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175 lbs or so last time I checked. Just under six feet tall. 2 years ago  
Whose to say both can't be true. After all the two are not mutually exclusive 2 years ago  
Already passed that mark 2 years ago  
Anything one does not have a doctor authorized prescription or anything that causes overly disruptive behaviour in public or that disrupts ones working life would be made illegal, taxed, and gradually removed from circulation, distribution, and availability 2 years ago  
I would call for an ambulance and the police, having taken a cursory survey of the victims injuries, and wait with them both have arrived. I would offer them my coat, as kind gesture and to show them I mean them no harm. I would then ask if they have any family/friends/loved ones nearby I might ask to accompany them to the hospital. If not I would insist on going with them for emotional support 2 years ago +1
Already the case 2 years ago  
Pokemon black and white 1 and 2 2 years ago  
Practically already the case 2 years ago  
I'm sorry but little Caesars beats both these places 3 years ago +1
I'd either be a fighting or ghost specialist. My team would be dual types. For a fighting specialist team I'd chose infernape, toxicroak, lucario, gallade, emboar, and heracross. For a dark specialist team I'd chose honkrow, drapion, sableye, spiritomb, tyranitar, and hydreigon. Either I'd teach my team one of each of their types and the remaining two moves would be coverage for their weaknesses (no moves that only lower stats thank you very much). Those that could mega evolve I'd give their stone and certain they had their best ability to use. 3 years ago  
I'd just sell the ring, don't need it so might as well get rid of it but still make some money 3 years ago  
Someone else doing something wrong does not grant one leave to do the same. Nor is retribution a real answer just a balm and an ineffectual one at that 3 years ago  
By "with" do you mean be part of their armies or "with" in the sense of being part of the opposing army 3 years ago  
Granted it's doubly vulnerable to ice type attacks but it's still a worthwhile partner. Besides choosing this one makes capturing a flying type down the line unecessary 3 years ago +1
Practically already the case 3 years ago  
INTJ and proud of it 3 years ago +1
Cheese and fruit flavored syrup every time no contest 3 years ago  
I'd be both. Warrior Mage, that way if one failed use the other. Plus being both means you aren't tied down as much as you'd be if you could only do one or the othee 3 years ago  
Any Pokemon game, except silver and gold 3 years ago  
Scorpio and born in the year of the dog by the way 3 years ago  
So long as they're girls I don't really care. Game on 3 years ago  
True but at least the UK was upfront about their imperial ambitions while the US keeps throwing theirs under the banner of bringing democracy and freedom 3 years ago +1
More like you gotta remember whom you've lied to and what you told them. Although if you are not aware that you lied does that make the lie less so or more so 3 years ago  
I can't say that I fully agree with Seneca on this but he is right that the powerful find religion and other social constructs as useful. Just look at how the rich twist, bend, and distort the law towards their own ends 3 years ago +1
Just because no one else is willing to do the right thing is no excuse to sully yourself by doing likewise 3 years ago +1
If that's the case sounds like you have interesting fantasies and perhaps are a little too romantically ambitious 3 years ago  
No such thing as a world without problems, or rather there is but only for those who chose ignorance and happiness over truth 3 years ago  
I'm sorry but if you can turn something as anticipated as The Last Airbender into a complete failure, not to mention an almost complete waste of time, then you should take the chance to make a graceful exit from directorhood 3 years ago  
Even if we do whose to say we won't abuse that like we have everything else 3 years ago  
I wouldn't be mean about it because if you're mean people will be less receptive to what you have to say 3 years ago  
my team would consist of marshtomp, crobat, metagross, gyarados, sableye, and a pokemon with the levitate, pressure, or intimidate abilities. Also all in my team who could mega evolve would have their respective mega stone with them. finally each would have a moveset that was both powerful and also that covered as many types and as many of their respectives weaknesses as possible. 3 years ago  
The flash can enter the speed force whenever he wants. Plus superman only keeps up because the flash lets him. 3 years ago +2
