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    Go to the beach and get a tan +1
    Boyfriends come and go, but friends are forever.  
    If u live to be 100, I want to live to be 100 minus 1 day so I never have to live a day without you.  
    I'm glad I can skip  
    I hate Justin beiber  
    It's a guy.  
    Cuz I like my best friend  
    No more enemy...  
    Fashionably late!!  
    And get rejected!!  
    Pit bulls are scary looking  
    Can't kill my lil sis. Love her too much. +51
    Wrong one. But I love the picture  
    JESUS!!! Y'all need Jesus!!!!  
    My dream is to have the person I like love me back  
    With a parachute into a pool of pillows  
    I could always just find another one to love  
    Guys are supposed to ask us not us ask them.(I'm a girl. Btw)  
    Wrong one  
    Wrong one  
    My 2 best guy friends play baseball  
    All the way.  
    Never said how hard...  
    I hate burger king  
    What kind of question is this??  
    #Rapunzal! I don't know if that's how you spell that...  
    I live in Texas.  
    Right now I have a galaxy S3  
    I did not mean to click either of them.  
    Oops. Wrong one  
    Shut up God haters. think what you want but you will be the ones spending eternity in hell.  
    Terrorists could easily take over a plane again.  
    It's the thought that counts  
    I need all of them  
    #Quiet time  
    I need my hearing!  
    What about 16?  
    What if my SO is one of my best friends?  
    I'm Christian!!! +1
    Wrong one again. Dang it. Grier.  
    Dogs are a lot more loyal  
    Because the bible says thou shalt not steal  
    Never said anything about tablets or phones...  
    I would just take baths  
    Then I can get to know him b4 we get married  
    I'd invest it and make even more money  
    Dangit. I clicked the wrong one.:( +1
    Oops. Wrong one. Ruling is God's job.  
    Sorry Justin bieber is a lot worse  
    I hate both but adjusting  
    I see how they look like barking rats.  
    I want a simple wedding anyways  
    The big bang is so fake! #Christian!!! #LoveGod!!!  
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