answer A unless you do pixel art please, thanks :3 10 months ago  
yep, it's a common mis-conception that gay people hate vaginas but it's really just a few people that aregrossed out by them :/ 10 months ago  
I'm mortified by vaginas..... ._. 10 months ago  
I didn't like dbz that much, i loved opm tho, hmm, mostly stuff like that sweet/vicious show was pretty cool, if i watch something animated it's usually adventure time because i grew up on it :3 10 months ago  
I don't know many but like sailor moon and sword art online 10 months ago  
ok thats you 10 months ago  
jesus me too 10 months ago  
So? Just because I think she sucks doesn't mean i'm heartless 10 months ago  
not change, but not just be a flat out d*ck :3 10 months ago  
i'll be the ultimate ass-hole, and i don't watch anime cause it's kind of meh, maybe someday but not now 10 months ago  
XD 10 months ago  
because they are kind of lame and when i tried to watch the (real anime) i didn't see what was so great about it 10 months ago  
I guess it is, but anime is just to vibrant and weird for me, i prefer cartoons, and if i tried to get into anime it would consume to much of my time that i don't have :P plus it's kind of over-rated imo 10 months ago  
hmmm, what is you're first name (i know it) and how old are you? Thats how you can prove it 10 months ago  
also her location said united kingdom so yeeeeh 10 months ago  
Work yes, i do online school :/, also i only have 1 pair of shoes that i wear outside and they are in a completely separate place from my other pair so thats extremely unlikely 10 months ago  
i can see that, i believe you 10 months ago  
I guess dbz is fine and i wouldnt consider one punch man an anime 10 months ago  
i don't watch any anime :/ 10 months ago  
they aren't that good, the commercials are loud, retarded and annoying and every time they come on i want to blow my brains out 10 months ago  
you can't just say misclick, you already said you'll do it 10 months ago  
EW! 10 months ago  
Oh yeah that explains it, thank you for the detailed explanation XD 10 months ago  
But A has been daed for a loong time 10 months ago  
lit 10 months ago  
ew you're 9?!?! 10 months ago  
ikr 10 months ago  
either 67% of people don't know B or are jewish 10 months ago  
*mercy kills you* 10 months ago  
I HATE A SO F*CKING MUCH! 10 months ago  
He's gonna stick his dinkle d*ck in kim jong dong's ass and start a war 10 months ago  
I thought A was cabbage but it wasn't so I just picked B :3 10 months ago  
to true 10 months ago  
do you have any idea what that means?!?! YOU'RE STICKING YOUR DICK IN YOUR DOG!!! DOESN'T MATTER HOW SLOW YOU GO YOU'LL PROBABLY TEAR IT'S ASS 10 months ago +2
cumnut the great 10 months ago  
they aren't bean bags tho 10 months ago  
sounds less cheesy and stupid 10 months ago  
:3, Just so you know I don't hate her, she's just sooo fvcking cringy 10 months ago  
idk what A did sooooooo 10 months ago  
Puerto ricans are pretty cool, never call them Mexicans, they don't like it! B is soooooo just god awful 10 months ago  
just...god 10 months ago  
0-o 10 months ago  
dude...that wasn't an insult. I said the anime was gay not you, also you say that like being gay is bad, (self reflection time *acoustic guitar kicks in*) 10 months ago  
I feel like more than just a friendly game of Bop It is going on in the background of B because of the curly hair guys face 10 months ago  
Well good, i thought she was trying to make it seem like she's american :P 10 months ago  
Why does your location keep changing XD YOU'RE FROM AFRICA! ACCEPT IT! 10 months ago  
Like i said, those damn greedy jews are taking up all the air with their big noses and weird little jew hats 10 months ago  
zelda ghey 10 months ago  
B just straight bores me 10 months ago  
classic, also did you take those pics? 10 months ago  
I'm pro at catching mini Swedish fish in my mouth, i dipped a fry in some ketchup once and tried to make it in my mouth...it didn't work 10 months ago  
do you know who Donald trump even is? 10 months ago  
*beats your cheeks* 10 months ago  
