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Welp, im a big nerd, just to throw that out there, I LOVE Doctor Who, My Little Pony, Teen Titans and more, and yea... so I always love meeting new people so, message me just no hatin! love ya, bai

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Would you rather be alone and happy or togther and unhappy 6 years ago 303 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Would you rather see robert downey Jr Shirtless or Taylor lautner shirtless 6 years ago 204 votes 14 comments 0 likes

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He scares everyone...creep 5 years ago  
Im scared of clowns 5 years ago  
pikachu ALWAYS counts 5 years ago  
didnt we all? 5 years ago  
my friends are like my family 5 years ago +1
only cuz im not lesbo :/ 5 years ago +2
I hate kids 5 years ago +1
Im related to a grand wizard of the KKK so.... 5 years ago +1
he already watches me shower :/ 5 years ago  
Im dating my crush 5 years ago +1
SKYRIM!!!! 5 years ago  
theyre both soooo creepy!!!! 5 years ago  
revenge b*tch 5 years ago +4
was? 5 years ago  
no one would hear me kill em 5 years ago +34
as soon as i saw him i knew my awnser 5 years ago  
That guy in the pic actually looks like him... 5 years ago  
Thats my girl 5 years ago +1
I stalked my crush for a year then we became best friends 5 years ago  
I am italian soooooo 6 years ago +3
I love your username harry is my fave 6 years ago  
true dat! 6 years ago  
my cousin is so hot! 6 years ago +1
yah hooo!!! 6 years ago  
so? 6 years ago  
not real friends 6 years ago  
fine i get Harry :) 6 years ago  
HARRY!!!! 6 years ago  
better expireince 6 years ago  
who cares had sex 6 years ago  
talk about a good nights sleep 6 years ago +1
can they be male strippers? please 6 years ago  
i hate all of you..... 6 years ago  
i dont want some ugly bald guy trying to kill me... 6 years ago  
who cares, had sex 6 years ago  
what if your husband worked while u stayed at home with the baby and once shes/hes old enough sort of ease back into that sort of thing.... bazinga 6 years ago  
best career ever :) 6 years ago  
true dat! bro hoof!!!!!! 6 years ago  
i love that scene!!! 6 years ago  
your welcome! 6 years ago  
she loves you 2! 6 years ago +1
WOW.... only you Jaren, only you.... and me ;) 6 years ago  
love the question bro! 6 years ago +1
h8rs gonna h8 6 years ago  
thats cool 6 years ago  
there is a 1 in 3 cance you die! ill take it!!! 6 years ago  
more sex its all good 6 years ago  
3 way!!! 6 years ago  
so true 6 years ago  
yum 6 years ago  
weeee 6 years ago  
hey sex is great so what 6 years ago  
tattos OF peircing! 6 years ago  
the bigger the better ;) 6 years ago  
hey hes rich 6 years ago  
more money 6 years ago  
im in Alaska same thing!!! 6 years ago  
its called an espresso maker 6 years ago  
what if he turns into a celeb? 6 years ago  
ha ha fail 6 years ago  
go to a celebs house duh 6 years ago  
finally i die!!! 6 years ago  
finally i die!!! 6 years ago  
hell 4 me please 6 years ago  
.. 6 years ago  
weired 6 years ago  
scary 6 years ago  
id be so proud... she would be just like her mother :p 6 years ago  
you could get arrested if you where high 6 years ago  
stupid 80's 6 years ago  
dont we all? 6 years ago  
cool question 6 years ago +3
i hate small dogs they are ALWAYS barking, i just want to punt them over the fence 6 years ago  
if i was Famous, famouse people would be my best friend, think people its a win win 6 years ago  
if i was to date the hottest people i knew i would be a total slut 6 years ago  
haha FAILURE 6 years ago  
true, true 6 years ago  
she would take after her mother ;) 6 years ago  
Harry Styles would love Salcha, ALASKA 6 years ago  
dont care, its not the Dallas Cowboys 6 years ago +2
i would fall asleep after 3 hours anyhow 6 years ago  
teleport 6 years ago  
i dont wanna die! 6 years ago  
weeee 6 years ago +17
rich guys rock 6 years ago  
i like trains 6 years ago +2
yeeha 6 years ago  
ummm 6 years ago  
