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Never Look Back On Your Life. The Past Is The Past. You Can't Change It. Unless You Have A Time Machine. I Wish You The Best In Your Life. But I Warn You. Do Not Expect Anything Good. Because Life Will Just Let You Down. I Hope You All The Happiest Lives!

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Which Song is Better? (Round 1) Where Did The Party Go - Fall Out Boy or Death Valley - Fall Out Boy 3 years ago 49 votes 0 comments 0 likes
Which Song is Better? (Round 1) Young Volcanoes - Fall Out Boy or The Mighty Fall - Fall Out Boy 3 years ago 58 votes 2 comments 0 likes
Which Power(s) Would You Rather Have? Flight, Telekinesis, and Fire or Invisibility, Durability, and X-Ray Vision 3 years ago 129 votes 2 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Take 5 Rrrathers Users: On A Ship Adventure or On An Adventure Through The Caves 3 years ago 87 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Would You Rather Comment 5 Rrrather Users You Would: Take A Sci-Fi Adventure With or Take A Fantasy Adventure With 3 years ago 159 votes 39 comments 0 likes
Should I change my User Picture? Flaming Skull (What It Is Now) or Magma Dragon 3 years ago 69 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Better Invention Computer or Sandwich 3 years ago 126 votes 2 comments 0 likes
Which Song is Better? (Round 1) Save Rock And Roll or Just One Yesterday 3 years ago 67 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Which Power(s) Would You Rather Have? Speed, Regeneration, and Flight or Teleportation, Immortality, and Telepathy 3 years ago 101 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Which one do you like more? Deathstroke or Deadpool 3 years ago 1,946 votes 24 comments 4 likes

Magmashooter03 has posted the following comments:

Lol xD 3 years ago  
Depends On What The Tattoo Is 3 years ago +1
Probably My Current Profile Pic (Batman On A Gargoil) 3 years ago  
I Like His Music A Little =3 3 years ago  
Wrong one 3 years ago  
I agree with you. Iron Man wants all the Avengers to reveal their Identities and Captain America doesn't want to. Iron Man = Oppression (Because SHIELD will be watching and telling them what to do) And Captain Americe = Freedom (The Opposite of Iron Man) I Do like Iron Man more, But I'm siding with Captain America on this one. 3 years ago  
You had me at Death =D 3 years ago  
So I can meet KindaPsycho =D 3 years ago  
6 Probably 3 years ago  
RedEagle | KindaPsycho | AppleCupPhone- | American_Jedi 3 years ago  
I can get an Awesome Eyepatch =D 3 years ago  
B was disappointing it ended ='( 3 years ago +1
I'm Such A Pyrotechnic lol 3 years ago  
I hope they have a Flamethrower =D 3 years ago  
I've always been at awe of Fire/Magma. And I have like 3 guns. Then I took my lucky numbers (03) And that became my user =) 3 years ago  
Never heard of it 3 years ago  
And you =) =P 3 years ago  
$_$ Money! :D 3 years ago  
Well yeah but then you'd get like 5 million dollars afterward when they found out you didn't do anything 3 years ago  
lol that "maybe" xD 3 years ago  
reoGirl, RedEagle, and That_Person made me choose B =P 3 years ago  
Yeah but then you'd go to jail for 5 years for no reason 3 years ago +1
Mwahahahaha >:D 3 years ago  
I usually play Sniper so yeah =P 3 years ago  
I was going to say that xD 3 years ago +1
Since Slenderman is on the list in B. Slenderman 3 years ago  
Wrong one. I thought it was like what KindaPsycho said 3 years ago  
Both would make cool horror movies 3 years ago +1
You'll be dead before you finish it... 3 years ago  
