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Greetings! I'm Lord pinkleton and i ask questions.

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How do you think people will view sex and relationships in 30+ years? Sex will be more open, casual and pleasure based than relationship based. Marriages will be more or less obsolete since no one sees point in them. Cheating is more or less accepted and a common practice is to have sex with others while in a relation. People will be more sexual in nature than before. or More or less the same. Or people will be more strict who they have sex with and relationships will be as usual. People will still marry and all kinds of cheating is shunned. Laws against porn and sex on tv. Harder laws against sex work and pedophilia. People will have less sex in general. 7 months ago 139 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Cure cancer or Solve world hunger 7 months ago 76 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Would you under any circumstanse try to seduce a teacher (male or female) inorder to pass a class or get higher grades? Well duh, I need to give head, in order to get ahead! or WHAT?! NO! What kind of person do you think i am!? I have morals and principles....... (Hey anybody got the answers for this test ill pay you $) 7 months ago 76 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Would you rather find out (beyond the shadow of a doubt) that God(s)... WAS real, but in no shape or form influences or affects life and people. (lets everything take its own course). or NOT be real. But also realise there is no true meaning behind life and no ultimate purpose or hope without any superior power. 7 months ago 104 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Who would you rather kiss for a solid 10 minutes with? 12 year old or 80 year old 7 months ago 139 votes 31 comments 0 likes

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Seriously though, 25 is obviously optimal age. What i meant was that it is too high and the question isn't optimal. Bad choice of a word then i guess... 7 months ago +1
You're right! It shoud be 45 actually... the we're talking optimal ;) 7 months ago  
The way Disney keeps buying everything... i wouldn't be suprised if ALL of these movies would get a crossover in the future. 7 months ago  
I'll be a good ruler! Maybe i need to send someone to some facility somewhere occasionally or have some orvellian measures to keep the populace in order for our alien overlords... but you know a good ruler! 7 months ago +1
B can make A go sleep with the fishes! 7 months ago +1
I think it should be based on knowledge and ability make informed decisions. Both options are kinda bad since they're not optimal. 7 months ago  
I need names.... it's for research... scientific reasearch, yeah. 7 months ago  
How so? 7 months ago  
World domination here i come! 7 months ago +2
Deus Ex Machina! 7 months ago  
I can handle gangstas... i can't handle clowns doe. 7 months ago  
Uh, i suppose B is better than A in a way but... 7 months ago  
Honestly, if the apocalypse were anything like "the Walking Dead" then yeah. It boggles my mind how the characters have so much problems with a virus wich doesn't make you sick, untill you get bit. Problems with the "walkers" when they are so slow and completely mindless. Struggles with em in the first seasons is somewhat understandable but not in the later seasons.... sorry this turned into a rant uh the answer is yeah. lol 7 months ago  
If i work maybe i can become a billionaire 7 months ago  
I'll be having sex! With my hot imaginary girfriend. JK I don't have a girlfriend... even an imaginary one :( 7 months ago +1
I get raped in videogames all the time lol 7 months ago  
Dammit should have said A... because i don't have to be that for the rest of my life... now Im a frikkin soy boy :( 7 months ago  
Liberals today aint what they used to be. 7 months ago  
They're the same, but different :) 7 months ago  
Build the wall! 7 months ago  
Sure because i feel like screwing up the entire space time continuum! 7 months ago  
This is what happens when Valve doesn't release any game with a 3 in it! It gets compared to EA... 7 months ago +1
If you're articulate, you could be that in writing aswell! 7 months ago +1
I will ask him or her if they have some catalogue with all the sports results and lottery numbers from the past milennia just lying around ;) 7 months ago  
If it would have said europe i would have chose it but i much prefer USA over the EU... 7 months ago  
Cant really taste difference, but i saw a pepsi ad last so therefore i chose A lol 7 months ago  
I gotta go B because the clown said i was "loving it". Im not sure if i believe him though... 7 months ago  

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