ohh russia 6 years ago  
Charlie Sheen girl addition 6 years ago  
screw you i can buy friends 6 years ago  
hate her anyways 6 years ago  
im in Alaska 6 years ago  
more money for other countries 6 years ago +5
im sitting next to a guy i dont like soooo yeah unless i googled Harry Styles 6 years ago +16
then he can say i am your father 6 years ago +18
if it was me that rapped them and they liked it 6 years ago  
friends with benifits 6 years ago +1
duh thats what Charlie Sheen does 6 years ago  
ewww AIDS 6 years ago  
ummm if it was a guy sure 6 years ago +6
its so cute who would resist and it cant scream rape 6 years ago +4
who cares more sex 6 years ago +1
nummy yummy 6 years ago  
buy sex 6 years ago  
screw your friends 6 years ago  
get over it and do drugs when you come home 6 years ago  
luv u Harry 6 years ago  
baby baby baby ohhhh 6 years ago  
3 way!!! 6 years ago  
i love harry 6 years ago  
sexy nerd 6 years ago  
live the life of Charlie Sheen forever! 6 years ago  
younger and hotter 6 years ago  
eat afterward 6 years ago  
freedom! 6 years ago  
hide your uglyness 6 years ago  
welth and fame suck that Harry 6 years ago  
comfy cozy 6 years ago  
yeahahah 6 years ago  
im in love with my best friend 6 years ago  
there's a 1 in 6 or 7 chance you'll win 6 years ago  
get a tatto of a piecing 6 years ago  
design it 6 years ago  
they take their clothes off 6 years ago  
who cares?! more sex? 6 years ago  
i am that pearson! JA! 6 years ago  
ikr!? 6 years ago  
who cares money!!! 6 years ago  
punt... weeeeeee 6 years ago  
i already do that 6 years ago +1
dance on their grave!! and laugh!! 6 years ago  
so what i could show off and MAKE him love me by awesome sex 6 years ago  
my crush is nummy yummy 6 years ago  
oh yeah!! is my chauffeur hot? and a guy? 6 years ago  
beaches lovely.... 6 years ago  
big bang theory 6 years ago  
then i can laugh 6 years ago  
if you ruled you could make the problems go away 6 years ago  
mochas cant produce music 6 years ago  
i would love that kid to death, she would be like me 6 years ago  
i would love to see the technology 6 years ago  
like what? (:) 6 years ago  
you would have to pee after 3 hours 6 years ago  
Harry Styles would love Salcha!! 6 years ago  
then people can be MY best friend ;) 6 years ago  
parents give you stuff 6 years ago  
i dont listen anyways 6 years ago +1
yes, with my son and his partner 6 years ago  
nice question 6 years ago  
sex is my BFF 6 years ago  
i can slap him 6 years ago  
i can buy a boyfriend 6 years ago  
im afraid of clowns 6 years ago  
what the f**k does that have to do with this question? idiot 6 years ago +11
bring it on boys ;) 6 years ago  
paracutes... what if you sink? you have a good chance of living 6 years ago  
Make your own money b**** 6 years ago +3
YOUR FACE B**** 6 years ago  
im afraid of clowns :/ 6 years ago  
AWW 6 years ago  
im a girl so 3 way!!!!! 6 years ago +1
who cares get money from friends 6 years ago  
SCREW YOU "friends" real friends would support you 6 years ago  
work longer, get more pay duh 6 years ago  
it would go in One Direction... Up 6 years ago +2
joe is married (i think) and justin just broke up with Selena 6 years ago +1
who cares, sex!!! 6 years ago  
it'll go in One Direction, up! 6 years ago +11
nerds rock besids IM A GIRL 6 years ago +2
it sucks to be lonly 6 years ago +2
mother he is soo hot... that means he is probably gay 6 years ago  
be romantic afterward duh besids think of all the cramps 6 years ago  
who cares free sex! 6 years ago  
sex ya hooo 6 years ago  
stupid boyfriends 6 years ago  
sex would suck 6 years ago +1
it would suck if it died :( 6 years ago  
duh its called QUITING!! 6 years ago  
worship me bit** 6 years ago  
NO dont talk me to death, NO NOOOOOO!! 6 years ago  
Pepping tom ;) 6 years ago  
they said nothing about ear plugs or how loud it had to be.... Eat that b*tch 6 years ago  
painless 6 years ago  
sure, why not i mean think of how many gameshows it would take to win that much 6 years ago  