lol 3 years ago  
I just chose the cooler one xD 3 years ago  
DarkSkulls 3 years ago  
Of what? =P 3 years ago  
Happy Birthday in two days! (If you're telling the truth) 3 years ago +1
Hydro | Drako | Skullbone | Gristik | Ferda 3 years ago  
Jaw | Kree | Ptera | Vigor | Jarek 3 years ago  
Skree | Kidro | Drako | Mika | BatBat (Because of Reasons) 3 years ago  
Jason | Jimo | Miko | Diablo | Ghara 3 years ago  
Jawbone | Crack | Kiro | Mira | Tiar 3 years ago  
I eat Donuts for Breakfast sometimes =D 3 years ago  
Mustang is my favorite car :D 3 years ago  
:'( My personal favorite TF show was G1. Gotta love the Classics 3 years ago  
That show was amazing. I liked Dinobot the best. Then they made Beast Machines... Beast Machines = Worst TF Show Ever. 3 years ago  
Goodbye :( Although I barely know you... 3 years ago +1
He Probably Does Still Like You :) 3 years ago  
A Magician Never Shares Secrets 3 years ago  
My Name Isn't Up There. But Thre Is Some Guy Called Magmashootet03 He Seems Like A Cheap Knock-off 3 years ago  
Lord NTech What Shall We Do For You Our Evil Master? 3 years ago  
Nah you're the Psychotic Killer =D 3 years ago  
Don't say that. =) I'm sure he does. 3 years ago  
I will now make this piece of chocolate disappear! *eats chocolate* 3 years ago  
I like the entire Save Rock And Roll Album... Can I Do Save Rock And Roll Album In My Pants? :O I memorized Young Volcanoes Also! :D That Came Out Of NoWhere xD 3 years ago  
I was trying to choose one of their songs but I couldn't choose one. They're just too good. =( 3 years ago  
You listen to FalloutBoy too? =D 3 years ago  
Mine would be : RedEagle, KindaPsycho, reoGirl, JustHereForRrrather, and That_Person 3 years ago +2
Oh Wait. I'm Not On The List =( 3 years ago  
It's okay RedEagle =) Why wouldn't Psycho like you anymore? 3 years ago  
Don't ditch him. Whatever you do Don't ditch him. You should Go Get A Girl AFTER He Gets A Girl. (So He Doesn't Feel Like You're Better At It Then Him) =D I Hope This Helps! =D 3 years ago  
RedEagle - Swordsman. KindaPsycho - Rogue. reoGirl - Archer. Magmashooter03 - Wizard (Because Reasons) That_Person - Healer (Because We Gotta Keep RedEagle And Her Together!) 3 years ago +3
Never heard of Taco Johns Sounds like a mix-up between Taco Bell and Papa Johns... 3 years ago +1
How did you become Red? xD I didn't know Eagles turn Red overtime xD 3 years ago  
I'm related to Deathstroke now. =D 3 years ago  
RedEagle I think That_Person has been cheating on you. The Eagle in that picture isn't Red! :O 3 years ago +3
I don't see why Pokemon is so famous. Transformers is just as good or better. I think people like it because it's a form of Anime. 3 years ago +1
lol 3 years ago  
Yeah but you got money x3 You could easily transfer it to your bank or wallet :3 3 years ago  
Just me and someone. Alone. =D 3 years ago  
They deserve to choose for themselves! - Optimus Prime 3rd Movie. (Sorry I had to do it xD) 3 years ago  
lol 3 years ago  
=3 3 years ago  
You Go Psycho! =D (Sorry JustHereFOrRrrather) 3 years ago  
Not even a doubt. (sorry christainr) 3 years ago  
=D You're an amazing friend! =D 3 years ago  
Things will soon go your way. 3 years ago  
=D When Do We Go? 3 years ago  
=D You didn't have to =) 3 years ago  
=D 3 years ago  
Ok =D Am I Considered Lucky? (And Does That Face In "B" Like Freak You Out? xD) 3 years ago  
A Guy That Is KindaPsycho. I Think He's From France. Don't Know His Name Though... 3 years ago  
=) Well It Was Typed By You. And I Know I'm Gonna Get Killed Soon But I Know I Had Good Friends :D 3 years ago  
