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    It’s stupid for billion 1 year ago  
    Don't have B yet 1 year ago  
    It means $99 billion 1 year ago  
    A translates out to $99 billion so hell yeah 1 year ago  
    Already happened 1 year ago  
    People at my school would be happy; she's a stupid slut who can't shut up 1 year ago +21
    Never said I couldn't have a parachute 1 year ago +2
    Never said how fast it had to be going 1 year ago +4
    Damn, girls must rly hate u 1 year ago  
    I'm disappointed with society 1 year ago +6
    You can't hold beauty in your hand. You can hold something that's beautiful, but not beauty itself 1 year ago  
    Ruler of my utopia 1 year ago  
    Dolphin 1 year ago  
    1 year younger than me or my age 1 year ago  
    I barely died (4) 1 year ago  
    Does it count if you're about to ask them out? 1 year ago 1 year ago  
    Bc 7 ate 9 (this joke is so sh*tty) 1 year ago  
    Chicken 1 year ago  
    8th 1 year ago  
    Type A 1 year ago  
    I got 34 and I'm 13 :| 1 year ago  
    My old account from a game I don't play anymore 1 year ago  
    Who am I gonna be with? 1 year ago 1 year ago  
    They have the same weight 1 year ago  
    Just got off for Christmas Break! 1 year ago  
    I'm disappointed with the 61% who voted for Hellary 1 year ago  
    12 1 year ago  
    Just filter it, boil for a little bit, and you're good; simple facts Boy Scouts know 1 year ago  
    Dog 1 year ago  
    I was thinking 21; earliest age to be done with school 1 year ago  
    Happened to me 2 times now 1 year ago  
    Gemini 1 year ago  
    77 1 year ago  
    Not following off the meme, but 21 bc it's when I'm finished with school 1 year ago  
    I got protagonist 1 year ago  
    That's pretty deep, bro 1 year ago  
    Damn, son. Where'd ya find these? 1 year ago  
    Jada 1 year ago  
    I'm exited to prove my scoutmaster wrong that I can get my Eagle Scout in February 2018 & im about to do it 1 year ago  
    I'd wish for a rly large bedroom so that we'd be as far from each other as possible 1 year ago  
    Already do 1 year ago  
    Misclick 1 year ago  
    America 1 year ago  
    Amity & abnegation 1 year ago  
    I've always had blue eyes 1 year ago  
    Ur face is so rounded, it looks like ur wearing a mask 1 year ago  
    I'm a little curious 1 year ago  
    I lost :( 1 year ago  
    Lime green 1 year ago  
    I wouldn't do anything to their relationship because one shouldn't have to suffer for the actions of the other & try to find somebody I love more who won't do that to me 1 year ago  
    A quick way off 1 year ago  
    Dogs 1 year ago  
    I got a 9 1 year ago  
    Two wrongs don't make a right 1 year ago  
    Why not? 1 year ago  
    I agree 1 year ago  
    Gaming & marriage 1 year ago  
    Meapster21 1 year ago  
    Already happened twice :( 1 year ago  
    American 1 year ago  
    1:04 PM 1 year ago  
    Twitch is an app used to update & install mods for games like World of Warcraft and Minecraft 1 year ago  
    That's what I was thinking 1 year ago  
    I like a girl who's either my size or a little shorter, dirty blonde hair, smart, loyal, funny, and likes me for who I am 1 year ago 1 year ago  
    Not a whole lot; to busy with school 1 year ago  
    Face 1 year ago  
    A gf 1 year ago  
    Both are my gaming life, I can't choose 1 year ago  
    SUPERAntiSpyware for the win 1 year ago  
    How about never 1 year ago  
    Niether 1 year ago  
    A then B 1 year ago  
    It literally says, "Would rather EAT" 1 year ago  
    Because there are some things that can't be stopped 1 year ago  
    Never said the opposite sex could still be attracted to you 1 year ago  
    Never said it had to be forever 1 year ago  
    Nobody ever shows up to my B-Day anyway... 1 year ago  
    Actually it's "tough question, this was" 1 year ago  
    I'd rather save both of us & kill whoever made this question 1 year ago  
    What if the car hit you? 1 year ago  
    Never said you couldn't change it back 1 year ago  
    The 42% who said B are stupid 1 year ago  
    Mis-click 1 year ago  
    How about neither... 1 year ago  
    It literally says "Would you rather EAT" 1 year ago  
    A then B 1 year ago  
    We will never have true liberty beucase there will always be a government ruling over us 1 year ago  
    I agree 1 year ago  
    Could plan my life better 1 year ago  
    My phone is absolute sh*t 1 year ago  
    It really is, yeah 1 year ago  
    Feels like you care only about her and not the attention you get from it 1 year ago  
    I could sell the light saber for a butt load & then give that money to the African kids 1 year ago  

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