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    if I fail being a doctor,then I let a people die.  
    cats don't eat their poop  
    I'm thin af  
    Idk what is B so  
    Chocolate is running out so.  
    I'd wish to wish money  
    I'm never gonna get a girlfriend,so.  
    I always do A at school.  
    I already have a bad breath  
    What if I dont do sports  
    If you eat jellyfish you will die,maybe!  
    I will kill deez ants bruh!  
    Brownie Batter looks like sh*t so thats why I clicked the opposite  
    That female doctor is a hot chick  
    Tell me about the money,and then I will make my choise,ok?  
    Who said that I cant get a new PC  
    Cats dont pee at every possible place  
    Do everything yourself!  
    Bye bye north korean rules  
    Worth it  
    Only the strong ones survive  
    Screw you minecraft players!  
    Enjoy me watching Pr0n! :D +1
    At least aliens arent that powerful!  
    I will wish for no wish rules,SWAG  
    If you dont find true love,you wont have sex! UR SCREWED MY BOI  
    I can spot when someone is watching Pr0n  
    Magicus rulicus da worldicus! (that was a magic spell)  
    I will move to a safe country,BRUH!  
    Please forgive me! D:  
    Extreme prank maker with the pause button :D  
    You are gonna be fine! Just kidding,you have ebola my boi :D  
    I am already smart,so deal with it  
    Time is money,DUH! +1
    Actually,you can make money with your magic,cant you?  
    I dont have a cell phone,SWAG!!!!  
    I am actually an european,so I choose the second one.  
    If I have a lightsaber,I will break something!  
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