=) As A Wise Murderer Once Said: It's Ok Just As Long As I Know You Like Me :) 3 years ago  
:'( 3 years ago  
(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ 3 years ago +1
RedEagle & KindaPsycho P.S. This was really difficult for me 3 years ago +1
Lol. Good one :P 3 years ago  
Laughing at the meme in B xD 3 years ago +3
Holy Sh*t Thanks :D (I Know This Is Really Late x3) 3 years ago  
Russian Roulette is you have 1 bullet inside a gun and you put that gun up to your head after you fire the gun and if nothing comes out you win and if the bullet comes out you lose/die. 3 years ago  
A is part of the Watchmen. He is a gruesome detective. He kills for "Justice". But I like him :P. He gets killed at the ending of the Watchmen though :( 3 years ago +1
Venom might win. He has regeneration and can only really be killed by Fire/Sound 3 years ago  
Megatron is more powerful. He is just a little bit less smarter than Optimus but he has more brute strength. 3 years ago  
Lol. That poem xD 3 years ago  
Sniper Rifles 3 years ago  
I don't drink 3 years ago  
Come on Hammy :D 3 years ago  
Dragons 3 years ago  
This was just asked... 3 years ago  
wrong one 3 years ago  
lol 3 years ago  
Now they can't say that One Direction is a boy band 3 years ago +3
Wrong one 3 years ago  
I find this "rule" highly sexist. It seems as though society is giving Women higher right than Men. Although it depends on why they are fighting. If it's a good reason hit the woman. But if it's over food or something she had no right to hit him. 3 years ago  
Thor doesn't have magic 3 years ago  
Where's That_Person? She needs to talk about the beard!! >:O 3 years ago  
Already do :D 3 years ago  
Oh. That just looks really good xD 3 years ago  
Already do lol 3 years ago  
A looks really good. Who made it? 3 years ago  
Yeah lol. Barry is in my Top 5 Superheroes. He is cool. But people keep saying that Quicksilver is faster than the Flash. And they obviously don't know what the Flash can do. 3 years ago  
Yes. He Is My Favorite Anti-Hero. My Favorite Superhero Has To Be Batman. 3 years ago  
The Amazons are underwater. I would be more powerful than them if they are underwater. 3 years ago  
Double Chocolate Krave, Chocolate Krave, Frosted Flakes, Honey Bunches, and Captain Crunch PB 3 years ago  
Ageing 3 years ago  
Because of Deathstroke xD 3 years ago  
So Hard lol 3 years ago  
Wow. Who did those things? Because they seem like jerks 3 years ago  
I don't hate you. You seem very nice :) 3 years ago +2
10th :D 3 years ago  
:D 3 years ago  
Thnx :D 3 years ago  
I'm guessing no one like TwerkinDolphin. Because no one knows me :( 3 years ago  
I'm winning! :D lol 3 years ago +1
oh. lol 3 years ago  
I'll be in the Tournament :D (Can My Color Be Black?) :P 3 years ago  
I remember you putting up a question about changing your profile pic. Here we go: // 3 years ago  
I thought you changed your pic to the pic in A? 3 years ago  
My B-day is in the Summer so I don't really care xD 3 years ago  
Happy B-Day RedEagle! Now you're only 2 years younger than me :P 3 years ago +2
Ebola is Contagious but not that Contagious 3 years ago  
Wolverine 3 years ago +1
Congrats :D 3 years ago +1
I forgot about that xD But still Professer X doesn't have any 3 years ago  
Guys! It's not about who is cooler. It is about who is more powerful 3 years ago +1
yeah. But Deadpool would still win. 3 years ago  
Once again Batman wouldn't kill. WonderWoman would... 3 years ago +1
Spawn would win against Silver Surfer. Come on people he is a demon 3 years ago  
ASDF movies xD Those were so funny xD 3 years ago +1
