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My name is Marguerite. I'm not your average seventh-grade girl. I'm a great advice giver and matchmaker (according to my friends)! Feel free to Kik or Snapchat me at marguerite2001! My tumblr is

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    I'm already a hot nerd, so why do I need to choose? *hair flip* +4
    Trust me. I know a lot of ugly popular people at my school. +4
    I already am a failure at love... +1
    Rather what?!  
    I can move on from the crush, but it would be hard to get EVERYONE to like me again. +1
    I would rather sacrifice my relationship with the one I like than have my best friend hate me. +2
    I wouldn't care! Their race shouldn't matter.  
    It's better to ask them out and know their true feelings for you than to wonder and wonder what their feelings are.  
    Seriously? That's such a messed up question.  
    If my friends weren't supportive, that would be there problem, not mine.  
    Guys have it made. No periods, no babies, not as much shaving, no typical stereotypes. I would totally love to be a hot guy, just saying. +1313
    A random being is given the ability to create life? How was he chosen? The Bible has been translated so many times, that it's not accurate anymore. Cool story bro.  
    The Perks of Being A Wallflower! +1
    No, shut up.  
    $1k would mean one thousand. It says one million in the question.  
    I don't understand. Would time still progress if you went back in time? Like, if you went back, would you eventually get back to where you are today?  
    No, it's not.  
    "Africanish"? Shut up. +2
    You dirty mind.  
    If you have a boyfriend/girlfriend and you might kiss them, spearmint. Single? Juicy Fruit all the way! +1
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