gay 10 months ago +1
Whatever, but this isn't unarmed, and even if it was, rick would still find some sort of tricky way to win 10 months ago  
I'm stupid when it comes to math so anything but math and i';m good, but i'm good with physical labor depending mostly on my mood 10 months ago  
Make fun of the fact that they are in a coffee shop like a douchey hipster would 10 months ago +2
Have you seen rick fight? 10 months ago  
i like negan for whatever reason, but Glenn was bae and i'll never forgive him T-T 10 months ago  
spyro needs to be in certain areas to have powers tho right? 10 months ago +1
no 10 months ago  
I never got over the fact that everyone is made of their dad's jizz 10 months ago  
it's called life get over it 10 months ago +1
wubba lubba dub dub 10 months ago  
The real question is how couldnt i 10 months ago +1
lel i'm joking 10 months ago  
Broadway, *scoff*, more like Broad-GAY! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAINEEDFRIENDSHAHAHAHAHA 10 months ago  
Nois b0i 10 months ago  
How 0%?!?! I can whoop some ass 10 months ago  
*beats your cheeks* 10 months ago  
Have done that, did not end well 10 months ago  
misclick, but i only get annoyed when they leave my door open and i'm chilling 10 months ago  
Jesus......why? 10 months ago  
B looks like heaven 10 months ago  
You because you're a filthy guest 10 months ago +1
FlyingFatGirl suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucksssssssss, SO HARD 10 months ago +4
SO HARD! but A makes me crap my pants 10 months ago  
I shall rape them and beat their cheeks......no homo 10 months ago  
Already knew A, and screw gingers, at least we have souls and can go outside without being bathed in sun-screen and still having to cower below the decks! 10 months ago  
....meh again 10 months ago +1
meh 10 months ago  
My dad's a juggalo but he loves A :3 also i'm joking it's alright, he's only a bit over rated 10 months ago  
A was actually alright, now i wouldn't watch it again because it's just way to slow 10 months ago  
#bushdid911 10 months ago  
Isn't that good? 10 months ago  
Both are ugly XD 10 months ago  
ikr, does super hate you? 10 months ago  
what a cuck boi 10 months ago  
nois 10 months ago  
Easy 10 months ago  
Awesome 10 months ago  
B has SOME fine songs 10 months ago  
HEATHEN 10 months ago  
same 10 months ago  
waffle boi 10 months ago  
A are almost always yappers 10 months ago +1
So hard 10 months ago  
Also i never said i didn't "like" animals i just don't like the way people act around them :/ 10 months ago  
XD 10 months ago  
Who? 10 months ago  
hockey is litty 10 months ago +1
Both are great 10 months ago +1
Both suck 10 months ago +1
B is waaaaaay worse than A 10 months ago +2
cant be over like that XD 10 months ago  
damn, i regret my answer 10 months ago  
f*ck her up! 10 months ago  
I was actually talking about A yesterday :/ 10 months ago  
The show is stupid and the channel is cringy xd now he isn't that annoying, but it's just an all around bad idea 10 months ago  
just cause it ghey doesn't mean we are a match, it gheyer than me :3 10 months ago  
anime still ghey 10 months ago  
I don't watch anime, it ghey 10 months ago  
i'm a good artist already, this would just give me a career i already wanted 10 months ago +1
we BRUSH OUR TEETH 10 months ago +1
you need to make biscuits 10 months ago  
uh oh fag alert 10 months ago +1
I shall not give in to the crap that is Taylor swift! 10 months ago  
You've already circumcised him, just do it all in once 10 months ago  
how do you know he isn't, uh oh fag alert 10 months ago +2
Won't I die with A? 10 months ago  
easter gay, *beats easter's cheeks* 10 months ago  
i need those 50 cents to afford cheap dollar store condoms 10 months ago  
easter gay 10 months ago  
would be cooler the other way around 10 months ago  
that song is sh*t XD 10 months ago  
A: Do something harmless B: Kill yourself slow 10 months ago +1
Words to live by 10 months ago +2
B is actually true 10 months ago  
We need american, i'm assuming he will get better if we leave 10 months ago  