My middle name is. Derek :D and my number is 43,917 3 years ago  
Batman and Rorshach made me change my mind xD 3 years ago  
Blue or Green 3 years ago  
So it's better than -9000? 3 years ago  
Way more useful 3 years ago +1
Probably makes more money 3 years ago  
Lier :P 3 years ago  
When they get into High-school sure whatever 3 years ago +1
Kill them >:D 3 years ago  
No they don't. Well at least not all of them. Maybe like 1% hate blacks. 3 years ago  
lol 3 years ago  
I thought A was Fall out Boy "So Fck you! You can cry me a river and leave me be" - Fall out Boy Save Rock and Roll - 3 years ago +1
Happy Birthday! How old are you turning? 3 years ago +1
And do what? Wolverine can't die 3 years ago  
Ghost Rider would dominate Silver Surfer. He is stronger and he can't die. Ghost Rider could even win against Galactus probably. 3 years ago  
He could travel back in time and get it. 3 years ago  
Batman would lose because he would resist to kill. While Iron Man wouldn't resist so I change my answer xD 3 years ago  
Deathstroke 3 years ago +1
Bane gets his strength from a drug. So Bane himself isn't that strong 3 years ago +1
The Flash can run forward/back in time, he is faster than light, he can go through walls, he can go up walls, and so much more 3 years ago +2
Transformers movies are awesome >:O 3 years ago  
Well where I live it has 3 years ago  
It would be Eurasia but I think more of it is in Europe :P 3 years ago  
Closer to Winter because we are in Summer now so. Winter comes before Summer next year 3 years ago  
When I grow up I want to be a potato - Honeydew (Yogscast) 3 years ago  
hm that's a toughy :P maybe Minecraft or Halo 3 years ago  
what :P 3 years ago  
:D 3 years ago  
Sorry KindaPsycho. But I've known RedEagle for longer :( 3 years ago  
Sorry but I'm a Bluey. 3 years ago  
TF 4, TF 1, TF 3, Avengers 2, and Guardians of the Galaxy. 3 years ago  
I like playing Video Games and Fighting my Brothers with swords :D 3 years ago  
You probably just lied 3 years ago +1
Master Chief 3 years ago +1
Hit What? D: 3 years ago  
Doesn't mean he has Strength. There are many Gods without Strength 3 years ago  
I Know You :D (Kinda) 3 years ago +1
Depending on which snake. But usually snakes won't attack you unless if you bother them 3 years ago  
Low A 3 years ago  
Thor's strength comes from his hammer 3 years ago  
If you want to. I'm not gonna force you to xD 3 years ago  
Why don't you go fck yourself :) 3 years ago  
Although I am a bluey xD 3 years ago  
Never heard B so I choose A xD 3 years ago  
Depends on who's playing them. But usually A sounds better 3 years ago  
Masterbating is basically sex. 3 years ago +2
Homeschooled >:D 3 years ago  
B is one of the best. (my least favorite TF movie) But still better than Hunger Games 3 years ago  
Germany 3 years ago  
lol me too xD 3 years ago  
Already Am 3 years ago  
Misclick -_- 3 years ago  
Option C 3 years ago  
I mean yeah. Plus I would have an Iron Suit, smarts, etc. Also Iron Man won against Thor :P 3 years ago  
lol "I hate his beard" laughing so hard xD 3 years ago  
B is more powerful 3 years ago  
I don't like tootsie rolls anyway. 3 years ago  
Racist 3 years ago  
Money > Lightning 3 years ago +1
A's face isn't ugly 3 years ago  
:D 3 years ago  
Kiss 3 years ago  
No Don't Leave D: 3 years ago  
Aww Bye :( Don't Die! 3 years ago  
Still assured Magic is better that no one could steal :P 3 years ago  
How is the Avengers not up there? 3 years ago  
Foxy 3 years ago  
Couldn't I like enchant a weapon? 3 years ago  
