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    I would rather have money because then I would be able to use for things that I need in life so I can be successful.  
    I've never worked. :)  
    Follow your dream and eventually achieve it. :)  
    Laundry. :) +1
    Read a book. :)  
    Learn a foreign language to fluency. :)  
    The chicken. :)  
    The second one. :)  
    Have 5 hours of homework a day. :)  
    Sing every word I speak. :)  
    Have a double chin. :)  
    Pretty Little Liars. :)  
    Musical instruments. :) +2
    Shout it out loud. :)  
    Whatever God gives me. :)  
    B. :)  
    Maybe. :)  
    Filet mignon. :)  
    Have 100 more questions. :_  
    An avatar. :)  
    I don't know. :)  
    An artist for Disney. :)  
    A pretty plus sized girl. :)  
    A Deal or No Deal model. :)  
    It depends on the movie. :)  
    Chicken on the floor. :)  
    The funniest person ever. :)  
    No. :)  
    No. :)  
    Yes. :)  
    Glee. :) +1
    Surf. :)  
    Bad house in a great country. :)  
    Do your homework and get a reward. :)  
    Never wear make-up again because I don't wear make-up. :)  
    America's got talent. :)  
    Best film director and producer of the world. :)  
    Regular. :)  
    In a fender bender. :)  
    God mode. :)  
    Mozart. :)  
    Rihanna. :)  
    The lyrics. :)  
    Masterpiece and get no credit. :)  
    Basketball. :)  
    Both please. :)  
    Give birth. :)  
    Live with 12 other people. :)  
    John Lennon. :)  
    Fruit ninja. :)  
    Live with love and absolutely nothing. :)  
    Vitamin Water. :)  
    A famous film star in America in 1920. :)  
    Moves like Jagger. :)  
    Be invited to a royal Christmas feast. :)  
    Have the perfect relationship. ;)  
    Use the public restroom. :)  
    Be stuffed in a locker. :)  
    Glee. :) +1
    Scientologist. :)  
    Forget who everyone else was. :)  
    Fruit and be healthy. :)  
    Wait for the perfect guy and date no one else before him. :)  
    Netflix. :)  
    I have AT&T. ;)  
    A lot of consecutive honks. ;)  
    Spain. :)  
    Give it all of it to the ones who are less fortunate than you. :)  
    London. :)  
    T-shirt and no bra. :)  
    Never be able to stop talking. :)  
    Flight be 8 hours late. :)  
    Wait to get to know him or her better and fell in love before. :)  
    Family Guy. :)  
    Take back anything I say. :)  
    By my friends. :)  
    Tell the truth. :)  
    Auston Kutcher. :)  
    Give up my social life. :)  
    Short. :)  
    Sleep an hour less than I usually do. :)  
    No legs. :)  
    Pencil. :)  
    Ugly and loved by everyone. :)  
    Purple skin. :)  
    The best magician in the world. :)  
    Blown. :)  
    Extremely sexy/flirty personality, with ok looks. :)  
    Singing. :)  
    Family Guy. :)  
    In prison. :)  
    Have a line in a blockbuster movie. :)  
    Chicken is my favorite food. :)  
    Have a perfect relationship. :)  
    No internet connection. ;)  
    I don't care about politics. :)  
    Be able to fly. :)  
    Make an obscene phone call to your mother once a week. :)  
    Go on a blind date. :)  
    Listen to Eminem. :)  
    Minute to win it because American Idol is overrated. :)  
    Poor and loved. :)  
    I love the Madmen intro. :)  
    Way too early. :)  
    Survive the apocalypse on Earth. :)  
    Smart and fat because I can lose weight and still be smart. :) +1
    I own a Wii. :)  
