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    u must've not read the authors note 4 years ago +3
    marry zendaya kill bridgit mendler sleep with demi lovato 4 years ago +2
    Hi google 4 years ago +1
    plus, guest from Illinois, u even said I would learn british, and I quote "WHICH IS ENGLISH"! 4 years ago  
    well, option a id be dead sooooooooo, yea 4 years ago +2
    my mom doesn't have a job 4 years ago +1
    was kinda easy 4 years ago  
    this was kinda easy 4 years ago  
    birthday on june 4 years ago  
    just incase i have to shoot someone 4 years ago +3
    says lose not get in one 4 years ago  
    heads i live, tails i don't die 4 years ago  
    so like, wheres the dr. pepper? 4 years ago  
    i love how adolf is the picture lol 4 years ago  
    the shruiken would cut your booty hole up!!! 4 years ago  
    the shuriken would cut your booty hole up!!! 4 years ago  
    wait... your telling me people actually voted!?!?!?!?!? 4 years ago  
    DUH! 4 years ago  
    well, we know 52% of people on this site are either guys, or lesbians 4 years ago  
    ummmm that says a dollar 4 years ago  
    im black, plus no internet! 4 years ago  
    target is basically a supersizze wal-mart 4 years ago  
    i love how 60% percent of people pick some stupid tv show over a blessing (literaly) 4 years ago  
    it is a pun 4 years ago  
    quicker death 4 years ago  
    i own both huaaaaaaa 4 years ago  
    sooooo, either die or die? 4 years ago  
    it depends on ow your first kiss went. 4 years ago  
    what if your a guy???????????????????? 4 years ago  
    oooh, a toughy 4 years ago  
    where's the both button 4 years ago  
    ummm. where's the dr. pepper option please! 4 years ago  
    wtf?!? 4 years ago  
    small dogs are cuter 4 years ago  
    small dogs are cuter 4 years ago  
    last time i checked, animal talk is a foreign language to humans:) 4 years ago  
    who in the world would pick kill yourself 4 years ago  
    wtf 4 years ago  
    u dont need invisiblity or teleportation if u can fly 4 years ago  
    you could redo bad things you have done 4 years ago  
    im not really a great liar anyway 4 years ago  
    either wayy... its kinda the same 4 years ago  
    either way... 4 years ago  
    either way... 4 years ago  
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