I feel like people that call him awful now just hate that someone like that has so many subs 10 months ago +1
I have to moods when it comes to that (Joking and paranoid af), so I would either look around with a dumb look on my face or say-"Nope, f*ck this i'm out" 10 months ago  
I won't hate myself afterwards XD 10 months ago  
I hate Easter but I enjoy looking for the eggs 10 months ago  
..........ghey 10 months ago  
it does depress me when i play for too long :3 10 months ago  
that is what i was thinking about while making this question XD 10 months ago  
i'll be so lucky I can burn the fat off in a month 10 months ago  
Because i don't think B is possible XD 10 months ago  
sorry MK, but minecraft is a great multiplayer, you just piss me off XD 10 months ago  
both are amazing games 10 months ago  
be myself? 10 months ago  
I grew up on A 10 months ago  
already am, but i never bring it up.....oh sh*t 10 months ago  
i play bass, but i want to learn guitar as well :3 10 months ago  
xd 10 months ago  
no a little bit because the government is greedy and can't let us be tooo rich, but rich people kind of suck...most 10 months ago  
dafuq is A? 10 months ago +1
At least it's not just an endlessly blocky universe 10 months ago  
Far Cry is the sh*t 10 months ago  
Just cause 3 is awesome 10 months ago +1
*beats your cheeks* 10 months ago +1
what? 10 months ago  
Both are great 10 months ago  
fep fep 10 months ago  
*attempts to marylin manson self* 10 months ago  
only when laying down :/ 10 months ago  
um, bye? 10 months ago  
I can never go swimming >:( 10 months ago  
oh my god same xd 10 months ago  
*human haters* 10 months ago  
ew XD 10 months ago  
I mean i wouldn't want the good guy team to be ambushed :3 10 months ago  
I cant believe the dark guild are a bunch of muggle racists XD 10 months ago  
trump 10 months ago  
A biased conservative literally controls the media, sooooo no 10 months ago +3
HEATHEN 10 months ago  
B sucks, A inspired me to do digital art :3 10 months ago  
I ghey 10 months ago  
i don't care, I don't like steak :/ 10 months ago  
I would be piiiiiiiiiiiiiiised, this ho, i would make her get an abortion and i would beat her ass XD 10 months ago +1
is that a person? 10 months ago  
1738 10 months ago  
around 6 or 7 10 months ago  
I grew up listening to A 10 months ago  
:3 10 months ago  
Anything but B 10 months ago  
really tough, both are awesome 10 months ago  
the king of clean raps 10 months ago  
HEATHEN! 10 months ago  
ew a guest 10 months ago +1
wow, i didn't know so many people on this site were homophobic XD 10 months ago  
B is godawful and i will never like her 10 months ago  
The pic for a XD 10 months ago  
I just flip my d|ck up in my shirt, i don't know what the big deal is, B is pretty much unavoidable 10 months ago  
i'm getting one in like a year :3 10 months ago  
A is ghey 10 months ago  
you got your wish XD 10 months ago  
A is litty boi 10 months ago  
Dean is awesome and he is a great chatacter but van helsing is a very experienced fighter 10 months ago +1
Well for no reason and for entertainment 10 months ago  
just....stop 10 months ago  
i'd like to see that 10 months ago  
We may be animals but putting a fully sentient human in imprisonment forever while being watched is cruel :3 10 months ago  
you saw that video too XD 10 months ago  
A isn't invulnerable, he would get demolished 10 months ago +1
Anyone that chooses A is a pussy XD 10 months ago  
i would say something but not make it a whole case 10 months ago  
*beats your cheeks* 10 months ago  
oof 10 months ago  
maybe they aren't racist but its just that the santa they know isn't black, but it might be you never know 10 months ago  
Why can't a boy play with a "girls" toy? 10 months ago +1
I like both it's difficult 10 months ago  
More the reason to make fun of them.......>:) 10 months ago  
i mean every person i've disliked i've had a reason, so is that possible? 10 months ago  
there already isnt much pay, might as well not waste time, i'm sorry AJ still love you bb 10 months ago  