    Miss the first on who wants to be a millionare. :)  
    New hair. :)  
    Have a friends that always borrows money. :)  
    Pudding. :)  
    Sunglasses. :)  
    I want to teleport. ;)  
    Poop my pants and have no one know. :)  
    2700s. :)  
    Be hit by lightning. :)  
    Flats. :)  
    Play computer games then go to sleep. :)  
    Be able to speak 5 languages. :)  
    Target. :)  
    California. :)  
    A view of the water. :)  
    Be someone's pet cat. :) +1
    A pool. :)  
    Middle class today. :)  
    Bald. :)  
    Be guaranteed and entrance to Heaven. :)  
    When I'm 30. :)  
    He's a good actor regardless. ;)  
    Summer every day of my life. :)  
    Anorexic because then I can gain weight. :)  
    A brave heroine. :)  
    Have a great talent and be poor. ;)  
    How I will die because then I can prevent it. :)  
    Iced coffee. :) +1
    Live in a haunted house. :)  
    Be in my pajamas all day because then I'd be comfortable. :)  
    Records. :)  
    A. :)  
    I didn't watch the Quantom of Solace, and I heard it wasn't that good. :)  
    Who wants to be a millionaire? :)  
    A midget. :)  
    A job I love. :)  
    All the bad attention. :)  
    Ugly baby that's going to be smart. :) +1
    Two and half men because at least this show makes sense to me. :)  
    A tropical place with a hotel. :)  
    Surfing in the South. :)  
    Either way I'm not going to have a chance. :)  
    British girl school uniforms. :)  
    Son tell me he is gay. :)  
    Hamburgers. :)  
    Canada. :)  
    Drown to the bottom of the ocean. :)  
    God. :) +1
    One best friend. :)  
    Chips ahoy. :)  
    Favorite movie star. :)  
    Live on food. :)  
    Be wolverine. :)  
    Mud on my new white shirt because then I can clean it. :)  
    Apple. :)  
    Basketball. :)  
    Hannah Montana. :)  
    Be my own boss. :)  
    Have to get married at 8. :)  
    The perfect body and my current face. :)  
    The macroscopic scale. :)  
    A beautiful face and ugly body. :)  
    Carry an open umbrella everywhere I go. :)  
    Ian Somerhalder. :)  
    Sore throat. :)  
    A comedian. :)  
    Punished by my mom. :)  
    White chocolate. :)  
    No, it wasn't. :)  
    Capitalism. :)  
    Harry Potter. :)  
    Loved and poor. :)  
    Hogwarts. :)  
    It doesn't quite matter to me. :)  
    Take a bubble bath. :)  
    Ugly and smart. :)  
    I'd rather own a successful record company. :)  
    Taylor Lautner. :)  
    Have very long hair. I love my hair. :)  
    Happy. :)  
    You need both. ;)  
    Start the world all over (better) :)  
    Be celibate. :)  
    Back to reality. :)  
    Step up. :)  
    In 2008. :)  
    Mountain climbing even though I'm scared of heights. :)  
    The near future. :)  
    At the top of Mount Everest. :)  
    Live in a haunted house. I don't want to be killed by a serial killer. :)  
    My favorite celebrity. :)  
    Inception because I've never seen that movie before. :)  
    Xbox 360. :)  
    Neither. :)  
    A werewolf. :)  
    Gradually go blind. :)  
    Beautiful house with a ugly car. :)  
    At night. :)  
    Always be overworked. :)  
    Poorest part of Haiti so I can help them. :)  
    Jedi. :)  
    Shout. :)  
    Gordan Ramsay. :)  
    Life is an opera. :)  
    Marijuana be taxed and legal. :)  
    Yes. :)  
    Be talented with a passion for music but unknown. :)  
    Curable cancer. :)  
    Horrible gas milage. :)  
    1 nice child for 3 dollars.  
