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    Laundry takes 2 seconds people  
    Im an Atheist  
    Some don't believe in God  
    Just take them off  
    Religious people are annoying  
    I am an only child  
    You can lose weight  
    Being funny is awesome  
    That is Link Damnit  
    I love the water  
    I don't like both but if I have to choose I'd pick Rihanna  
    Moves like Jagger is annoying to me  
    Food is good  
    I hate people  
    Angry birds is stupid  
    I don't wanna be famous  
    I hate public bathrooms but if I have to go I have to go.  
    What do these pics have to do with anything/  
    I hardly even sleep anyways  
    What if they turn out to be huge douchebags?  
    I still want to play video games  
    Skinny doesn't mean anorexic  
    I'm athiest  
    I can lose weight  
    I don't give 2 sh*ts  
    I like to sing  
    Just change  
    I don't like the chocolate pudding my grandma buys...  
    I'm tall enough +1
    A hamster is smaller therefor you wouldn't have to eat as much.  
    You can lose weight  
    If the ghost is that sexy I think I will be fine XD  
    I'm 12, I think I can wait  
    That picture though  
    It doesn't say it's extremely hot. Plus swimming :D  
    All babies are ugly  
    It would make your breath smell pretty XD  
    At least it's reversed  
    I wanna be a stealth ninja  
    I would get sick of chocolate, you have a variety of flavors if you choose ice cream (Including chocolate)  
    Is it wrong to be gay? +1
    I'm a girl, and my best friend is a girl. (Not that I have anything against gays)  
    My face isn't that bad. But I am fat XD  
    I picked burgers because I think they taste better. Not because I'm a girl and hotdogs look like dicks. God  
    I hate red lipstick  
    I care more about personality  
    Golf is boring  
    I don't wear white  
    Shy guys are adorably cute  
    I hate my name  
    My mom is nice  
    I dont care about slenderman, I love forests  
    I want long hair anyways  
    No sleep, but seriously? That picture?  
    Person of the night  
    I could lose weight  
    Werewolves are amazing  
    Drowning is my worst fear  
    Amy Lee  
    I'm Athiest. No, that doesn't mean I worship the devil, it mean I don't believe in God OR the devil  
    I hate kids so the quieter the better  
    I'm a girl  
    It sucks to move around every 6 months, trust me  
    I chose the wrong one, I like the cold +1
    Who cares about being popular?  
    Nothing to do in Las Vegas if you're 12 :/  
    I've never been to Disneyland  
    I cant focus otherwise  
    The hunger games  
    You can watch netflix on your computer +1
    Crazy little monsters :)  
    Being deaf is not that bad, you can still listen to music, it just has to be VERY loud  
    Nothing new  
    Wear a wig  
    Meat is amazing  
    I have never seen avatar  
    I don't want people to be happy that I'm dead  
    Boats are fun  
    My parents would murder me if they caught me  
    I dont want to feel pressured to say yes  
    I don't want to encourage cannibalism  
    I;m on a computer all day anyways  
    Rock is so fun to play on stage  
    I am a tomboy  
    Facebook is filled with ignorant 12 year olds  
    Hobbit holes are fun  
    It doesn't say how many we had to smoke so yeah  
    People don't hate the queen  
    Not all acids hurt human skin  
    I like being a woman, all the girls who want to change genders just because of periods are weak  
    I already do that  
    What if the good news is that the bad news was a joke?  
    They will be sad that they never had a final farewell  
    I love swimming  
    It hurts to sleep on your stomach hurts if you have boobs  
    I like the outdoors...  
    I dont have a significant other  
    I like my privacy  
    Being a genius is fun  
    I still love my grandma  
    I'm a girl so yeh  
    Nah, I am way too fat  
    Whats wrong with gays? +1
    Time to embarrass people I hate  
    Cocky people are annoying as F**k  
    I look weird in both anyways  
    More freedom  
    Heheheh. lions dont live in jungles +1
    Society is f**ked up  
    You can learn how to get all the money  
    I go for personality, not money.  
    I have a horrible memory  
    Reading is fun if you have a good book to read  
    I'd rather be smart than have fun in school...  
    I always have amazing hiding spots +1
    I'm only 12  
    Who cares about being popular? It's just plain retarded  
    I hardly speak anyways.  
    I don't feel comfortable naked so yeah  
    They can help you live, maybe you will grow to like them  
    Blackberries still exist?  
    PC all the way  
    Personality matters, not looks.  
    In reality, It would be impossible to stop war  
    The google work place is amazing  
    What's the point in having a cellphone with no internet?  
    At least you know you will get it  
    I'm a girl. I chose games. I love video games more than movies. +2
    I like climbing thigns  
    Do you know how amazingly creepy it would be to go into space?! That would be so awesome!  
    At least I'm good at one thing....  
    I like dogs, but I already own one, I want to know what it is like having a cat.  
    They would be giving me a lot of money if everyone cared about me.  
    Eh, better than nothing.  
    Then you would go to jail >.>  
    China is beautiful  
    Night Time is beautiful  
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