Probably RedEagle and reoGirl? Idk I guess we could make a sci-fi fantasy game with knight and robots :P 3 years ago  
She fckin said that 3 years ago  
Not my Computer... 3 years ago  
Best SuperVILLAIN Tournament 3 years ago  
ilovefreedom 3 years ago  
I could just get a normal weapon it's fine xD 3 years ago  
True lol 3 years ago  
Already do lol 3 years ago  
Doesn't say he would kill me 3 years ago  
I could wait for Batman vs Superman 3 years ago  
I'd much rather have assured magic 3 years ago  
B is so photoshopped 3 years ago  
I usually take showers but when I take baths it's relaxing :P 3 years ago  
I feel like I would be really mad if I studied really hard and only got a C 3 years ago  
Wrong one 3 years ago  
Probably Gorillas xD 3 years ago  
Our robots could get hacked. But they are more powerful 3 years ago  
Count Dooku :D 3 years ago  
For some reason A looks a bit like reoGirl. (according to reoGirl's picture) 3 years ago +1
Although I'd more likely survive in B but A is just way cooler 3 years ago  
Spear* :P 3 years ago  
If I get Assured Magic and I won't lose it or it won't become weak 3 years ago  
I'm a dude so it wouldn't be weird :P 3 years ago  
lol 3 years ago  
Everything could be used as a weapon 3 years ago  
:D 3 years ago  
A is overrated 3 years ago  
She would know if I did kiss her. 3 years ago  
Barely knew you but Goodbye :P 3 years ago  
Deathstroke FTW :D 3 years ago  
Doesn't say I would lose anything 3 years ago  
Eat the serving size 3 years ago  
I can take it off when I get home :P 3 years ago +1
Sorry reoGirl :'( 3 years ago  
:D 3 years ago  
why 3 years ago  
ilovefreedom 3 years ago +1
:O 3 years ago  
Sup 3 years ago  
A looks a lot like a stormtrooper as in the design not colors 3 years ago  
The Clone Wars. Rebels Suck 3 years ago  
Can't wait for Star Wars VII or the new Battlefront! 3 years ago  
meh 3 years ago  
No. 3 years ago  
He is Famous. Not successful 3 years ago  
ilovefreedom was rude to me when I posted a question that has or has not been asked. I don't know if it has he just said it has been asked before 3 years ago  
dork 3 years ago  
contry? 3 years ago  
Ilovefreedom 3 years ago +1
Vegans aren't evil 3 years ago +2
Already Saw It 3 years ago  
Suuurrrrreeee :P 3 years ago  
lol Spielberg xD 3 years ago +1
Already do B :D 3 years ago  
Polar Bears exist. 3 years ago  
Ello Mate :) 3 years ago  
ISTJ - Duty Fulfiller 3 years ago  
RedEagle, K-Fantastic, KindaPsycho, reoGirl 3 years ago +3
So "Inside-Out" is the best franchise in history and "StarWars" is a silly animated movie? 3 years ago  
Age of Ultron was so good 3 years ago  
lol 3 years ago  
I don't hate you 3 years ago  
Oh, Sorry didn't understand :( 3 years ago  
lol 3 years ago  
Yeah, but Subway is more healthy than McDonalds. 3 years ago  
ikr 3 years ago  
Make a new Question 3 years ago  
Avengers 3 years ago  
Tell your sorry :) 3 years ago  
A walking Question Mark 3 years ago  
Deathstroke is the worlds greatest assassin plus he has sense. Ezio is still a good fighter but Deathstroke is just better 3 years ago  
but more crime 3 years ago +2
I didn't say Travis 3 years ago  
Transformers any of them 3 years ago  
Spiders aren't fast I could outrun them 3 years ago  
RedEagle, K-Fantastic, Reogirl, KindaPsycho, StarwarsRocks, and 5 others xD 3 years ago  
Funner xD 3 years ago  
Wasp 3 years ago  
Batman :D 3 years ago  
You're one of the funniest users that aren't "funny" in a stupid way. 3 years ago  
6 is my least favorite 3 years ago  
Crap! I didn't read the entire question xD Script then 3 years ago +1
ok 3 years ago  
OneRepublic 3 years ago  