    Gay men attracted to me. :)  
    Be losers with true fans. :)  
    Live on a boat. :)  
    I don't mind. :)  
    Blind. :)  
    Spiderman. :)  
    Change my name. :)  
    Star Wars. :)  
    Live in a shack with people. :)  
    Poor and happy. :)  
    I'd rather walk along a beach. :)  
    Educate and supply them. :) +68
    Calibri. :)  
    U. S. A. :)  
    Cow. :)  
    Crocodiles. :)  
    Yacht :)  
    The hunger games. :)  
    I'd rather die at age 90. :)  
    Be shy and a geek. :)  
    They're the same thing. :)  
    Saver. :)  
    Fame. :)  
    Miami. :)  
    Being in love with the person of my dreams. :)  
    Having more friends. :)  
    No sex until marriage. :)  
    Youtube. :)  
    Enforce a vegan diet on everyone. :)  
    Woman. :)  
    Dip my finger in acid. :)  
    Age doesn't matter because love is love. :)  
    Please. :)  
    Eat 20 potatoes. :)  
    Live in the city. :)  
    Obama. :)  
    Luxury hotel. :)  
    Middle class in 2011. :)  
    A tree house. :)  
    No. :)  
    Before. :)  
    My annoying grandma. :)  
    In front of all my friends. :)  
    The first one without facebooking. :)  
    The second one is more beautiful. :)  
    surf like a boss. :)  
    Adopt. :)  
    Low self-esteem. :)  
    By ultrasound. :)  
    Owls are small and adorable. :)  
    I live in the USA so........... :)  
    Flashlight hands. :)  
    A slow recovery. :)  
    Kill Hitler. :)  
    Family Guy. :)  
    Acoustic guitar is prettier. :)  
    2nd best. :)  
    Be a rockstar. :)  
    Have the next year off with normal pay. :)  
    Both please. :)  
    Christmas. :) +1
    I'd rather be proposed to in private. :)  
    I didn't read the books. :)  
    Not steal. :)  
    I want to fall in love. :)  
    Through hard work. :)  
    Make a difference in the world. :)  
    Go on a date. :)  
    Console gaming. :)  
    Go to a dance club. :)  
    I'd rather not drink alcohol at all. :)  
    Football. :)  
    Swim. :)  
    Win the Nobel Peace Prize. :)  
    Abducted by aliens. :)  
    A poor caring bf. :)  
    A famous inventor. :)  
    The youngest. :)  
    Become paraplegic. :)  
    Both please. :)  
    Bill Gates. :)  
    Walk in the jungle with a hungry lion. :)  
    Read an awesome book. :)  
    Surfing the internet. :)  
    A star of a losing team. :)  
    A poor scientist. I'm a genius so yeah. :)  
    Against abortion, but there are good reasons where it should happen. :)  
    I've never had my first kiss. :)  
    Make a phone call. :)  
    People I hate. :)  
    Be the smartest person in school. :)  
    Racism. :)  
    No. :)  
    Photographic memory. :)  
    Always say everything on my mind. :)  
    Know it all. :)  
    Live a normal length and die with the ones I love. :)  
    Ability to remember diminished. :)  
    Stop both. :)  
    Iphone. :)  
    Harry. :)  
    A leg. :)  
    A kid forever. :)  
    I'd rather have a romantic supper beforehand even though I don't want an one night stand. :)  
    Google. :)  
    No. :)  
    Live in my utopia. :)  
    Have no privacy. :)  
    Cat. :)  
    Obama. :)  
    Relationship. :)  
    I'd rather have my looks change everyday. :)  
    Psychological pain. :)  
    Super smash bros. :)  
    I don't have an ex so........... :)  
    World Hunger. :)  
    Gifts. :)  
    Disabled because then I'm smart. :)  
    Snow fall. :)  
    My hometown named after me because then it would be more special. :)  
    A bum because then everyone cares about me. :)  
    Keyboard and mouse. :)  
    Live forever. :)  
    Live anywhere. :)  
    Parents because they mean the most to me. :)  
    Both are beautiful. :)  
    Does it matter? :)  
    I don't drink soda. :)  
    I talk too much. :)  
    Starbucks. I don't drink soda. :)  
    Ski lift. :)  
    I'd rather find my soul mate. :)  
    I'm scared of heights. :)  
    I like my friends so......... :)  
    Have a perfect memory. :)  
    We're already in space so I would discover the Earth. :)  
    I don't like to drive. :)  
    Toast. :)  
    Doctor because then I can save lives. :)  
