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    i like both of them but demi is more inspirational. 4 years ago  
    Go to the beach and get a tan 4 years ago +1
    Wrong one 4 years ago  
    I love both!!! 4 years ago  
    Never said I couldn't laugh... 4 years ago +1
    Wrong one!! Ill only be 63 to 64 4 years ago  
    Wrong one!! 4 years ago +1
    Boyfriends come and go, but friends are forever. 4 years ago  
    Alreadydo 4 years ago  
    Both 4 years ago  
    If u live to be 100, I want to live to be 100 minus 1 day so I never have to live a day without you. 4 years ago  
    Wrong one 4 years ago  
    I'm glad I can skip 4 years ago  
    Happening to me right now...:'( 4 years ago +3
    Neither 4 years ago  
    I hate Justin beiber 4 years ago  
    I met a guy at church camp one year and... I can't even explain how I felt that 1 week with him 4 years ago +4
    It's a guy. 4 years ago  
    Cuz I like my best friend 4 years ago  
    No more enemy... 4 years ago  
    Fashionably late!! 4 years ago  
    And get rejected!! 4 years ago  
    Never know what you'll miss out on 4 years ago  
    Pit bulls are scary looking 4 years ago  
    Can't kill my lil sis. Love her too much. 4 years ago +47
    Allergy medicine people!! 4 years ago  
    Wrong one. But I love the picture 4 years ago  
    JESUS!!! Y'all need Jesus!!!! 4 years ago  
    My dream is to have the person I like love me back 4 years ago  
    Neither 4 years ago  
    With a parachute into a pool of pillows 4 years ago  
    I could always just find another one to love 4 years ago  
    Guys are supposed to ask us not us ask them.(I'm a girl. Btw) 4 years ago  
    Wrong one 4 years ago  
    Definitely not Justin bieber 4 years ago +2
    Wrong one 4 years ago  
    Wrong one 4 years ago +1
    Wrong one 4 years ago  
    You mean soccer 4 years ago +2
    Read John 3:16 4 years ago +3
    Wrong one 4 years ago  
    Key word. ALMOST. 4 years ago +1
    How deep? How high? 4 years ago +5
    Steve Prefontaine. Wish I could run like him. 4 years ago  
    Basketball 4 years ago  
    Either obe would be fine w me 4 years ago  
    More competitive 4 years ago  
    It's called get out. 4 years ago +1
    Love both 4 years ago +1
    Cowboys suck this year 4 years ago  
    I love watching both 4 years ago +1
    Love both 4 years ago  
    I love both! 4 years ago +2
    Texas tech!!! 4 years ago  
    And Adidas 4 years ago +1
    I love both... 4 years ago  
    Basketball 4 years ago  
    One of my best guy friends is 6'3" and supposed to be 6'5" but stinks at basketball but I love it 4 years ago  
    Nasty 4 years ago  
    I love both!! 4 years ago  
    #23 all the way!! 4 years ago  
    I don't like yellow 4 years ago  
    Clicked wrong one 4 years ago +2
    It's called duck 4 years ago  
    I clicked the wrong one 4 years ago  
    My 2 best guy friends play baseball 4 years ago  
    Soccer 4 years ago  
    All the way. 4 years ago  
    They both look gross 4 years ago  
    Mean girls star or maleficent... that is to hard... 4 years ago  
    Neither 4 years ago  
    I love both. 4 years ago +1
    Neither. Both are gross. 4 years ago  
    Never said how hard... 4 years ago  
    I hate burger king 4 years ago  
    Neither. 4 years ago  
    What kind of question is this?? 4 years ago  
    Either really.:) 4 years ago +1
    #Rapunzal! I don't know if that's how you spell that... 4 years ago  
    I have skull candy ones. 4 years ago +1
    I live in Texas. 4 years ago  
    Right now I have a galaxy S3 4 years ago  
    I did not mean to click either of them. 4 years ago  
    Both 4 years ago  
    Oops. Wrong one 4 years ago  
    Shut up God haters. think what you want but you will be the ones spending eternity in hell. 4 years ago  
    Terrorists could easily take over a plane again. 4 years ago  
    NEITHER. 4 years ago  
    None 4 years ago  
    It's the thought that counts 4 years ago  
    I need all of them 4 years ago  
    Neither 4 years ago  
    #Quiet time 4 years ago  
    I need my hearing! 4 years ago  
    What about 16? 4 years ago  
    What if my SO is one of my best friends? 4 years ago  
    Wrong one again!!! Why do I keep doing this?! 4 years ago  
    If only we didn't have our president 4 years ago  
    I'm Christian!!! 4 years ago +1
    Neither. 4 years ago  
    Grrr. 4 years ago  
    Wrong one again. Dang it. Grier. 4 years ago  
    Dogs are a lot more loyal 4 years ago  
    Because the bible says thou shalt not steal 4 years ago  
    Never said anything about tablets or phones... 4 years ago  
    I would just take baths 4 years ago  
    After 5 years it's over 4 years ago  
    Then I can get to know him b4 we get married 4 years ago  
    GODS NOT DEAD HE IS SURELY ALIVE!!!! 4 years ago  
    I'd invest it and make even more money 4 years ago  
    Neither. They r both so cute. 4 years ago  
    Dangit. I clicked the wrong one.:( 4 years ago +1
    I shouldn't have even answered that... 4 years ago  
    Oops. Wrong one. Ruling is God's job. 4 years ago  
    No thank you 4 years ago  
    None 4 years ago  
    Sorry Justin bieber is a lot worse 4 years ago  
    I hate both but adjusting 4 years ago  
    Claustrophobic 4 years ago  
    I see how they look like barking rats. 4 years ago  
    Yolo 4 years ago  
    I want a simple wedding anyways 4 years ago  
    The big bang is so fake! #Christian!!! #LoveGod!!! 4 years ago  
    Makes no sense 4 years ago +1
    That's a stupid question 4 years ago +1
    I have a galaxy but have always wanted an iPhone 4 years ago  
    I'm the oldest so I would like to know how it would be like with an older sibling... 4 years ago +3
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