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You may not be alive if Hitler died. 1 year ago  
If you do how to die, then just avoid that an die when you want. 1 year ago  
Your husband/wife would take care of the kid. 1 year ago  
READ THE QUESTION! Would you rather never age (YOU CAN STILL DIE) or never die? 1 year ago  
What if the person who were controlling had Telekinetic powers? 1 year ago  
You did too. 1 year ago  
You're so right! 1 year ago +1
Same! 1 year ago  
Me neither. 1 year ago  
SKIP!!! 1 year ago  
YES! 1 year ago  
WHAT IS UP WITH A 1 year ago  
BEST BOOK EVER!!!! 1 year ago +1
what's up with b? 1 year ago  
WHAT 4%???? 1 year ago  
i wear glasses. no point in not getting contacts 1 year ago +2
me too 1 year ago  
what? 1 year ago +1
how do you use b? 1 year ago  
me too! 1 year ago  
the penny is upside down. i dont believe in a anyways 1 year ago  
whats vevo 1 year ago +2
I do this al the time! 1 year ago  
I never wear makeup 1 year ago  
I'm already half blind. 1 year ago  
SO EASY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1 year ago  

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