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Shock runs through my bones, adrenaline pumps into my blood as I jump violently out of my peaceful slumber. As my heart slows, reality begins to settle in. I wake up to none other than my empty room. The freezing air collided with my chest and chilled my throat with every breath. After my eyes adjusted to the dark and gloomy atmosphere of the room, I took on one of life’s hardest trials: getting out of bed. I flung the sheets off of my body exposing me to the dank air sending chills down my spine. Touched down on the freezing floor so cold it burned the soles of my feet. I sulked around my room searching for today’s outfit, but the weight of death on my shoulders reduced me to kneel. Thoughts rushed through my head quicker than starts shooting through the sky. I couldn't take it, but I do it anyway. It’s one thing to live with a broken heart, but to live with a void replacing your heart is something only one wishes to imagine and never to experience. The wind would've taken me if had stood still any longer, I had to get up. I conjured the strength to stand out of what felt like thin air and continued to prepare for yet another lifeless day. As I regained my senses, the pain began to mask itself. My soul began to hide and cocoon behind my own skin. I was ready for the day. -MasterT82

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    id rather not get catfished  
    50/50 ???  
    Either drink a whole bunch of chemicals or Whale Vomit  
    what if they are my friend and i'm given them a place to crash for a while?  
    i'd spend $4 for immortality, seems legit  
    "How the hell did you get fired on your day off?!"  
    Both kinda suck but older you get bullied less so win  
    What friends?  
    if i said everything on my be given the death penalty  
    20$ ?  
    I have no loved ones to jokes on you i'm alone either way -_-  
    either way id be treated like a slave  
    No difference  
    something called laundering  
    No son of mines will be unemployed and a drug addict  
    If it exists, sure why not  
    The more you know, the less you understand.... Ignorance is bliss as well  
    Too late  
    At least someone likes me ._.  
    1st grade education much?  
    This is the perfect way to find people who download illegal music, probably posted by a CISPA activist  
    We still havn't found mc hammer's career  
    too late  
    the world profits from war, you stop war, everyone starves. "Look toward the great depression and how it ended (WWII)  
    will running a few miles cure any sicknesses or help anyone, i didn't think so  
    Will your "Friends" be there when your a uneducated dug addict, hobo begging for money outside of walgreens? No  
    doctors get paid like the world trade  
    does it really look like two guys F***in gonna affect my life? As long as you don't hit on me, kiss whoever you want i dont give a F*** +1
    4 top coments "id bone Hermione"  
    already in a loving relationship, use the $1,000 to take my girl to a fancy restraunt  
    i don't think i should go to work in a power rangers shirt or something like that...  
    not exactly, it says know who likes you, not have people like you, your crush doesn't have to like you.  
    with a beautiful wife or Gf who needs friends  
    what if we all only go to hell?  
    lol 50/50  
    With knowledge comes power  
    where is the (Lady Male) part, all i see is scales  
    29% of people know their gonna crash that wedding  
    Screw antidisestablishmentarianism!!!  
    maybe you shouldn't be in the political field...  
    id rather look towards the future than look back at the past  
    I already live in a city horribly polluted city, (Not that bad)  
    no its not,trust me i though the same for a second. (Im black)  
    Wow if i was investigating illegal music download suspects, i know were to go.  
    how many people died in 9-11 what 500 max? Holocaust? 5% of the worlds population probably...  
    F*** wrong one, i dont need to see harry potter to say its better than twilight  
    if it wasn't for him you would have a computer  
    He took of were tesla left  
    Liked is just being admired  
    not really, respect is like a Master or Leader.  
    777 train??? +1
    well, we know who the a**wipes (13%) are +1
    neither, i don't go that way..., no offence  
    50 beat that  
    at least i know she's in good hands.  
    never said millions of people, probably millions of microorganisms with a tiny fire cracker. +312
    both F***ing b***a** q****s  
    F***'em both  
    WTF +1
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