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    14% r u serious?!!  
    justin bieber cuz he's more known  
    but the wet dogs would shake off the water on u +1
    elevator cuz its warm +2
    Deff not my friends +1
    The lonely guy is really tan +7
    Nook I didn't mean to click on Texas! Stupid cellphone  
    With Netflix you can connect to your wii +1
    Pretty little liars. I didn't even look at the other choice +1
    Who wants to be a millionaire cuz I like to answer the questions  
    Prison break  
    Who r these ppl I'm confinsed  
    50/50 dang!  
    Step Up  
    Narnia is freezing cold and scary  
    Avatar was awesome  
    The books are way too long  
    I rather catch them cheating so I could beat the out of them +4
    True friends wouldn't make fun of me +5
    Lady gaga fan cuz I am a lady gaga fan and jb fans r annoying +1
    MJ +1
    U dnt have to be ugly if ur short and ginger +2
    I get to tell people what to do +4
    The coldness makes me fall asleep  
    Either way I'd stll get sick +1
    I can take a shower +1
    Why is her armpit red? +338
    Oh that's a mouth?! +1
    Poor chicken +2
    Even tho it's painful, I'll be hairless and smooth in the end +1
    Disabled but smart. Wow I can't believe people chose to be like Paris Hilton +1
    Only nerds fight over this  
    Idc bout the yr at least i'm rich +1
    What kind of question is this?! Who ever picked Justin bieber is STUPID +2
    If they catch me then they'll kill me but if I catch them I might be blind but still alive  
    Harry Potter all the way! +1
    If I kill the baby then I'll have to kill myself after cuz I'll feel guilty and I do not plan on going to jail.  
    Surf like a boss cuz I hate winter  
    Stuffy nose=less pain +1
    If I die alone then my family would be devastated  
    I can use a zipline and I can't swim or hold my breath for 30m  
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