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    Asexual, that was easy.  
    Good luck with that.  
    Shoes, and it didn't say how much glass.  
    I don't know my dad, so my mom or some random guy I've never met in my life? Hmmm...  
    How would that work? It's not like someone with the window open will fly out and fall on glass.  
    Is this question racist?  
    Ride it screaming "YOLO!"  
    Didn't say for how long or I would fall.  
    Asexual ftw.  
    At least I can jump off the plane naked. YOLO!  
    Neither, but I only chose because Imagine Dragons.  
    Who else just saw summer, thought of no school, and clicked.  
    I don't have a dog that was easy.  
    Oh my goodness I've seen this question 5 times. +1
    It didn't say all the time. Only once.  
    "SPPPPAAAAAAAAA-" It's way cooler (le unintended pun) and it didn't say I would die. And also, yolo.  
    At least i die in a fun way. +1
    With a foam sword/pencil. Oooh so deadly!  
    It doesn't say where I land. Land on a large trampoline. And as I fall I will yell "AWWWWWWWW YEAAAAAH!"  
    There's already somewhere that's hell on Earth, school. I won't feel any difference.  
    Anything but popular.  
    18% could handle missing out on the internet?  
    5% are trolls. +1
    Who else saw video games and clicked it without reading the other?  
    At least I get to see France.  
    Is this racist?  
    If I fall, at least I can die in a cool way. But it didn't say I would fall.  
    Jump off the plane like "HALLELUJAH!". At least I die in a cool way falling on some random place.  
    Enjoy watching me play The Sims 3 all day long.  
    My crush is my best friend. How does this work?  
    Who else saw Minecraft and instantly clicked it without reading the other?  
    I'm already weird personality-wise.  
    Only child haha.  
    Root beer.  
    Who else saw Justin and instantly clicked her without reading the other?  
    I wish for infinite wishes now what.  
    Be caught cheating on a board game lol.  
    Who else saw the words 'from Twilight' and instantly clicked the other?  
    Who else saw Justin Bieber and instantly clicked the other one?  
    Me: Vous ĂȘtes un idiot! Enemy: ?  
    I gained the ability to read minds a few questions ago, thanks. +1
    Zombies aren't even real, this was easy.  
    More attention less privacy or less attention more privacy? Hmmm...  
    I don't even watch or read Harry Potter, but then I saw Twilight. +1
    I already have something like a Mac but performs much better, so thanks for the free computer. I now have a Chromebook, an Acer aspire, and a PC.  
    Most music is terrible in my opinion, so this was easy.  
    I agree. Don't believe in God? Guess what? NOBODY CARES. And for my answer choice, I chose option A because if you were immortal none of your friends or family would be alive and after the world ends you would just float around in space alone.... forever.  
    It's called FEMALE!  
    I brought my parachute. The first person to climb and jump off Mount Everest.  
    I can't use the Internet without my eyes. And I could go on without music. +1
    I'd rather push a both button.  
    Curves. +1
    Zombies aren't even real.  
    Play musical chairs for a living, and I also feel lazy.  
    Shot with a water pistol. And plus, it said SHOT OFF your head, lol it didn't say be attempted to shot off. +37
    Annoying girl or 1,000 kittens live.... Hmmm... +1
    Really? +1
    The cliff is my bed.  
    Didn't say I would fall.  
    Would you rather live or not?  
    Zombies aren't real. The question is would you rather stop nonexistence or a war?  
    Lol move.  
    Which one has internet?  
    Accidentally lol so at least they didn't betray me.  
    One word  
    With a dull pencil  
    Huge in height.  
    I'm a girl lol.  
    Didn't say for how long.  
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