LIKE A BOSS 6 years ago  
sexy docter 6 years ago  
easy, SUICIDE!!!!!!!!!! 6 years ago  
because my town is like a boss 6 years ago  
i 6 years ago  
you would have a lesser chance of messing up ;) 6 years ago +1
im so hot i could get away with it if you catch my drift ;) 6 years ago  
MWAHAHAHA watch out 6 years ago  
this a stupid question 6 years ago +1
its called a brush 6 years ago  
ont come to my state 6 years ago  
mom can kill you when she gets home... RUN! 6 years ago  
real cute 6 years ago  
cute Jaren 6 years ago  
then you could become rich, DUH 6 years ago  
its warmer 6 years ago  
worst election ever 6 years ago  
bigger and better ;) 6 years ago  
i 6 years ago  
justin is cuter 6 years ago  
very funny 6 years ago  
i like the jews 6 years ago  
eww does it stink in there? 6 years ago  
ewww 6 years ago  
What an ass of a question you bastard!!! 6 years ago  
never heared of that crap 6 years ago +2
sex is da bomb 6 years ago  
hi Jaren congrats ;) 6 years ago  
gay sex would rock for both 6 years ago  
like a boss 6 years ago  
props to weelchair guy 6 years ago  
dont we all? 6 years ago  
like girls get kicked it wont hurt 6 years ago  
just have sex in the dark 6 years ago  
3 way! 6 years ago  
you can just quiet 6 years ago  
i know right? 6 years ago  
beast 6 years ago  
girls mood changes every 28 days 6 years ago +1
AMAZING 6 years ago  
id be a cute girl 6 years ago  
go cubbies 6 years ago  
if it were my son 6 years ago  
do the reading for me 6 years ago +1
c eh a eh n eh d eh a eh 6 years ago  
perfect illistration of me ;) 6 years ago  
if it were that guy 6 years ago  
i wish i could be the cat 6 years ago  
where is cody ives? 6 years ago  
sexy librarian 6 years ago  
hey i can get money 6 years ago  
more romantic 6 years ago +1
i can buy presents 6 years ago  
i can buy friends 6 years ago  
hello i c u 6 years ago  
mumble 6 years ago  
im not awnsering this question im a girl 6 years ago +1
male stippers!!! 6 years ago +1
screw the prize i can buy my own prize 6 years ago  
i love justin bieber 6 years ago  
i dont like any presidents... one direction come to me 6 years ago  
creepy president 6 years ago  
oh well they will freze 6 years ago  
i dont no y 6 years ago  
i could get more guys ;) 6 years ago  
im afraid of clowns 6 years ago  
in what 6 years ago  
my vision sucks 6 years ago +1
cool 6 years ago  
that would be EPIC!! 6 years ago  
katniss is a boss 6 years ago  
oh canada oh canada 6 years ago  
help me im dying 6 years ago  
youed be dead eathier way, idiots 6 years ago  
look into my lovely magnified eyes 6 years ago  
no YOUR MOM 6 years ago  
the waiters could poisen your food 6 years ago  
if its that guy, he's cute, besides im 13 6 years ago  
pets dont remaember a thing and they cant tell anyone 6 years ago  
bugs eww 6 years ago  
im afraid of clowns 6 years ago  
my crush i love him 6 years ago  
mmm coca cola 6 years ago  
you would be alone with your self ;) 6 years ago +1
you could rob him 6 years ago +1
oh yeah ;) 6 years ago +2
where is josh hutcherson when i want him 6 years ago  
you can bye prizes for yourself 6 years ago +2
then i can by gifts duh 6 years ago +95
Wanna look good 6 years ago  
girly girls suck and they r slutes 6 years ago +137
i can text my friends 6 years ago  
some one could hack everything if they found out (happend to me :( 6 years ago  
cody where r u? 6 years ago  
i would be that dancer lol 6 years ago  
you can get over friends not death 6 years ago  
hermioney will smart-talk you to death 6 years ago  
i like my dreams (most of the time 6 years ago  
gangam style would get annoying but hey justin is kinda cute 6 years ago  
i could wear what i want whan i want im NOT fanchy and ill keep it that way 6 years ago  
you can outdrive zombies 6 years ago  
i can tell when boyfriends are cheating on me 6 years ago  
Im allergic to nutella 6 years ago  
i have alot of good moments boyfriends and umm other stuff 6 years ago  
once again stupid brewer 6 years ago  
