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    I'd rather not be known as that.  
    unfortunately I am not. I am 15 :P  
    Being gay is not wrong its who you are +1
    Okay... Please tell me WHO THE F*** IS MS.SIRIOUS?  
    Never heard of Strathford but I have heard of Stanford  
    I already do  
    In Narnia, you can fight evil!!!!!!!! FOR NARNIA AND FOR ASLAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
    Why is there no sleeping on your side option?  
    I'll take the smart friend over the one who just glides by with the help of his friends  
    I am a guy and almost half my friends are girls +1
    neither I am gay  
    I answered for Starbucks and I am a guy  
    As long as its not Twilight ...  
    Well, I play football and I get tackled repeatedly so I am used to pain.  
    I dont even watch tv  
    The Queen isn't even a real monarch. She's just a figurehead of the government  
    Potatoes are awesome  
    orange juice  
    Both are great but I have to go with console  
    noooo I clicked the wrong one... Oh well I would win in either  
    I just watched the movies before I read the books so its not really a fair question  
    I will call him Jarvis  
    Already am so no problems there  
    I play football at school  
    A 10 year old probably wrote this but sure I would love to go on a fly  
    neither as I play football and both are bad for sports  
    who needs kids? they are monsters  
    Easy the lion because lions do not live in the jungle  
    then at least they could help me through it...  
    Camping is better  
    Also smart magical girl is better than smart hunting girl  
    ever since she punched Draco in the face  
    you tell him girl from Ohio  
    Cats are better  
    smash bros as Pit  
    I really do not care if my friends like my soul mate or not  
    the cats would be adorable and I would love to see them try  
    good bye, high school labels and stereotypes  
    I am sorry but I hate my siblings  
    I do not even know who Rebecca Black is  
    play some football  
    I would just hop down from it  
    A pirate because I would forever be on the ocean  
    basically be homeless or have a home bought and paid for with stolen cash  
    enjoy watching me play video games  
    What is the difference between Justin Bieber and a Snickers bar? One is nuts and the other has nuts  
    i'd wish that my crush realizes that he likes me back  
    neither I am a guy  
    I would be able to transform myself at will (into animate objects only like trees, other people and animals)  
    no more awkward moments...  
    all foreign languages includes animals, aliens and cyborgs so hell yes!  
    I saw Twilight and I was like nope.  
    Be able to do anything and freeze priceless moments  
    uh hell no to the ronald mcdonald thing! I can not believe that 34% chose that. If that happened to me, I would kill myself.  
    no more looking terrible on the dance floor at parties  
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