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Welp, im a big nerd, just to throw that out there, I LOVE Doctor Who, My Little Pony, Teen Titans and more, and yea... so I always love meeting new people so, message me just no hatin! love ya, bai

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    He scares everyone...creep  
    Im scared of clowns  
    no one would hear me kill em +36
    as soon as i saw him i knew my awnser  
    Thats my girl +1
    I stalked my crush for a year then we became best friends  
    not real friends  
    fine i get Harry :)  
    who cares had sex  
    talk about a good nights sleep +1
    i hate all of you.....  
    i dont want some ugly bald guy trying to kill me...  
    what if your husband worked while u stayed at home with the baby and once shes/hes old enough sort of ease back into that sort of thing.... bazinga  
    best career ever :)  
    thats cool  
    there is a 1 in 3 cance you die! ill take it!!!  
    3 way!!!  
    so true  
    hey sex is great so what  
    tattos OF peircing!  
    the bigger the better ;)  
    im in Alaska same thing!!!  
    its called an espresso maker  
    what if he turns into a celeb?  
    ha ha fail  
    go to a celebs house duh  
    stupid 80's  
    dont we all?  
    cool question +3
    i hate small dogs they are ALWAYS barking, i just want to punt them over the fence  
    if i was Famous, famouse people would be my best friend, think people its a win win  
    if i was to date the hottest people i knew i would be a total slut  
    haha FAILURE  
    Harry Styles would love Salcha, ALASKA  
    i would fall asleep after 3 hours anyhow  
    i dont wanna die!  
    weeee +17
    rich guys rock  
    i like trains +2
    ohh russia  
    Charlie Sheen girl addition  
    screw you i can buy friends  
    hate her anyways  
    im in Alaska  
    more money for other countries +5
    im sitting next to a guy i dont like soooo yeah unless i googled Harry Styles +16
    then he can say i am your father +18
    friends with benifits +1
    duh thats what Charlie Sheen does  
    buy sex  
    screw your friends  
    get over it and do drugs when you come home  
    luv u Harry  
    3 way!!!  
    i love harry  
    sexy nerd  
    live the life of Charlie Sheen forever!  
    younger and hotter  
    eat afterward  
    welth and fame suck that Harry  
    comfy cozy  
    im in love with my best friend  
    there's a 1 in 6 or 7 chance you'll win  
    get a tatto of a piecing  
    design it  
    i am that pearson! JA!  
    who cares money!!!  
    punt... weeeeeee  
    i already do that +1
    dance on their grave!! and laugh!!  
    so what i could show off and MAKE him love me by awesome sex  
    my crush is nummy yummy  
    oh yeah!! is my chauffeur hot? and a guy?  
    beaches lovely....  
    big bang theory  
    then i can laugh  
    if you ruled you could make the problems go away  
    mochas cant produce music  
    i would love to see the technology  
    like what? (:)  
    you would have to pee after 3 hours  
    Harry Styles would love Salcha!!  
    then people can be MY best friend ;)  
    parents give you stuff  
    i dont listen anyways +1
    sex is my BFF  
    i can slap him  
    i can buy a boyfriend  
    im afraid of clowns  
    what the f**k does that have to do with this question? idiot +11
    bring it on boys ;)  
    paracutes... what if you sink? you have a good chance of living  
    Make your own money b**** +3
    YOUR FACE B****  
    im afraid of clowns :/  
    who cares get money from friends  
    SCREW YOU "friends" real friends would support you  
    work longer, get more pay duh  
    it would go in One Direction... Up +2
    who cares, sex!!!  
    it'll go in One Direction, up! +11
    nerds rock besids IM A GIRL +2
    it sucks to be lonly +2
    mother he is soo hot... that means he is probably gay  
    be romantic afterward duh besids think of all the cramps  
    who cares free sex!  
    sex ya hooo  
    stupid boyfriends  
    sex would suck +1
    it would suck if it died :(  
    duh its called QUITING!!  
    worship me bit**  
    NO dont talk me to death, NO NOOOOOO!!  
