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Would you rather be really skilled at Guitar or Piano 4 years ago 260 votes 5 comments 0 likes

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Misclick 3 years ago  
Clicked wrong 3 years ago  
Hi 3 years ago  
Wrong answer da sex 3 years ago  
Wrong answer da 3 years ago  
Kill humans 3 years ago  
Kill all humans 3 years ago  
On land da 3 years ago  
Guy 3 years ago  
You can't Milky Way midnight dark 3 years ago  
Kill her take the money 3 years ago  
I'm 9 3 years ago  
Pikichu 3 years ago  
Murder shotgun time 3 years ago  
Rligious peaple should die 3 years ago  
Root beer 3 years ago  
Dumb dumb 3 years ago  
I'll not die so haha I'll go to a doctor gas just kills you 3 years ago  
Jackw sucks it says burn 2m $ not burn a million 3 years ago  
Your name has pizza in it 3 years ago +1
It's fluffy da 3 years ago  
F**k dogs 3 years ago  
Badass 3 years ago  
Elian is sexy and sexy dude 3 years ago  
Utah,ca Arizona Nevada 3 years ago  
I love coffe 3 years ago  
Then kill the dude 3 years ago +1
Kill zombies with planes 3 years ago +1
Elian/sexy dude is right not left 3 years ago  
Kill humans 3 years ago  
Wrong answer 3 years ago  
Red turn into an adult or a printer to make money 3 years ago  
Best show ever 3 years ago  
Star Wars a show 3 years ago  
Markiplier is the bomb 3 years ago  
Kill him da 3 years ago  
No slender man 3 years ago  
I'm not dead 3 years ago  
Uci 3 years ago  
I'm not in it 3 years ago  
Blow it up 3 years ago  
Screw Netflix cable the bomb 3 years ago  
Wrong flag 3 years ago  
No it's dumb cause punch wood click craft build click run press keys 3 years ago +1
Dreamie 3 years ago  
One billion nukes kill all humans 3 years ago +1
Kill all humans that suck so about 99% 3 years ago  
Screw dat 3 years ago  
Apples are better 3 years ago  
Screw Apple 3 years ago +1
Screw cod 3 years ago  
#$ 3 years ago  
I'm in Utah 3 years ago  
faster 3 years ago  
Cause if we take away what they want they will talk in class and stuff 3 years ago  
I could live 3 years ago  
I'm a guy 3 years ago  
It's smaller 3 years ago  
It can be a cruise 3 years ago  
Purple 3 years ago  
I love patrick 3 years ago  
Only hurts for a few secends 3 years ago  
Screw freinds 3 years ago  
I'm racist 3 years ago  
Screw freinds 3 years ago  
Just kill peaple 3 years ago  
What about android 3 years ago  
It's a wedding you get cake throw tomatoes at them 3 years ago  
Halo 4 3 years ago  
I could get a new car 3 years ago  
Kill them 3 years ago  
I could play fnaf1 3 years ago  
Screw humans 3 years ago  
Plus I would be a rich dude with a m. House so haha boom 3 years ago  
Screw family's I hate family 3 years ago  
Screw my brother less humans and life you need your mom when you are a baby 3 years ago  
I'm nine 3 years ago  
Kill more humans feed yourself with bolth answers good rwy 3 years ago  
At least your not dieing in a plane crash I hate pilots there always evil so I'll fly my own planes 3 years ago  
I have a photographic memory 3 years ago  
I hate librays love reading 3 years ago  
Boo dump Apple I would rather eat an apple then have a 2,000$ Apple ipad 3 years ago +2
I could kill humans and only important Peaple are alive 3 years ago +1
Boo in dances you can't talk just listene to music derp that's not a date 3 years ago  
Beat up the younger sibling 3 years ago  
Tv on computer derp youtube 3 years ago  
Wrong answer 3 years ago  
Are the bad snakes 3 years ago  
Mavel has no crytionite or the only thing that can kill superman so a derp 3 years ago +1
I'm a guy 3 years ago  
What's strathford 3 years ago  
It's a polar bear da 3 years ago  
Boo you could do crimes and not go to jail and blow up all humans 3 years ago  
Football is dangerous and can get you brain damage 3 years ago  
Who cares 3 years ago  
A costume meal or a non costume meal is the rather 3 years ago  
No humans in space so better live 3 years ago  
Wrong opps 3 years ago  
The guy from New York is me umm yes 3 years ago  
I agree with ericm3 and it would be cool to see aliens 3 years ago  
Opps wrong answer 3 years ago  
No kids boo waste of money 3 years ago  
It's one phone call for a. or send one text for b. 3 years ago  
Opps wrong answer 3 years ago  
Screw God he's some mith made by a homeless dude to make money live in wealth now the president is getting religion out of schools derp 3 years ago  
I'm asleep so boom I won't sleep much I think 3 years ago  
True love is one of my dreams 3 years ago  
I could kill all humans da 3 years ago  
I could change my weight so if I get a cancer I can be heavier and live and change the weight of air so it crashes through there head 3 years ago  
Wrong answer 3 years ago  
Infinite power so a could magical make a diese no more humans so Im da best 3 years ago  
Crocs are slower but one bite will kill you but piranhas are like ten times faster and kill you with 2 bites so da 3 years ago  
What about family if lose family's no I should press a not b for my answer 3 years ago  
Umm I'm nine 3 years ago  
Cause more taxes would be paid to stop world hunger 3 years ago  
Da you should not hurt cats/kittys 3 years ago +1
Wrong one 3 years ago  
I'm not mean I think people would be mean to me 3 years ago  
Never heard of croatia 3 years ago  
Oops wrong choice 3 years ago  
Hard choice if diet Pepsi or diet coke it would be coke if non diet Pepsi 3 years ago  
Apple is so bad a would rather eat an apple 3 years ago  
I could stop cancer with magic power it's still power haha 3 years ago  
Everyone dies in a zombie apocalypse only like fifty m die in world war three 3 years ago  
My escape would be to kill myself and go to the world of heavin or hell early 4 years ago +3
Knock knonck how's there me I'm putting a nail in the wall 4 years ago  
Sexydude 4 years ago +1
Yeah 4 years ago  
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