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    Wrong answer da sex  
    Kill humans  
    Kill all humans  
    On land da  
    Murder shotgun time  
    Rligious peaple should die  
    Root beer  
    I'm in Utah  
    Cause if we take away what they want they will talk in class and stuff  
    I could live  
    I'm a guy  
    It's smaller  
    It can be a cruise  
    I love patrick  
    Screw freinds  
    I'm racist  
    Screw freinds  
    Just kill peaple  
    What about android  
    It's a wedding you get cake throw tomatoes at them  
    Halo 4  
    I could get a new car  
    Kill them  
    I could play fnaf1  
    Screw humans  
    Plus I would be a rich dude with a m. House so haha boom  
    Screw family's I hate family  
    Screw my brother less humans and life you need your mom when you are a baby  
    I'm nine  
    Kill more humans feed yourself with bolth answers good rwy  
    At least your not dieing in a plane crash I hate pilots there always evil so I'll fly my own planes  
    I have a photographic memory  
    I hate librays love reading  
    Boo dump Apple I would rather eat an apple then have a 2,000$ Apple ipad +2
    I could kill humans and only important Peaple are alive +1
    Boo in dances you can't talk just listene to music derp that's not a date  
    Beat up the younger sibling  
    Tv on computer derp youtube  
    Are the bad snakes  
    Mavel has no crytionite or the only thing that can kill superman so a derp +1
    I'm a guy  
    What's strathford  
    It's a polar bear da  
    Boo you could do crimes and not go to jail and blow up all humans  
    Football is dangerous and can get you brain damage  
    Who cares  
    A costume meal or a non costume meal is the rather  
    No humans in space so better live  
    Wrong opps  
    The guy from New York is me umm yes  
    I agree with ericm3 and it would be cool to see aliens  
    Opps wrong answer  
    No kids boo waste of money  
    It's one phone call for a. or send one text for b.  
    Opps wrong answer  
    Screw God he's some mith made by a homeless dude to make money live in wealth now the president is getting religion out of schools derp  
    I'm asleep so boom I won't sleep much I think  
    True love is one of my dreams  
    I could kill all humans da  
    I could change my weight so if I get a cancer I can be heavier and live and change the weight of air so it crashes through there head  
    Wrong answer  
    Infinite power so a could magical make a diese no more humans so Im da best  
    Crocs are slower but one bite will kill you but piranhas are like ten times faster and kill you with 2 bites so da  
    What about family if lose family's no I should press a not b for my answer  
    Umm I'm nine  
    Cause more taxes would be paid to stop world hunger  
    Da you should not hurt cats/kittys +1
    Wrong one  
    I'm not mean I think people would be mean to me  
    Never heard of croatia  
    Oops wrong choice  
    Hard choice if diet Pepsi or diet coke it would be coke if non diet Pepsi  
    Apple is so bad a would rather eat an apple  
    I could stop cancer with magic power it's still power haha  
    Everyone dies in a zombie apocalypse only like fifty m die in world war three  
    Sexydude +1
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