i don't think it has though 3 years ago  
keep that up for a year. 3 years ago  
That song was so good 3 years ago  
You are Riddler :P 3 years ago  
Mine is Magmashooter03 Most of my friends call me Magma which would be so cool to have that nickname :D 3 years ago  
I'd a super-villain then :D 3 years ago  
B looks like a really ugly Batman xD 3 years ago  
Oh yeah I forgot. In the first movie Optimus said that I just forgot sorry :( 3 years ago  
=D My 1st question is an original question :D 3 years ago  
Jericho? XD I'm only interested in the Greatest Assassin :P 3 years ago  
yeah lol 3 years ago  
4 people 3 years ago  
A is so depressing xD I thought the kids died or something :P 3 years ago  
If they were Transformer level Robots than they'd kick your a$$ 3 years ago  
Transformers fvck yeah! 3 years ago  
RedEagle :P The only user I met so far 3 years ago +1
The Germans weren't the bad guys Hitler was the only bad guy. Germans were just doing what they were told. 3 years ago +1
What is a contry? 3 years ago  
Pizza! :D 3 years ago  
Transformers 4 3 years ago  
50 Shades of Grey 3 years ago +2
Deathstroke :D 3 years ago +1
Magmal 3 years ago  
lol yeah I don't like it 3 years ago  
Canada here I come =D 3 years ago +1
lol 100% :D ( Ik I'm the only one that voted) 3 years ago  
Congrats! High Five! 3 years ago  
On my planet we ain't need oxygen! 3 years ago +1
dummy* lol XD 3 years ago  
Well I'd be dead because the lack of clean oxygen xD 3 years ago  
lol yeah xD 3 years ago  
I like DD cuz KK is too sweet. 3 years ago  
I'm sure there would be a weapon of some sort in the basement 3 years ago +2
Fred 3 years ago  
You could meet people online xd 3 years ago  
No problem :P 3 years ago  
1 tattoo 3 years ago  
Transformers :D 3 years ago  
I like RedEagle more :p No offense ExtraSausagePizza 3 years ago  
Black Lightsaber :D 3 years ago +1
I can't whistle either :P 3 years ago  
Darth Vader is kinda lame. Darth Maul is more flexible and has a dual lightsaber 3 years ago  
Why aren't the gorillas men yet? 3 years ago  
Halo isn't funny really. 3 years ago  
lol 3 years ago  
I am Shark 3 years ago  
Dude it is her beliefs now just leave her alone. 3 years ago  
If Justin Beiber did then NO! xD 3 years ago  
In a different color though 3 years ago  
Cool 3 years ago  
Do a worst Superhero series 3 years ago  
military* 3 years ago  
Minecraft :P 3 years ago  
Speed and Make anything I want in my mind 3 years ago +1
I'd much rather not be responsible for a loss or something 3 years ago  
Home Schooled! 3 years ago +1
Wrong one :/ 3 years ago  
I didn't know B was sung by Elton John xD 3 years ago  
Cooler 3 years ago  
Would be cool. (I chose the cooler picture :P) 3 years ago  
A is awesome! 3 years ago +1 3 years ago  
Call me Claw :p 3 years ago +1
Not this time :P 3 years ago  
Already played Slender might as well try something new 3 years ago  
I like them both but Optimus is better 3 years ago  
Less chance of death 3 years ago +1
A looks creepy :p 3 years ago  
If I was part of the army :p 3 years ago  
lol 3 years ago  
I have never done it 3 years ago  
Wendy's is really good 3 years ago  
lol that is so adorable xD 3 years ago  
I've seen the second not the first but I really wanna see Jurassic World 3 years ago  
Master Chief is a super-solider like Captain America and he also has a bunch of guns that are alien's guns. Iron man just has a suit and can fly with lasers. 3 years ago  
Girls shorter than me but not too short 3 years ago  
wow... 3 years ago  
GMO? 3 years ago  
RedEagles looks better and probably would win in a fight 3 years ago  