A would be easier on you to do :/ 10 months ago  
We share a name so, thats a win in my book 10 months ago  
i sent funman the suicide hotline and he thought it was my number XD 10 months ago  
he would blast some ass 10 months ago  
A sucked but i'm afraid of ocean monsters, even if they are docile still....nah bruh 10 months ago  
mine is weirder, i pretend i'm eating people :3 10 months ago +1
everone here has middle birthdays XD Mine is dead last on Dec 11 10 months ago  
any of my family 10 months ago +1
Mike tyson is a beast 10 months ago  
I feel like A would hurt more to transform into, also you kill people without any control :3 10 months ago  
not all are bad for you, just chicken really 10 months ago  
That song was awesome 10 months ago +1
i refuse to let my child be a slut.....omg i'm turning into a christian mom!!!! 10 months ago  
ikr, i might just have to throw down on some teenagers 10 months ago  
as long as users are active no 10 months ago +1
trump? 10 months ago +2
ye, weed helps, it cured me mom 10 months ago  
I feel like more people die because of hunger 10 months ago +1
jab that bih in it's eyes 10 months ago +1
I really want to play WoW but it would lag like crazy XD 10 months ago  
ikr 10 months ago  
Farcry is amazing 10 months ago  
Well then i guess mine is different XD 10 months ago  
A was boring really 10 months ago  
please no, both suck 10 months ago  
yobbhitmeup @1-800-273-8255 10 months ago  
already am A, but don't take this as trans-phobic, but I always though B was stupid, like why would you want to mutilate your penis? To feel like a girl? WHY!?!? 10 months ago +1
*beats your cheeks* 10 months ago  
B sucks, how can you just not get scared, you don't have any control over it >:( 10 months ago  
A sucks, buuuuuut, i'm lonely so it's fun to play with friends sometimes :/ 10 months ago  
His voice makes everything scarier xd 10 months ago +1
Waffle boi is cool, idk about B, she's........ :/ 10 months ago  
*shots fired* 10 months ago +1
ragnarok was probably one of my favorite marvel movies :3 10 months ago  
*Beats your cheeks* 10 months ago  
y tho 10 months ago  
LIVE!...SURVIVE!, also nice opm reference...i'm guessing that's a reference 10 months ago  
It's crappy 10 months ago  
legion is good m8 10 months ago  
hulk lit, black panther ghey 10 months ago  
oh damn that does make sense 10 months ago  
thor4life 10 months ago  
it is a waste but leather is actually important for a lot of basic items :/ 10 months ago  
:3 10 months ago  
oh ok then 10 months ago  
Forever? 10 months ago  
i guess you're right, still the law is kind of stupid in a way, because not all weed gets you super high, most just mellows you out and makes you calm 10 months ago  
Not if you only smoke *1* joint, it's basically a cigarette minus the horrible toxins 10 months ago  
well only if you are a total stoner and smoke like 10 joints at once than you might actually act a little stupid because that is just overdoing it, but it isn't like being drunk or on crack or something stupid like that, it's more like being laid back and chill 10 months ago  
Oh, dude, it's just a profile picture, i thought it was funny, and a "sprite" is the term for pixel art 10 months ago  
That's just a big stereotype about marijuana, that it makes people lazy and stupid, because that's all the movies and TV shows show, but trust me, that never happens, also marijuana isn't nearly as bad as cigarettes, they did a test and it showed that you would have to smoke well over 800 joints to even get close to an actual overdose, long-term cigarettes destroy your body and kill you, while marijuana does the opposite, now i'm not saying absolutely everybody should spend all day only smoking weed, just that it isn't nearly as bad as everybody thinks, and when people come along saying it's deadly and kills brain cells or whatever I want to kill myself......just realized i wrote an entire paragraph about weed, nice 10 months ago  
minus the damage 10 months ago  
, true,but don't cigarettes do that aswell? 10 months ago  
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