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Nationality: Saudi Arabian Name: Abdulaziz Languages: Norwegian, Arabic, French, English, Russian Sexuality: Gay Status: Dating Living currently in Canada, used to live in Saudi Arabia :)

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At least then you can blame someone other than yourself 3 years ago  
In theory, you could sell the lightsaber and feed a lot of starving children, but you don't know for sure that somebody's going to buy it, option a on the other hand, has a 100% chance of working. 3 years ago  
Tests would be so easy and remembering people's names 4 years ago  
Nowhere to surf 4 years ago  
I win 4 years ago  
I live in an igloo,already and I ride my Polar Bear to school which is made of ice 4 years ago  
Serbia 4 years ago  
I chose this because I prefer the Assasin's Creed solo gameplay 4 years ago  
George W Bush did moron do your research and stop being a dumbass who bases everything on opinion. 4 years ago  
It could have been a broken condom or a women who has been raped do you want her to have to give birth to that child and what if the girl who was raped was 12? Would you like her to keep the baby? 4 years ago  
Swimming 4 years ago  
Scuba gear and I prefer swimming 4 years ago +2
I'm a girl so I'd rather not live in the 1950's 4 years ago  
Damn miss clicked 4 years ago  
I'm the Doctor 4 years ago  
None they can both give you salmonella 4 years ago  
Life would be so much easier 4 years ago  
Canadian 4 years ago  
Scouting has grown on me 4 years ago  
I have my crush so 4 years ago  
I'm a girl 4 years ago  
I used to live in Bejing sooooo 4 years ago  
I would miss school 4 years ago  
Speaking everything on my mind!!! Are you crazy never that would be sooo embarassing i would die of embarrassment I would never even be able to lie 4 years ago  
I'm never going back to my ten year old style I would wear a long sleeved shirt and then a short sleeved shirt on top and my glasses where horrible 4 years ago  
I don't know the American national anthem sooooo 4 years ago  
I have both on a normal Thursday 4 years ago  
Bye bye ban on gay marriage 4 years ago  
If I could do it for a few days and transfer between people then heel yes 4 years ago  
Arghhhhh miss click 4 years ago  
I chose this side because of dubstep 4 years ago  
I would die of embarrassment from both OMGOMGOMGOGMGOMG I would rather shoot myself 4 years ago +1
Dad approves 4 years ago  
I would love to be a guy that would be great 4 years ago  
I want to see how my life turned out 4 years ago  
Jamie 4 years ago  
You could throw the baby at the zombies to slow them down or trick them but whithuot weapons you got nothing 4 years ago  
Shaun of the Dead 4 years ago  
Suicide is voluntarily killing yourself murder is killing another person if it is 1 person not mentally but physically then it is suicide if It is more than one person it is suicide simple 4 years ago  
whithout week days I wouldn't see anyone from my school 4 years ago  
I am The Doctor 4 years ago  
There is no specification of where so you would do those things according to which place you chose ( I'm not saying people in the Netherlands all wear wooden clog shoes or work in tulip fields but I couldn't find a better way of wording my counter argument) 4 years ago  
The 100 year old man who climbed out of a window and disappeared, The Addams Family ( my favorite movies you should watch them 4 years ago  
Bus,taxi,walking,biking,running 4 years ago  
Bus ta 4 years ago  
I think you're forgetting North Korea because I lived in China and it's not that bad at all ( and I'm a girl so you can't say i got better rights 'cause I was a part of the majority 4 years ago  
Canada 4 years ago  
Go labradoodle use curly hair vines! 4 years ago  
The way you portray Scotland is wrong #1 problem no sheep #2 problem no rain #3 problem not muddy enough ( I know 'cause I've lived there 4 years ago  
Actually western civilization is not the master race at all the western civilization is do your research 4 years ago  
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