Cockroaches. 3 years ago  
Nice =P 3 years ago  
I want to play the entire series! :D 3 years ago  
I'd probably get tired of it too. But that hasn't stopped my sister and brothers from doing it xD 3 years ago  
Fall out Boy and One Republic. 3 years ago  
Cookie! :D 3 years ago  
A hand grenade? 3 years ago  
A looks scary xD 3 years ago  
I know =D 3 years ago  
Cheese! Cheese! And more Cheese! 3 years ago +1
Pointy end or dull end? 3 years ago  
I like DC more than Marvel 3 years ago  
I'd name my son Constanoble :p 3 years ago  
Sure whatever 3 years ago  
You can get protein from plants or noodles or something not always only from meat 3 years ago +1
>:O Be quiet :( 3 years ago  
WoT! (Add me on the EU server :P Magmashooter_steel) xD 3 years ago  
Happy One-Year Anniversery! (Although I'm late) 3 years ago  
Yeah. It should be illegal. 3 years ago  
I would hate to see Assassin's Creed turned into an anime 3 years ago +1
Spoons are more useful. 3 years ago  
You'd die if you went in the sun. 3 years ago  
Star Wars 3 years ago +1
German, Russian, Norwegian, and 2 others :p 3 years ago  
I'd keep Saturday a weekend with no schoolwork xD 3 years ago  
Adam Levine xD 3 years ago  
Presents!! 3 years ago  
Transformers Series, Batman Series, and Deathstroke Series :3 3 years ago  
Pizza =D 3 years ago  
No offense xD 3 years ago +1
Transformers FTW =D 3 years ago  
Doomsday died 3 years ago  
Wild 2006? 3 years ago  
why do kids have these weapons? xD 3 years ago  
2-3 3 years ago +1
neither 3 years ago +1
I liked TF-4 more xD 3 years ago  
I'm not scared of Death much rather scared of creepy faces :p 3 years ago  
Swiss Rolls or Brownies! 3 years ago  
This is a Corndog not a Hot dog xD 3 years ago  
What is so good about Bacon? I hate it. 3 years ago  
I want to be that turtle! It is freakin awesome! 3 years ago  
I wouldn't risk going to jail or killing a friend xD 3 years ago  
Which one was right?! 3 years ago  
I got confused when I looked at A xD 3 years ago +1
Yeah me too xD (No Offense) 3 years ago  
The Entire EU Nation Yes. 3 years ago  
it is yellowish green 3 years ago  
When I was a child I liked the Bob the Builder show :( They ruined him :( 3 years ago  
Sharks Are Endangered. People kill them because they see them as a "threat". 3 years ago  
I think Ronald Mcdonald is in the background of B xD 3 years ago  
I'd kill it and sell it xD 3 years ago +2
A looks so good 3 years ago  
They didn't say I would die :p 3 years ago  
3 or 4 3 years ago  
That is not Bob -_- 3 years ago +1
I feel like if I crashed I wouldn't get hurt as bad xD 3 years ago  
Transformers are awesome :D 3 years ago  
Transformers 4 3 years ago  
I am not saying which one is better I am just choosing my gender. 3 years ago  
So many choc chips xD 3 years ago  
mint or chocolate or vanilla 3 years ago  
I play WoT! (On EU) 3 years ago  
=( Don't get a nightmare D: 3 years ago  
If I was friends with her I bet she wouldn't make fun of me. 3 years ago  
My favorite villain = Deathstroke. Favorite Hero = Batman. 3 years ago  
I don't want to pay a different character :P 3 years ago  
why is there Abraham Lincoln xD 3 years ago  
i'd replace it with a metal arm :D 3 years ago +1
I wish he'd hit the bottom of a rock cliff and die. 3 years ago +1
oh lol xD 3 years ago  
You are pure stupid (not christianr) 3 years ago  
which is better Deadpool or Deathstroke? 3 years ago  
change the hair 3 years ago  
Yes some styles are better than others. But the bottom line is people can have bad-days 3 years ago  
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