    Hawaii! :)  
    Neither please. :)  
    Both please. :) +1
    Control my dreams. :)  
    I talk too much so......... :)  
    Either way you're pleasing someone. :)  
    I'd rather please the ones that love me the most. :)  
    Video games are always fun with people. :)  
    I love chicken! :)  
    I'd rather give up my computer. I love my friends especially my best friend. :)  
    I'd rather save my sister because she's little and she has more life to live then I do. :)  
    Have book smarts because intelligence can help you with street smarts. :)  
    70 cats because at least I can tolerate it. :)  
    I'd rather be clean then see how I look. :)  
    It depends on your cell phone. :)  
    YES PLEASE! :)  
    Zoom in my hearing because then listening to music would be more awesome. :)  
    Pee in shower. :)  
    Hear the good news first. :)  
    Rebecca Black because her autotuned song was horrible. :)  
    Be sick. :)  
    Dress in the way that was popular 20 years ago. :)  
    Milkshakes. :)  
    Ninja. :)  
    I'd rather give no gift at all. :)  
    Good at something I hate. :)  
    Brilliant. :)  
    Go outside. :)  
    Star Trek. :)  
    Can I just have the music instead? :)  
    Cruise. I have a fear of flying. :)  
    I'd rather know the truth. :)  
    Either way I'm screwed. :)  
    Good question. :)  
    Neither please. :)  
    I'd rather have my long time crush like me because if I knew who liked me, I wouldn't be special. :)  
    Mind fudge! :)  
    Watch a short clip of a bad moment so I can stop it from happening. :)  
    As long as they can make me better, I don't care.:)  
    Looks don't matter to me. :)  
    If I work in a group, I could get more done. :)  
    Both are a beautiful sight to see. :)  
    If i get rid of all the bad drivers then I would be preventing car accidents. :)  
    I'd rather have someone who cares about me because then our relationship could go stronger. :)  
    Google chrome. :)  
    I'd rather know how I die so at least i'll be able to prevent it. :)  
    I don't like being alone. :)  
    I would rather have picture perfect memories because then I could always remember the good times in my life. :)  
    I'd rather get kicked out of work because education is more important in life. :)  
    Both would be beautiful sight to see. :)  
    A starving child in Africa because then it would be a good experience to see what it's like to not have food for a long period of time. I just want to have a day in their shoes to see what kids in Africa go through. :)  
    It doesn't matter. Money doesn't mean a thing to me. :)  
    I'd rather be surrounded by people. :)  
    Michael Jackson. :)  
    Whatever God gives them. :)  
    I'd rather have 10 wishes because I know that 3 of my wishes would be peace, love, and happiness. :)  
    There's a enough religions and company's in the world, but I would definitely start my own company. :)  
    I would rather kill Hitler because then I would save a lot of lives. :)  
    Monkeys are cuter. :)  
    I'd rather have a chauffeur because I don't like driving. :)  
    I would stop the holocaust because that way you can save more lives from getting killed. :)  
    I like both actresses. :)  
    I'd rather sing in the national anthem because I don't feel comfortable doing a nude scene for a movie. :) +2
    I would rather visit China. :)  
    I would rather be in control of my dreams. :)  
    Neither. :)  
    I would rather be able to read minds because i'm scared of heights. :)  
    I would rather live in a world with no marriage because if you have a bad relationship and you're married and there's no divorce, you would have to suffer for the rest of your life. :)  
    I would rather not be popular because that doesn't matter to me. :)  
    I would rather be able to speak all foreign languages because it would be usual for travel. I would love to speak Spanish. :)  
    It doesn't matter to me as long as I can live. That's a hard question. :)  
    I'd rather lose one sense. :)  
    I'd rather have more time. :)  
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