hakuna matata is more popular because there is a lion in it 6 years ago  
i hate clowns stupid brewer he picked for me 6 years ago  
you can buy friends and girlfriend 6 years ago +1
i dont know any of these 6 years ago +17
niki can make a song about it afterwards 6 years ago +1
i never saw these movies 6 years ago +16
I love penguins 6 years ago +1
it would be 20% cooler 6 years ago +1
i clicked the wrong one 6 years ago  
money sucks 6 years ago  
ummm hard question i love both 6 years ago  
i dont get it 6 years ago  
I like the big bang theroy 6 years ago +1
if its loaded with songs 6 years ago  
one more day off from school 6 years ago  
i hate my siblings 6 years ago  
docters get laid alot 6 years ago  
I LOVE STAR TREC 6 years ago  
SEXISTS 6 years ago  
luke is hotter 6 years ago  
CALL OF DUTY 6 years ago  
I LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER 6 years ago  
i like jews 6 years ago  
you could die 6 years ago  
hard work suks 6 years ago  
that would be cool 6 years ago  
i could start thinkin of names 6 years ago  
i could be the next Jennifer Lawrence 6 years ago  
id be proud 6 years ago  
i love sex 6 years ago  
kill zombies with nukes!!! 6 years ago  
i love bein immortal 6 years ago  
leaders are bettr 6 years ago  
i could boss my sister around 6 years ago  
if it was my right 6 years ago  
way cooler 6 years ago  
im a daredevil 6 years ago  
i live in alaska cold as f**k 6 years ago  
I LOVE JACOB stupid Bella 6 years ago  
i hate hitler one of my friends is a jew 6 years ago  
i love animals 6 years ago  
Codyyyy Where are you? 6 years ago  
i could get over it 6 years ago  
office people are fat 6 years ago  
you could get sex 6 years ago  
true love is better you get sex 6 years ago  
PS3s ROCK 6 years ago  
i dont have a job that makes me feel bad :( 6 years ago  
i could MAKE friends on Facebook 6 years ago  
micle phelps is HOT 6 years ago  
i was cute as a kid 6 years ago  
i hate thank you 6 years ago  
i could ride it der 6 years ago  
i dont do homework 6 years ago  
kids are hard 6 years ago  
my kids couldent remaember me 6 years ago  
you could suffacate 6 years ago  
hard decision 6 years ago  
i could see the future 6 years ago  
i could pick up guys 6 years ago  
i love darth vader, yoda is gay 6 years ago  
i wanna be rich 6 years ago  
space is better 6 years ago  
you can get better 6 years ago  
idk 6 years ago  
ummm 6 years ago  
then i would not have to learn 6 years ago  
I could go anywhere 6 years ago +32
cant belive they killed dumblerdore 6 years ago  
portman is hotter 6 years ago  
My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard dang right 6 years ago +1
that could poisen you 6 years ago  
I LOVE JEWS 6 years ago  
Charlie sheen woked out fine with this 6 years ago  
i would love to rule 6 years ago  
i would love to be a preeter chick 6 years ago  
if i could have pegasis wings 6 years ago  
what kind of party? 6 years ago  
i love my music 6 years ago  
weekends are better duh 6 years ago  
hard decisions 6 years ago  
i would fell gulty 6 years ago  
i can tell when my boyfrend lies 6 years ago  
look HOT 6 years ago  
you would get fat 6 years ago  
I could shook men in bed when i tell them how old i am 6 years ago  
Skool suks 6 years ago  
it would make ME want to dance 6 years ago  
songokuh thats just wrong you perverted freak of nature 6 years ago  
I could live my first kiss and alot of other stuff 6 years ago  
GIVE ME MY FUTURE! 6 years ago +224
Pain makes u tough man up babies! 6 years ago  
I HATE THE 80's 6 years ago +195
depens on the club wink wink 6 years ago  
I get tired of that 6 years ago  
i can dance 2 gangam style 6 years ago  
I love tats so friggin cool 6 years ago  
idk any of thoose 6 years ago +1
Clowns skare me + i 6 years ago  
IF only if there were HOT guys 6 years ago  
I Loved mine ;) 6 years ago  
I LOVE my memories, boyfriends childhood all that jazz 6 years ago  
Hard decisins but if its uploaded YEHHH 6 years ago  
I 6 years ago  
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