Cheese cake above all else, especially with any kind of fruit or fruit flavore syrup. That or MAYBE cheese cake flavor ice cream, and that's a sizeable maybe 3 years ago  
If you meet Deadpool that probably means you're his latest target. Spidey at least tries to be a good person whereas Wilson is just a deranged, effectively immortal, hired gun 3 years ago  
Here here, besides eight avatars goin at it sounds like a lot more fun 3 years ago  
Maybe but without weird people humanity would have stagnated allot sooner 3 years ago  
I'm with you on that one, but then they have to use an image most people are familiar with or it would just be confusing 3 years ago  
Been to Thailand, besides thing there are still rather tense so going there is unwise for now 3 years ago  
Newtons work allowed Einstein and those who came before and after him to accomplish what they have and will 3 years ago  
Neither, take the cash and do something useful with it. 3 years ago  
Rome is a beautiful city but it's also very crowded. That being said if you know Rome's history it can be awesome inspiring 3 years ago  
Been to Italy so really a no brainer 3 years ago  
Some people have exceptionally odd minds 3 years ago  
I hope not but if so then that is a kid whose parents need to have a very serious talk with him or her 3 years ago  
Actually a zombie is the tougher of the two because the only way to kill a zombie is to either take its brain out of commission or take its head off, all the way off. Otherwise it will never stop. Plus zombies usually are not alone, a zombie hoard. Plus anything living can become a zombie, in theory. 3 years ago  
May I just point out that while the twilight vampires were pretty strong they didn't address the question of whether a vampires age has anything to do with its strength. But then neither Carlile nor Aro, the oldest vampires described in any detail, were especially violent so perhaps it's for the best. 3 years ago  
Why can't a protagonist be both. By the way protagonist originally was just the first character on stage and the antagonist was the second 3 years ago  
Magikarp can evolve into the the nigh legendary Gyrados which could, literally, eat Buterfree for an appetizer 3 years ago  
Been to Greece already, beautiful if mountainous country 3 years ago  
Got shampoo in my eyes before, not that bad. Not fun but not painful and I still have 20-20 vision 3 years ago  
There is no such thing as too early 3 years ago  
Because marvel has genuine Gods on its side, Thor and the Living Tribunal for example 3 years ago  
Both would be cool but mind reading just invites one to misuse it. Flight would just mean that a car, taxi rides, or using public transit would no longer be necessary. That being said you would need a substantial amount of practice to properly control it but once you learned how the ball is in your court 3 years ago  
Ski slopes usually have very soft snow so just take off your skis and drop to the ground, besides on a slope air supply is not an issue although staying warm is but that is why you dress in layers for the slopes 3 years ago  
Both are good and both are good for you but red are better overall, plus if you have a green apple and pears how do you tell them apart except by eating one or both of them 3 years ago  
I'd go back before the industrial revolution and make sure it didn't take place, because we humans were better off without tech. Tech has just caused humanity to lost completely stagnate as a species 3 years ago  
Both of these can throw themselves off a cliff or better yet into a black hole for all I care 3 years ago  
You are kidding right, smash bros every time because it allows you to enjoy a good fight in a peaceful setting. Mario kart just encourages bad driving habits not to mention encouraging people to knowingly engage in an activity that can and does kill 3 years ago  
Honestly both are slowly putting humanity in chains but Google is almost never in the news, plus I cannot get behind what Facebook and its elk have done to the social world 3 years ago  
I would probably have figured it out anyway. Besides this might make things more interesting, which can't really makes thing any worse at that point 3 years ago  
Honestly Mila sounds more interesting, besides dating a celebrity would be WAY to draining plus we would have to be dancing around each other on a constant basis 3 years ago  
Living forever just sounds like an unending death to me, besides most long lived people in comics seem to lose sight of their purpose in life the longer they live 3 years ago  
Undertanding someone often leads to greater intimacy, besides if your partner has an STD better to find that out before than after 3 years ago  
I don't have many friends so it would still be a fairly private thing 3 years ago  
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