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CATZ. I have a location glitch right now, says I'm from California but I'm actually from NZ.

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    Oh well, it's not bad as it could be  
    Gimme a country.  
    his last comment, RIP  
    it's saying who would you rather have in your country as president  
    wrong one. there's something called YouTube  
    They'll have a 0% chance of getting 0. You'll have a 50% chance of getting 0.  
    A lot of people are picking A and saying "what's wrong with it". They'll see.  
    idk +1
    1998 Britney Spears > 2015 Britney Spears  
    Would you rather definitely find true love and not get 10 million dollars OR get 10 million dollars and have a chance of finding true love❤️  
    386765 people  
    if you have everything then you have love  
    exactly :)  
    I would take baths  
    food be free  
    who is who  
    I think this question was stolen, no I think someone stole this, say, I love the song take on me, I feel like some pizza right now, I also feel like some mountain dew, too bad I don't have any moun- *collapses*  
    in Zimbabwe bread costs ten million  
    why is there a spoon  
    because of the picture  
    You picked the option that means you abort  
    just bring an inhaler  
    That penguin is so cute! Oh, so what's the question?  
    they're both really talented  
    53% of people think it's okay to make an insulting, hateful, offensive and racist song, all you need is a good beat to it?  
    how is this relationships  
    there is a lot of weird questions in relationships  
    I'd give them whatever money they wanted to stop hating  
    less pollution and population  
    me too lol  
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