    Pepping tom ;)  
    they said nothing about ear plugs or how loud it had to be.... Eat that b*tch  
    sure, why not i mean think of how many gameshows it would take to win that much  
    sexy docter  
    easy, SUICIDE!!!!!!!!!!  
    because my town is like a boss  
    you would have a lesser chance of messing up ;) +1
    im so hot i could get away with it if you catch my drift ;)  
    MWAHAHAHA watch out  
    this a stupid question +1
    then you could become rich, DUH  
    its warmer  
    worst election ever  
    bigger and better ;)  
    justin is cuter  
    very funny  
    i like the jews  
    What an ass of a question you bastard!!!  
    gay sex would rock for both  
    just have sex in the dark  
    3 way!  
    you can just quiet  
    i know right?  
    girls mood changes every 28 days +1
    id be a cute girl  
    go cubbies  
    if it were my son  
    do the reading for me +1
    c eh a eh n eh d eh a eh  
    perfect illistration of me ;)  
    where is cody ives?  
    sexy librarian  
    hey i can get money  
    more romantic +1
    i can buy presents  
    i can buy friends  
    hello i c u  
    male stippers!!! +1
    screw the prize i can buy my own prize  
    i love justin bieber  
    i dont like any presidents... one direction come to me  
    creepy president  
    oh well they will freze  
    i dont no y  
    i could get more guys ;)  
    im afraid of clowns  
    in what  
    my vision sucks +1
    that would be EPIC!!  
    katniss is a boss  
    oh canada oh canada  
    help me im dying  
    look into my lovely magnified eyes  
    no YOUR MOM  
    the waiters could poisen your food  
    bugs eww  
    im afraid of clowns  
    my crush i love him  
    mmm coca cola  
    you would be alone with your self ;) +1
    you could rob him +1
    oh yeah ;) +2
    where is josh hutcherson when i want him  
    you can bye prizes for yourself +2
    then i can by gifts duh +95
    Wanna look good  
    girly girls suck and they r slutes +137
    i can text my friends  
    cody where r u?  
    hermioney will smart-talk you to death  
    i like my dreams (most of the time  
    gangam style would get annoying but hey justin is kinda cute  
    i could wear what i want whan i want im NOT fanchy and ill keep it that way  
    you can outdrive zombies  
    i can tell when boyfriends are cheating on me  
    Im allergic to nutella  
    i have alot of good moments boyfriends and umm other stuff  
    once again stupid brewer  
    hakuna matata is more popular because there is a lion in it  
    i hate clowns stupid brewer he picked for me  
    you can buy friends and girlfriend +1
    i dont know any of these +17
    i never saw these movies +16
    I love penguins +1
    it would be 20% cooler +1
    i clicked the wrong one  
    money sucks  
    ummm hard question i love both  
    i dont get it  
    I like the big bang theroy +1
    if its loaded with songs  
    i hate my siblings  
    docters get laid alot  
    luke is hotter  
    i like jews  
    you could die  
    hard work suks  
    that would be cool  
    i could start thinkin of names  
    i could be the next Jennifer Lawrence  
    i love sex  
    kill zombies with nukes!!!  
    i love bein immortal  
    leaders are bettr  
    i could boss my sister around  
    if it was my right  
    way cooler  
    im a daredevil  
    i live in alaska cold as f**k  
    I LOVE JACOB stupid Bella  
    i hate hitler one of my friends is a jew  
    i love animals  
    Codyyyy Where are you?  
    i could get over it  
    office people are fat  
    you could get sex  
    true love is better you get sex  
    PS3s ROCK  
    i dont have a job that makes me feel bad :(  
    i could MAKE friends on Facebook  
    micle phelps is HOT  
    i was cute as a kid  
    i hate thank you  
    i could ride it der  
    i dont do homework  
    kids are hard  
    you could suffacate  
    hard decision  
    i could see the future  
    i could pick up guys  
    i love darth vader, yoda is gay  
    i wanna be rich  
    space is better  
    you can get better  
    then i would not have to learn  
    I could go anywhere +32
    cant belive they killed dumblerdore  
    portman is hotter  
    My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard dang right +1
    that could poisen you  
    Charlie sheen woked out fine with this  
    i would love to rule  
    i would love to be a preeter chick  
    if i could have pegasis wings  
    what kind of party?  
    i love my music  
    i can tell when my boyfrend lies  
    look HOT  
    you would get fat  
    I could shook men in bed when i tell them how old i am  
    Skool suks  
    songokuh thats just wrong you perverted freak of nature  
    I could live my first kiss and alot of other stuff  
    Pain makes u tough man up babies!  
    I HATE THE 80's +195
    depens on the club wink wink  
    I get tired of that  
    i can dance 2 gangam style  
    I love tats so friggin cool  
    idk any of thoose +1
    Clowns skare me + i  
    IF only if there were HOT guys  
    I Loved mine ;)  
    I LOVE my memories, boyfriends childhood all that jazz  
    Hard decisins but if its uploaded YEHHH  
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